Proposed Revisions to Retention Schedules

As part of our ongoing effort to maintain up-to-date retention schedules for state agencies and local governments, drafts of any proposed revisions to the schedules will be periodically posted here in order to solicit feedback. Please stay tuned to our blog, The Texas Record, for announcements as proposed revisions are posted to this page.

Current Proposed Revisions

The proposed amendments to §6.10(a) update the Texas State Records Retention Schedule (RRS) will be adopted as an administrative rule of the Commission. Details about the proposed revisions are published in the February 14 issue of the Texas Register. CAUTION: The posted documents are DRAFTS ONLY. They may not be used to determine retention periods.

Please address all public comments to Sarah Swanson, General Counsel, Texas State Library and Archives Commission,

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Page last modified: February 27, 2020