Publications for Records Managers

Records management publications include laws and regulations concerning the management of Texas government records and State and Local Records Management publications and forms.

Publications for State Agencies

Forms for State Agencies

Publications for Local Governments

Forms for Local Governments

Which am I? A State Agency or a Local Government?

A state agency is defined in the Texas Government Code 441.180(9):

(A) any department, commission, board, office, or other agency in the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of state government created by the constitution or a statute of this state, including an eleemosynary institution; (B) any university system and its components and any institution of higher education as defined by Section 61.003, Education Code, except a public junior college, not governed by a university system board; (C) the Texas Municipal Retirement System and the Texas County and District Retirement System; and (D) any public nonprofit corporation created by the legislature whose responsibilities and authority are not limited to a geographical area less than that of the state.

A local government is defined in Texas Local Government Code 201.003(7):

(7) "Local government" means a county, including all district and precinct offices of a county, municipality, public school district, appraisal district, or any other special-purpose district or authority.

Reference Materials and Resources for Records Managers

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