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Keyword, Subject or Title
Access Control Records
Accident Reports and Associated Documentation
Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual
Accounting Records
Accounts Payable Information
Accounts Payable Ledgers
Accounts Receivable Ledgers
Accumulated Leave Adjustment Requests
Acquisition Records
Activity Reports
ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Documentation
Address and Telephone Listings
Administrative Hearings
Administrative Procedures
Administrative Rules - Final
Administrative Rules - Texas Register Submissions
Administrative Rules - Working Files
Affirmative Action Plans
Agency Performance Measures Documentation
Agency Rules, Policies, and Procedures - Final
Agency Rules, Policies, and Procedures - Working Files
Agency Staffing Reports
Airplane Flight Logs
Airplane Passenger Lists
Alternative Dispute Resolutions - Final Agreement
Annual Financial Reports
Annual Operating Budgets
Annual Physical Inventory
Annual Reports
Annual USAS Reports
Applications for Employment - Hired
Applications for Employment - Not Hired
Appraisals - Building or Property
Apprenticeship Records
Appropriation Requests
Aptitude and Skills Tests
Aptitude and Skills Tests (Test Papers)
Aptitude and Skills Tests (Validation Records)
Architectural Drawings
Attorney Files
Audit Trail Records
Automated Operations
Balancing Records
Bank Statements
Batch Data Entry Control Records
Benefit Plans
Benefits - Employee (Other than Insurance)
Bid Documentation
Biennial Reports
Billing Detail
Billing Detail - Telecommunications (Other Than TEX-AN)
Billing Detail - Telecommunications (TEX-AN)
Board Meetings - Agenda and Minutes
Board Meetings - Audio or Videotapes of Open
Board Meetings - Certified Agendas or Tape Recordings of Closed
Board Meetings - Supporting Documentation
Bonds - Long Term Liability Records
Bonds - Performance
Bonds - Surety
Budget Revisions or Transfers
Budgets - Annual Operating
Building Construction Contract and Inspection Records
Building Construction Project Files
Building or Property Appraisals
Building Plans and Specifications
Building Space Requests
Buildings and Facilities Records
Calendars, Appointment and Itinerary Records
Calibration Records (Equipment or Instrument)
Canceled Checks/Stubs/Warrants/Drafts
Capital Asset Records
Capital Asset Sequential Number Logs
Cash Counts
Cash Deposit Vouchers
Cash Receipts
Cash Receipts Logs
Certificates - Property Destruction
Certification Records
Certified Agendas
Charge Schedules/Price Lists
Chargeback Records to Data Processing Services Users
Chemicals - Hazardous
Claim Files
Claims - Freight
Classification Review Files
Clearinghouse, Texas State Library & Archives Commission
Closed Meetings
Commission Meetings - Agenda and Minutes
Commission Meetings - Audio or Videotapes of Open
Commission Meetings - Certified Agendas or Tape Recordings of Closed
Commission Meetings - Supporting Documentation
Committee Meetings - Agenda and Minutes
Committee Meetings - Audio or Videotapes of Open
Committee Meetings - Certified Agendas or Tape Recordings of Closed
Committee Meetings - Supporting Documentation
Compensation Records, Unemployment
Complaint Records
Comptroller Reports
Comptroller Statements
Computer Applications
Computer Job Schedules and Reports
Computer Manuals
Computer Monitoring Records
Computer Operations
Computer Output Records
Confidential Records
Contingency Planning
Contract Log
Contracts - Building Construction
Contracts - Employment
Contracts and Leases
Cookies - Internet
Copier Usage Logs and Reports
Copy Requests
Corrective Action Documentation - Personnel
Correspondence - Administrative
Correspondence - General
Correspondence - Transitory Information
Correspondence Tracking Records
Cost Estimates - Supply and Repairs
Council Meetings - Agenda and Minutes
