Services for State Agencies

Staff of the Records Management Assistance unit provide training and consulting services to state agency records management officers and other government staff in all aspects of records and information management. We also provide forms and publications free of charge on this website.

Training Services

The mission of the Records Management Assistant Unit training program is to provide foundational records management training to state agencies and local governments. Face-to-face and online classes are designed to assist records management officers, agency heads, elected officials, and other staff establish and administer efficient records management programs.

Our onsite classes in basic and advanced records management are offered at the Lorenzo De Zavala State Archives and Library Building at 1201 Brazos St. in Austin. Find Training and Register Online

To request more information concerning our classes, contact the Training Coordinator at 512-463-7610.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services by phone and mail and, if they can be arranged, through on-site visits. Each government information analyst is assigned a specific group of state agencies. To find the name of the government records consultant assigned to a state agency, visit the index titled Consulting Services for State Agencies and select the name of the state agency.

Records Management Forms

We provide many of the forms needed by records managers, available in Word and PDF formats at State Records Management Forms. Disaster Planning and recovery forms are also available in Word and PDF formats at Disaster Planning and Recovery.

Records Management Publications

All of our records management publications are available online in HTML and PDF formats at Publications for Records Managers. This includes our Bulletins (laws and administrative rules), newsletters and other publications. Be sure to select the publication appropriate to your type of government, state agency or local government.

Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council (RMICC)

The Records Management Interagency Coordinating Council (RMICC) plays a significant role in the management of state government records. The council reviews the activities of member agencies, studies other records management issues and makes biennial reports to the Governor and Legislature. It also adopts policies (which are in turn adopted as rules by each member agency) that coordinate the members' records management activities and make other improvements to state records management.

For more information,including member information and meeting dates, please visit the RMICC website.


Page last modified: September 25, 2015