What’s the Deal with Social Media?

Social media is a hot topic. This much is apparent based on the questions analysts receive during state and local government consulting. Answering these types of questions are always challenging because social media is a relatively new invention that continues to grow in use and impact. It’s an even newer service for governments who, with…

DIR Releases Expanded Social Media Guidance

If your office is using social media tools to connect with the public – or even if your office is thinking about or anticipating using social media in the future – then check out the Social Media Resource Guide published by the Department of Information Resources (DIR).  This free online tool kit currently offers in-depth…

e-Records 2012: DIR Answers Your Questions about Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility

If you have burning questions about social media, cloud storage, and mobile devices and their implications for records managers, keep reading. Most of the questions we receive on this subject were addressed in the panel discussion “Emerging Technologies Panel: Policies and Records Management Challenges – Social Media, Cloud, and Mobility.”

On Social Media Records Retention: […]