Council Meetings - Audio or Videotapes of Open
Council Meetings - Certified Agendas or Tape Recordings of Closed
Council Meetings - Supporting Documentation
Counsel (Legal) Files
Counseling Records - Employee
Criminal History Checks
Customer Surveys
Daily Cash Receipts Logs
Damage Reports
Data Processing
Data Processing Policies and Procedures
Databaes - Master Files
Deduction Authorizations - Employee
Deferred Compensation
Delivery Reports
Deposit Vouchers
Descriptions and Specifications, Equipment
Destruction Authorizations
Destruction Sign-Offs
Destruction Requests - Records
Detail Chart of Accounts
Direct Deposit Application/Authorizations
Disaster Evacuation Plan
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plans
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Service Approval Form (RMD 113)
Disaster Recovery Service Transmittals (RMD 109)
Disciplinary Action Documentation - Personnel
Disputed Call Documentation
Driving Record Checks
Earnings Records - Employee
EEO Reports and Supporting Documentation
Electronic Funds Transfers
E-mail Lists
Emergency Evacuation Plan
Employee Benefits - Other than Insurance
Employee Counseling Records
Employee Deduction Authorizations
Employee Earnings Records
Employee Insurance Records
Employee Recognition Records
Employee Records
Employee Savings Bond Ledgers
Employee Wage Rate Tables
Employment Applications - Hired
Employment Applications - Not Hired
Employment Contracts
Employment Eligibility, Documentation or Verification of
Employement Opportunity Announcements
Employment Selection Records
Employment Verification
Encumbrance Detail
Encumbrance Vouchers
Equal Employment Opportunity Reports
Equal Pay Records
Equipment Calibration Records
Equipment Descriptions and Specifications
Equipment History File; Equipment Service Agreements
Equipment Inventory Detail Report Forms
Equipment Manuals
Equipment Warranties
Estimate Files (Supply Repair Cost Estimates)
Evacuation Plans
Executive Orders
Expenditure Vouchers
Expenditures Journals or Registers
External Fiscal Reports
Facilities Reservation Logs
FAX Usage Logs and Reports
Federal Grant Records
Federal Tax Records
Fee List for Services
Final Disposition Authorizations
Financial Records
Finding Aids, Indexes, and Tracking Systems
Fire Orders
Fiscal Management Reports - Internal
Fiscal Reports - External
Fiscal Reports - Working Papers
Fixed Asset Records
Fixed Asset Sequential Number Logs
Fleet Management
Form Master List
Former Employee Verification Records
Forms History File
Forms Inventory
Freight Bills Paid
Freight Claims
Garnishments - Employee
General and Subsidiary Ledgers
General Journal Vouchers
General Records
Grant Records - Federal
Grievance Records
Hardware Documentation
Hazard Communication Plans
Hazardous Chemical Lists
Hazardous Materials Safety Data Sheets
Hazardous Materials Training Records
HAZMAT Communication Plans
HAZMAT Training
Hearings - Administrative
History Files - Web Sites
HRIS Reports
Human Resources Records
Human Resources Information System (HRIS) Reports
Human Resources Procedures
I-9 Forms
Income Adjustment Authorizations
Income Tax
Income Tax Witholding Form
Indexes and Shelf Lists - Record Control Materials
Indexes and Tracking Systems - Automated
Information Management
Information Requests
Information Technology
Inspection Records
Inspection Repair and Maintenance Records - Vehicles
Inspections - Building
Instructional Materials
Insufficient Funds Checks/Warrants/Drafts (Uncollectable)
Insurance Policies
Insurance Records - Employee
Internal Fiscal Management Reports
Internet Cookies
Inventory - Annual Physical
Inventory - Equipment Detail Report Forms
Inventory - Equipment Removed From
Inventory - Forms
Inventory - Records Inventory Worksheets
Inventory - Year-to-Date Activity Listing
Inventory and Other Cost Files
Inventory Detail Report Forms - Equipment
