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Welcome to the Texas Summer Reading Program! The program centers around a statewide membership for public libraries in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP).

The CSLP consists of a grassroots consortium of all 50 states working together to provide high-quality summer reading materials for all ages of readers, and includes early literacy, children’s, teen, and adult programs. The Texas State Library provides a basic starter kit of materials including a program manuals on DVD, clip art, and a themed CSLP catalog to each of Texas' qualified participating public libraries. Financial support is also available to these libraries in order to purchase a limited number of bookmarks, posters, certificates, and reading logs. Libraries also have the opportunity to purchase additional incentives at their own expense through the CSLP web site.

If you have questions about the information below, contact us at ld@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5465, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

The Texas Summer Reading Program is funded by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services through a grant to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. (2017)

Getting Started

Getting ready for the 2017 Texas Summer Reading Program is easy:

Step 1 Take delivery of your free program manuals on DVD from the State Library in mid October, 2016
Step 2

Create a login on the CSLP web site, if your library does not already have one

Step 3 Subscribe to the Summer Reading eNewsletter if you haven't already done so
Step 4

Order your free materials from the State Library before November 15, 2016 (Orders are now closed.)

Step 5 Order additional incentives, at your own expense, from CSLP/Upstart before December 1, 2016 to guarantee delivery by March 1, 2017

Create a Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Account

To access the full range of summer reading program resources for your library, create a CSLP account. Once your registration is approved by CSLP staff you'll be given a login to access www.cslpreads.org. Log into this link to shop for additional incentives (at your own cost), familiarize yourself with CSLP Rules of Use, and access a variety of proprietary downloads and handy information.

Rules of Use for CSLP Materials

Familiarize yourself with the rules of use for all Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) clip art, web graphics, manuals, and more at the cslpreads.org Rules of Use pages. There is also a handy FAQ available to answer your copyright and other acceptable use questions.

Get the Latest TSRP News and Updates

Subscribe to our Texas Summer Reading Program email newsletter to receive the latest news and updates on the Texas Summer Reading Program.

Program Manuals and Clip Art

The Texas State Library supports participating public libraries by providing CSLP program manuals for the various program age groups. A packet was shipped during the last week of October to all accredited/non-accredited Texas public library main and branch locations. Each packet included a single USB drive containing the 2017 Collaborative Summer Library Program manuals for the early literacy, children, teens, and adult programs, as well as the clip art for each program. A paper copy of the CSLP incentives/materials catalog was also enclosed in the packet.

The manuals may be downloaded to computers in the branch or location to which they were shipped. They may not be shared between branches or uploaded to library intranets, in accordance with the revised CSLP Rules of Use.

Please download the manuals and store your USB drive in a safe and handy place.

If you have not received your USB drive and CSLP incentives/materials packet, please contact us at ld@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5465, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

If your library's computer does not have a USB drive, please let us know. We will have a limited number of DVDs for libraries that need them which will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Order Your Free Materials

Ordering Your Free Bookmarks, Posters, Certificates and Reading Logs from the Texas State Library

The Texas State Library supports participating public libraries financially by paying for select CSLP bookmarks, posters, certificates, and reading logs for the various program age groups. Public libraries must submit an annual report to the Texas State Library in order to be eligible to participate. Orders for free materials closed on Nov. 15, 2016. The State Library will submit only ONE bulk order by Dec. 1, 2016 on behalf of Texas libraries. The CSLP vendor, Upstart, guarantees that orders  placed by Dec. 1, 2016 for delivery before March 1, 2017.

There is a single slogan for the Early Literacy, Children, Teen, and Adult programs in 2017! The themes are Architecture, Building, and Construction, and unique artwork has been created for each age group.

"Build a Better World / Construye un Mundo Mejor" is the slogan for the 2017 CSLP early literacy, children's, teen, adult, and all ages programs! The themes are Architecture, Building, and Construction, and unique artwork has been created for each age group. You may view the 2017 CSLP artwork, including the posters, certificates, bookmarks, and reading logs, at shopcslp.com or in the print catalog that you will receive in the packet with your USB drive.

The illustrators for the 2017 CSLP are:

Early Literacy & Children’s program: David Macaulay

Teen program: Scott Sosebee

Adult program: Larry Jones

A Note for School Libraries: School libraries interested in participating in the Texas Summer Reading Program must partner with their local public library. If there is no public library in your area, contact the State Library at ld@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5465, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas) to discuss sponsorship options.

Ordering Additional CSLP Materials and Incentives

Libraries may purchase additional CSLP promotional materials at their own expense after logging in to cslpreads.org and selecting the Shop Now option to access the catalog, or at shopcslp.com. The materials are from Upstart, and libraries may order posters, banners, decals, T-shirts, and more. We suggest that you order by December 1 in order to guarantee delivery by March 1 of the following year.

Libraries may also order additional USB drives and DVDs for $10 plus shipping, and printed program manuals for $20 plus shipping, directly from the CSLP at shopcslp.com. The printed manuals are accompanied by a DVD with the artwork.

