State Agency Records Retention Schedule Recertification

This page is designed to aid state agencies with the recertification of their records retention schedules.

Recertification Materials

The materials listed below will assist you in preparing your records retention schedule.


  • Copy of your current approved records retention schedule - Each agency schedule must be reviewed and updated (if changes are needed). Current certified Texas state agency records retention schedules are published in PDF format online here.
  • Texas State Records Retention Schedule, Revised 4th Edition (RRS) - Agencies must ensure that all retention periods meet the mandatory minimums set forth in the most current edition of the RRS. Download: HTML | PDF | Word (using form SLR 105)
  • Agency Archival Appraisal Reports - These are comprehensive accounts of the process of appraising the records of an agency and of the resulting appraisal decisions. The reports can be read to determine (as of the date of the report) which records of an agency are of archival value; which records the Texas State Library and Archives Commission holds; which records the agency maintains and for how long; and which records are not archival.  All reports can be accessed online here. Please note that not all state agencies have undergone the archival appraisal process.


  • Retention Schedule Recertification Checklist - This checklist is intended to generally assist persons involved in the recertification process of a Texas state agency records retention schedule. Download: MS Word | PDF
  • Common State Records Series Checklist - This checklist is for verification that you have not omitted a common records series that your agency is using. Download: MS Word | PDF
  • Common Archival Records Series Checklist - This checklist is for verification that you have included appropriate Archival Codes and Archives Notes and not omitted a common archival records series.
  • State Agencies (non-higher education) - Download: MS Word | PDF
  • State Universities - Download: MS Word | PDF

Additional information on what records the State Archives determines to be archival and other frequently asked questions can be found on the State Archives FAQs for State Agencies web page here.


  • Required forms for submission of an agency records retention schedule:
  • SLR 105: Records Retention Schedule – Download: MS Word | PDF
  • SLR 105C: Records Retention Schedule - Certification – Download: MS Word | PDF

Laws and Rules

State Records Management Laws (State Agency Bulletin 4) require state agencies to develop records retention schedules. Texas state agencies are required to submit their retention schedules to TSLAC on a timetable established by administrative rule. The rules governing retention scheduling are published as State Agency Bulletin 3. If a record series does not appear on a certified records retention schedule, it may not be destroyed without obtaining special permission of TSLAC's executive director.

Additional Resources

Are you due for recertification? Need help with completing your retention schedule? If so, please view the archived webinar, Retention Schedule Review Process for State Agencies. This webinar outlines the procedures for the initial submission, recertification, and amending of agency retention schedules. This free webinar can be accessed here.

For additional assistance with the certification process, please contact the analyst assigned to your agency.

Page last modified: February 21, 2014