Nanette (Nan) Pfiester

Nanette Pfiester

I joined the agency’s State and Local Records Management division in 2003. The work continues to affords challenges and rewards. Every day is different and I often encounter new records management ideas and questions. Four different roles in eleven years proved both educational and challenging. Most recently, I am the Program Planning and Research Specialist. Previously, I was Acting Division Director, Manager of the Records Management Assistance unit, and a Government Information Analyst.

I came to the agency with diverse experience, but never received formal records management training before. In learning about all the areas of records management, I discovered that a lot of my experience was foundational, even if not called records management. As an analyst, I led training sessions all over Texas, gave presentations at professional meetings, and answered questions covering Texas records laws, managing electronic records, disaster planning, improving filing systems, etc. I taught more than a dozen three-hour records management classes. Plus, I reviewed many, many retention schedules for both state agencies and local governments.

I love my current position because I get to support the agency and the division in broader activities. This let me promote the agency and the division through interagency workgroups and contacts with state and local government. I research, review materials, and draft materials in many areas for the division. Some of my specific projects include:

  • Contact for the statewide digital imaging services and the secure document destruction contracts from the Council on Competitive Government
  • Lead for two recent Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council (RMICC) workgroups: state agency electronic records management on best practices and state agency records management educational materials
  • Lead on the biennial publication, Required Reports Prepared by State Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education since 2009
  • Coordination with the Department of Information Resources on our co-sponsored annual e-Records conference

My educational background includes a Master’s degree in business administration in technology management and a Bachelor’s degree in organizational management. I am always willing to learn new skills so I have a long list of completed training in both hard and soft skills: many software programs, distance learning, and much more. My career experience includes technology, accounting, training, forms design, database report writing, records management, publications, and web design in both the public and private sector (for example, at a law firm and at a federal agency).

Continued learning adds to my job skills and knowledge areas. In 2014, I earned certificates from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts’ office in contract management (CTCM) and the Society of American Archivists’ as a Digital Archives Specialist.

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  1. Hi Nan,

    Quick question for you. In the area of record keeping for government entities, what do you see as the main difference(s) in what people often refer to as “records management” or “document management” and the concept of contract management, which your biography shows you’ve more recently made a focus of your skill set?


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