Inventory System Update Listings
Inventory, Notices of Equipment Removed From
Investment Transaction Files
Itinerary Records
Job Announcements
Job Applications - Hired
Job Applications - Not Hired
Job Classification Review File
Job Descriptions
Job Procedure Records
Labor Statistics Reports
Leave Balance Adjustment Requests
Leave Requests
Leave Status Reports
Ledgers - Accounts Payable
Ledgers - Accounts Receivable
Ledgers - Employee Savings Bonds
Ledgers - General and Subsidiary
Legal Files
Legal Opinions and Advice
Legislation - Proposed
Legislative Appropriation Requests
Less Than Full-Time Worked Reports
License and Driving Record Checks
Licenses and Permits for Non-vehicles
Litigation Files
Long Distance Telephone Logs
Long-Term Liability Records
Lost & Stolen Property Reports
Mail and Telecommunications Listings
Manuals - Computer
Manuals - Equipment
Manuals - Hardware
Master Files
Material Safety Data Sheets
Material Specifications
Meeting - Notes
Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Meeting Rooms
Meeting - Staff
Meeting - Supporting Documentation
Meetings, Audios or Videotapes of Open
Meetings, Certified Agendas or Tape Recordings of Closed
Office Equipment Usage Logs
Office Procedures
Ombudsman Records
Open Meetings
Open Meetings
Open Meetings
Open Records Requests
Open Records Reports
Operating Instructions - Equipment
Operations Management Records
Order - Acknowledgments
Organization Charts
Output Records for Computer Production
Overtime Authorizations
Overtime Schedules
Packing Slips
Parking Permits or Assignments
Passenger Manifest - Airplane
Payment Vouchers
Payroll Deduction Authorization
Performance Appraisals
Performance Bonds
Performance Measures - Documentation
Performance Measures - Reports
Personnel Corrective Action Documentation
Personnel Disciplinary Action Documentation
Personnel Information or Action Forms
Personnel Policies and Procedures
Phone Lists
Photocopier and Telefax usage Logs & Reports
Physical Examinations/Medical Reports
Physical Inventory - Annual
Pilot License Verifications
Planning Records
Plans and Planning Records
Policies and Procedures - Accounting
Policies and Procedures - Agency (Final)
Policies and Procedures - Agency (Working Files)
Policies and Procedures - Data Processing
Policies and Procedures - Personnel
Position/Job Descriptions
Positions/Job Classification Review File
Postage Records
Press Releases
Procedures - Job
Procedures - Office
Procedures and Policies - Accounting
Procedures and Policies - Agency (Final)
Procedures and Policies - Agency (Working Files)
Procedures and Policies - Data Processing
Procedures and Policies - Personnel
Processing Files
Procurement Records
Program Monitoring
Project Files - Building Construction
Property Damage Reports
Property Destruction, Certificates of
Property Inventory
Property Reports - Lost & Stolen Property
Proposed Legislation
Public Access Option Form
Public Hearing Logs
Public Information Reports
Public Information Requests - Exempted
Public Information Requests - Not Exempted
Public Relations Records
Public Service Announcements
Publication Development Files
Publications - State Agency
Purchase Orders
Purchase Vouchers
Purchasing Logs
Quality Assurance Records
Quality Control Reports
Questionnaires - Customer
Raw Data
Reallocation of Funds
Receipts Journals or Registers
Recognition Records - Employee
Record Center Storage Approval Forms (RMD 106)
Records Control Locator Aids
Records Destruction Authorization
Records Disposition Logs
Records Inventory Worksheets
Records Management Plans
Records Retention Schedule (SLR 105)
Records Storage Transfer Forms
Records Transmittal Forms
Registration Logs
Reimbursable Activities, Requests and Authorizations to Engage in
Repair and Supply Cost Estimates
Reports - Accident and Associated Documentation
Reports - Activity
Reports - Annual Financial
