Records Management Conferences

Records Management Conferences are provided at least once a year. They cover timely topics in government records management, especially management of electronic records.

e-Records Conference

NARA - NAGARA - TSLAC Joint Conference

Records Protection Workshop: Post Rita Disaster Evaluation and Planning


e-Records Conference

2013 - e-Records Conference 2013

2012 - e-Records Conference 2012: Strategic Collaborations for e-Success

2011 - e-Records Conference 2011: Practical Solutions for Managing Electronic Records.

2010 - e-Records Conference 2010: ECM and Information Governance

2009 - e-Records Conference 2009: Best Practices for Managing Digital Information

2008 - e-Records Conference 2008: A Practical Guide for Managing Digital Information and E-Discovery

2007 - e-Records Conference 2007: e-Records Management - You Can Do IT

2006 - e-Records Conference 2006

2005 - e-Records Conference 2005: A Practical Guide to Success in Managing Electronic Records

NARA-NAGARA-TSLAC Joint Conference

e-Government Records Conference

2010 - e-Records Forum (co-sponsored with NARA-SW, University of Texas at Austin School of Information, National Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators, and the Society of Southwest Archivists), April 20-21, Austin Texas

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Records Protection Workshop

2006 - Records Protection Workshop: Post-Rita Disaster Evaluation and Planning

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