Cloud Storage

What is the Cloud? In our daily consulting, we often get asked questions about using the Cloud as a means of storing records. When we throw around the term “cloud storage,” we’re really talking about cloud computing, which encompasses cloud storage, or “renting” space on a server for storage; but cloud computing is much bigger.…

Infolinx Update: Let’s Get Functional

This is the second in a series of articles that will be written by different members of the team who are involved in the implementation of Infolinx. This article was written by Erica Wilson, Government Information Analyst. It’s been a while since we broke the news about Infolinx: our new records center storage, retention schedule,…

Using Cloud Services: Three Case Studies

One recurring theme emerged from two conferences we recently attended: there’s no single out-of-the-box solution that will handle all aspects of electronic records management and digital preservation.

Having said that, we recently heard three different case studies of organizations using cloud services in innovative ways to meet various requirements of ARMA’s Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles (“The Principles,” formerly “GARP”) and ISO 16363 (the Trusted Digital Repository standards we recently wrote about).

Using “The Principles” to Select a Cloud Provider

e-Records 2012: DIR Answers Your Questions about Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility

If you have burning questions about social media, cloud storage, and mobile devices and their implications for records managers, keep reading. Most of the questions we receive on this subject were addressed in the panel discussion “Emerging Technologies Panel: Policies and Records Management Challenges – Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility.”

On Social Media Records Retention: […]