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every hero has a story slogan with characters imageWelcome to the Texas Summer Reading Program!  The program centers around a statewide membership for public libraries in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP).

The CSLP consists of a grassroots consortium of all 50 states working together to provide high-quality summer reading materials for all ages of readers, and includes early literacy, children’s, teen, and adult programs.  The State Library provides a basic starter kit of materials including a DVD format program manual, clip art, and a themed CSLP catalog to each of Texas' qualified participating public libraries.  Financial support is also available to these libraries in order to purchase a limited number of bookmarks, posters, certificates, and reading logs. Libraries also have the opportunity to purchase additional incentives at their own expense through the CSLP web site.

If you have questions about the information below, contact us at ld@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5465, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

The Texas Summer Reading Program is funded by the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services through a grant to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. (2015)

Getting Started

Getting ready for the 2015 Texas Summer Reading Program is easy:

Step 1 Take delivery of your free program manuals on DVD from the State Library in early October, 2014
Step 2

Create a login on the CSLP web site, if your library does not already have one

Step 3 Subscribe to the Summer Reading eNewsletter if you haven't already done so
Step 4

Order your free materials from the State Library before November 15, 2014

Step 5 Order additional incentives, at your own expense, from CSLP/Upstart before December 1, 2014 to guarantee delivery by March 1, 2015

Create a Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) Account

To access the full range of summer reading program resources for your library, create a CSLP account. Once your registration is approved by CSLP staff you'll be given a login to access www.cslpreads.org. Log into this link to shop for additional incentives (at your own cost), familiarize yourself with CSLP Rules of Use, and access a variety of proprietary downloads and handy information.

Get The Latest TSRP News and Updates

Subscribe to our summer reading email newsletter to receive the latest news and updates on the Texas Summer Reading Program.

Program Manuals, and Free Materials From the State Library

Program Manuals and Clip Art

omally laughing imageA packet is shipped in early October to all accredited/non-accredited public library headquarters in the state.  The packet includes a set of 3 DVDs containing the adult, early literacy, teen and children's CSLP program manuals, as well as the clip art for the program.  The extra copies of the DVDs can be distributed to branch libraries, or placed on an internal network drive for sharing among libraries within a system.  Also included is a paper copy of the CSLP incentives/materials catalog.

For libraries who wish it, paper program manuals may be purchased online from CSLP at shopcslp.com (keyword "manual") for $12 plus shipping.

If you do not receive your DVD packet by mid-October, please contact us at ld@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5465, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

Rules of Use for CSLP Materials

Familiarize yourself with the rules of use for all Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) clip art, web graphics, manuals, and more at the cslpreads.org Rules of Use pages.  There is also a handy FAQ available to answer your copyright and other acceptable use questions.

Ordering Your Free Materials From the State Library

The State Library submits only ONE bulk order on behalf of libraries, in order to guarantee delivery of materials from the CSLP vendor, Upstart, before March 1, of the reading year. The deadline to enter 2015 orders was November 15, 2014.

The State Library supports participating public libraries financially by paying for selected CSLP bookmarks, posters, certificates, and reading logs for the various program age groups. Orders for 2015 summer reading were due before November 15, 2014:

Ordering Additional Materials and Incentives

Additional promotional materials are available for purchase, at library's own expense, directly from within your login at cslpreads.org with the Shop Now option, or at shopcslp.com.  Once logged in, use the "Shop Now" option to access the catalog. The materials are from Upstart, and purchase options include posters, banners, decals, T-shirts, and more. We suggest that you order by December 1 in order to guarantee delivery by March 1 of the following year.

A Note for School Libraries: School libraries interested in the Texas Summer Reading program must partner with their local public library.  If your school has no public library in your area, contact the State Library to discuss sponsorship options at at ld@tsl.texas.gov, 512-463-5465, or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

Webinars and Highlights for the Texas Summer Reading Program

The Texas State Library offered “highlights” webinars for the 2015 program in November, 2014. You may view archived versions of these webinars by clicking on a webinar title below to login and view the presentation. You have the opportunity to create a login if you do not already have one:

Teen Video Challenge

Have your local teens create a video promoting summer reading for libraries, using their interpretation of current CSLP teen slogan, and your teen could win money for themselves and for your library.  Any teen, aged 13 -18, can enter in the state where they reside. Videos can be created individually or as a team.  For all the details, visit our Teen Video Challenge page or the Teen Video Challege section of cslpreads.org. You will need to be logged in on cslpreads.org to access full details. View the 2015 winning video clips here for examples of winning videos from around the country.  Here is the winning clip from Texas:

Themes and Slogans

2015 - Heroes

Every Hero Has a Story (Children’s and Early Literacy Programs)

zengo imageArtist Jarrett Kroscoczka is the author of the popular Lunch Lacy and Punk Farm series. His Platypus Police Squad characters are featured in this year's artwork for the Children's program, and his Peanut Butter and Jellyfish artwork for the Early Literacy Program.

Unmask! (Teen Program)

Illustrator Hope Larson is a bestselling author of 6 graphic novels, including an adaptation of Madeline L'Engles A Wrinkle in Time. She is the winner of 2 Eisner Awards, and an Ignatz award.

Escape the Ordinary(Adult Program)

Artist Larry Jones is known for his work with a wide array of clients, including such names as Target, Random House, National Geographic World, and Scholastic.

2016 – Wellness/Fitness

• On Your Mark, Get Set, Read (Children’s and Early Literacy Programs)
• Get in the Game - Read (Teen Program)
• Exercise Your Mind - Read (Adult Program)

2017 – Build a Better World

A single theme for the Early Literacy, Children, Teen, and Adult programs!

Past Themes, Artwork, and Manuals

Learn about past themes, artwork, and manuals from both the Texas Summer Reading Program and the former Texas Reading Club/Texas Teens Read programs here.

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