Reports - Annual Narrative
Reports - Annual USAS
Reports - Biennial or Annual Agency (Narrative)
Reports - Daily USAS
Reports - Damage
Reports - Delivery
Reports - EEO
Reports - Equipment Inventory Detail
Reports - External Fiscal
Reports - Fiscal (External)
Reports - Fiscal (Internal)
Reports - HRIS
Reports - Internal Fiscal Management
Reports - Labor Statistics
Reports - Leave Status
Reports - Less Than Full-Time Worked
Reports - Lost & Stolen Property
Reports - Medical (Individuals)
Reports - Monthly USAS
Reports - Open Records
Reports - Performance Measures
Reports - Personnel
Reports - Photocopier and Telefax Usage
Reports - Public Information
Reports - Quality Control
Reports - Space Utilization
Reports - Special
Reports - Staffing
Reports - Station Activity
Reports - Sunset Review and Documentation
Reports - Surplus Property Sale
Reports - System Activity
Reports - Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
Reports - Utility Usage
Reports - Vehicle Use
Reports - Worksheets for Preparing Fiscal
Reports and Studies (Non-Fiscal)
Reports and Studies (Non-Fiscal) - Raw Data
Reports on Performance Measures
Request for Authority to Dispose of State Records (RMD 102)
Requests for Information
Requisitions for In-Agency Copy/Printing Service
Reservation Logs, Facilities
Resources Management
Restricted Access Registers
Resumes - Unsolicited
Returned Checks/Warrants/Drafts (Uncollectable)
Reviews (Audits)
RMD 101
RMD 102
RMD 109
RMD 106
Sale of Surplus Property - Reports
Sales Journals or Registers
Savings Bonds Ledgers - Employee
Schedules - Overtime
Schedules - Work
Security Access Records
Security Management
Service Agreements - Equipment
Service Orders
Service Records - Employee
Sick Leave and/or Time Off Requests
Sick Leave Pool Documentation
Signature Authorizations
SLR 105
Software Programs
Software Registrations, Warranties and License Agreements
Space Utilization Reports
Special Reports
Specification - Material
Specifications and Descriptions - Equipment
Specifications and Plans - Buildings
Speeches, Papers and Presentations
Staff Meeting Minutes and Notes
Staffing Reports
State Deferred Compensation Records
State Publications
Station Activity Reports
Statistics - Labor
Statistics - Raw Data
Stolen and Lost Property Reports
Storage Transfer Forms
Strategic Plans
Suggestion System Records
Sunset Review Report and Documentation
Supply and Repair Cost Estimates
Supply Usage Records
Supporting Documentation - Meetings
Surplus Property Sale Reports
Surveys - Customer
System Activity Reports
System Monitoring Records
Talks and Speeches
Tape Recordings - Closed Meetings
Tax Records
TBPC (Texas Building and Procurement Commission)
Technical Documentation
Telecommunications - Billing Detail
Telephone Message Notifications
Testing Materials
TEX-AN Billing Detail
Texas Building and Procurement Commission Statements (TBPC)
Texas Register Submissions
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Reports
Time Cards and Time Sheets
Time Off and/or Sick Leave Requests
Training - Hazardous Materials
Training Administration Records
Training and Educational Achievement Records (Individual)
Training Materials
Transfers or Budget Revisions
Transitory Information
TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) Reports
Unemployment Compensation Records
USAS Reports - Annual
USAS Reports - Monthly
USAS Reports - Daily
Utility Usage Reports
Vehicle Titles & Registrations
Vehicle Use Reports
Videotapes - Open Meetings
Visitor Control Registers
Vital Records Storage
W-4 Forms
Wage Adjustment Authorization
Wage Rate Tables
Warranties - Equipment
Warrants - Returned
Withholding Exemption Certificate
Work Assignments
Work Schedules/Assignments
Workplace Chemical Lists
Worksheets for Preparing Fiscal Reports
Year-to-Date Activity (Inventory Listing)
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