Records Management Forms for State Agencies

Many of the State and Local Records Management publications are available in both Microsoft Word format and in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). If you are looking for a form to use as a template, choose the Microsoft Word version of the form. Many of the Microsoft Word versions have the ability to be edited for easy use.

Click on the links to download the forms you wish to view. Choose to Save the document to your computer. Some documents have fillable blanks; just click on them and type in your information, then print.

Please note: Many of these forms can be filled out electronically, however, you MUST send in a paper copy in order for us to have an original signature.

If necessary, follow the link below to download and install a free copy of Adobe Acrobat software to view our PDF files.

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RMD 101 and RMD 101C forms are no longer used for new storage requests at the State Records Center. To send storage items to the State Records Center using the e101 Transmittal Request, go to:

RMD 101 and RMD 101C forms are used only for processing printed documents into microfilm or microfiche.

To receive the RMD 101 form or RMD101C form to send printed records to be processed as microfilm or microfiche at the State Records Center,contact Pete Cortez at the following email:

RMD 102: Authority to Dispose of State Records – use for items such as records series not on your agency's retention schedule and for paper copies of microfilm permanent records. Download: MS Word | PDF

RMD 103: Records Inventory Worksheet – Download: MS Word | PDF

SLR 104: Designation of State Agency Records Management Officer – Download: MS Word | PDF

SLR 105: Records Retention Schedule – Download: MS Word | PDF

SLR 105C: Records Retention Schedule - Certification – Download: MS Word | PDF

RMD 106: Records Center Storage Approval Form – Download: MS Word | PDF

RMD 109: Disaster Recovery Transmittal – Download: MS Word | PDF

RMD 113: Disaster Recovery Service Approval Form – Download: MS Word | PDF

SLR 122: Records Retention Schedule Amendment – Download: MS Word | PDF

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New material is constantly in development and will be added to this page on a continuing basis. If you require a printed version of a document that is not yet available in alternative format on our Web site, you may request a copy by e-mailing


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