Themes and Slogans

2017 Slogan: Build a Better World / Construye un Mundo Mejor

There is a single slogan for the Early Literacy, Children, Teen, and Adult programs in 2017: "Build a Better World / Construye un Mundo Mejor" with themes of Architecture, Building, and Construction

Themes, Artwork, and Programming Manuals from 1958-2015

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission sponsored the Texas Reading Club from 1958-2012 and sponsored Texas Teens Read! from  2008-2012. The Texas State Library joined joined the national Collaborative Summer Library Program in 2013.

Click here to view programming manuals, artwork, and more from the Texas Reading Club (1958-2012) and Texas Teens Read! (2008-2012), and to learn about past themes from Collaborative Summer Library Programs (2013-2015).

Webinars on the Collaborative Summer Library Program Manuals

To plan an all-star summer for all ages, please attend on the webinar on Jan. 5, 2017 on the 2016 CSLP Teen Programming Manual presented Michelle Beebower and Nichole Chagnon from the Austin Public Library, and the  three webinars on the Children's, Early Literacy, and Teen Program manuals that will be presented by Upstart.

Teen Video Challenge

The Teen Video Challenge is a national competition to get teens involved with reading and their public library's summer reading program. Winning videos are selected from entries in each participating state. The videos promote reading and public libraries and the CSLP 2017 slogan, “Build a Better World.” The CSLP will announce the winners at their Annual Meeting in Charleston, SC in April. All Texas libraries are invited to participate. Click here for Instructions, Entry Forms, and additional information about the 2017 Teen Video Challenge.

The winning videos exemplify the diversity and creativity of the teens who created them - and they are a joy to watch! It is clear that the teens had fun making their videos and that they value their public libraries. All libraries are welcome to use any of the winning videos to promote their summer programs and share on library websites and social media!

Congratulations to the teens from the Haggard Library of the Plano Public Library System who submitted "The Maze Race", the 2016 winning video for Texas, and to Nina Martin, Sr. Youth Services Librarian, their sponsor. Click here to view "The Maze Race" and of the all of the 2016 state winning videos.

Libraries and the USDA Summer Food Service Program

Photograph of children sitting at a table and eating lunchSummer is the hungriest time of the year. During the school year, 2.8 million Texas students receive free or reduced-price meals, yet only a fraction of these children receive free meals during the summer. Without consistent and quality nutrition, they are more likely to have difficulty focusing on reading and learning and may experience more summer learning loss. The good news is that free and healthy meals are available for children and teens through age 18 at USDA Summer Food Service Program sites in libraries, schools and other locations throughout Texas.

As trusted public spaces and community centers, libraries are at the heart of their communities and they welcome children during their summer vacations. Many libraries help alleviate food insecurity by participating in the SFSP and serving meals and snacks to hungry children in conjunction with their summer programs. Many other libraries bring resources and art, literacy, and STEM programs to SFSP sites at schools and other organizations in their communities. Through the SFSP, libraries nourish children's bodies, educate their minds, enrich their lives, and support success in school and beyond. In 2016, 100 Texas public libraries participated as feeding sites! To learn more about how your library can participate, visit the Texas State Library's Summer Food Service Program web page.

Bingo Enabling Act

Bingo games fit so many areas of our programs; it is an easy game to play, and can be tailored for almost any topic. While you may be tempted to play “Sports Bingo,” “Video Game Bingo,” or even “lotería leer,” as you plan your summer programs, please be aware that it is a third degree felony, subject to a $10,000 fine and three years of jail time, to sponsor any bingo without a license. The Bingo Enabling Act does not permit libraries, schools, or non-profit organizations to sponsor any type of Bingo game without a license from the Texas Lottery Commission. Licenses are required for all types of bingo, including Mexican Bingo or lotería. Licenses are only available to organizations that hold a 501c exemption from the IRS and have been in existence for at least 3 years. Applying for a license may take 30 to 60 days. Application forms are available online at www.txbingo.org/export/sites/bingo/index.html. According to the Lottery Commission, a license may cost from $100 to $2500 per year. Libraries with bingo licenses must charge participants who play bingo and must collect taxes. They must maintain records and file quarterly reports with the Texas Lottery Commission.

Additionally, "An individual younger than 18 years of age may not play bingo conducted under a license issued under this chapter unless the individual is accompanied by the individual's parent or guardian.” For more information on the Bingo Enabling Act, please visit the Texas Lottery Commission’s web site. Specifically, see Subchapter L. Enforcement, Sec. 2001.551. Unlawful Bingo; Offense.

According to the State of Texas Lottery Commission, bingo “means a specific game of chance, commonly known as Bingo or lotto, in which prizes are awarded on the basis of designated numbers or symbols conforming to numbers or symbols selected at random." It is tempting to think that because we don’t charge fees to play, or we are basing a game on books, library resources, or educational topics, or that we are not offering any prizes, that the game is not really bingo. If it looks anything like bingo and the winner is determined by chance, then don’t take the chance that you’ll get in trouble! Play Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, or another game instead.

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