Obtaining Approval for Storage at
State Records Center

Once you determine that the records are generally eligible for storage at the Records Center, prepare and submit the RMD 106, Records Center Storage Approval Form, as follows:

  1. Complete one RMD 106 for the records series you wish to store at the State Records Center. The form need only be submitted once for each type of records.
  2. Complete items 1-26 and 28.
  3. Obtain agency approval from the records management officer for item 27.
  4. The records management officer will submit one copy of the RMD 106 to the State Records Center. On approval, a copy of the form will be sent back to the records management officer with an approval number assigned. A copy of the approved RMD 106 will be forwarded by the records management officer to the person originating the form.

NOTE: A copy of the form RMD 106 with instructions for completion on the reverse may be obtained from your agency records management officer or by calling our staff at 421-7256.


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Page last modified: September 25, 2015