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Sunset Review

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission is scheduled for legislative Sunset Review in 2019. The Sunset Review is the legislative process by which the State examines an agency, its functions, and rationale for continuation. Typically, an agency goes through Sunset every 12 years.

The Sunset Act requires the Sunset Commission to recommend abolishing or continuing each agency under review.  If the Commission chooses to continue an agency, it almost always makes other recommendations to improve the agency’s operations.

These improvements may include changing functions to eliminate duplication, identifying change to increase the efficiency of operations, or improving the responsiveness of the agency to its stakeholders.  The Sunset Commission can recommend two types of actions: statutory changes to alter the state laws that govern a particular agency; or management changes, which direct the agency to change its rules or internal policies under existing authority. The Sunset Review process does not make recommendations on funding.

The work leading up to the Sunset Review involves an extended process for capturing feedback on an agency’s duties and performance. As a starting point, all agencies are asked to produce a Self Evaluation Report (SER), which serves to highlight staff and governing board priorities for updating the agency’s statutes, rules, or practices. TSLAC reached out to stakeholders with a stakeholder survey.

Sunset Self Evaluation Report

The mission and performance of the State Library and Archives Commission are under review by the Legislature as required under the Texas Sunset Act.  The Act provides that the Sunset Commission, composed of legislators and public members, periodically evaluate a state agency to determine if the agency is still needed and to explore ways to ensure that the agency's funds are well spent.  Based on the recommendations of the Sunset Commission, the Texas Legislature ultimately decides whether an agency continues to operate into the future.

The Sunset review involves three steps.  First, Sunset Commission staff will evaluate the State Library and Archives Commission and issue a report in July 2018 recommending solutions to problems found.  A month or so later, the Sunset Commission will meet to hear public testimony on the agency and the recommendations of the Sunset staff.   Based on public input and the Sunset staff report, the Sunset Commission will adopt recommendations for the full Legislature to consider when it convenes in January 2019.  Please refer to the Sunset Commission website or call the office for updated information on specific dates for these meetings.

Through the Sunset review, every Texan has the opportunity to suggest ways in which the mission and operations of the State Library and Archives Commission can be strengthened.  If you would like to share your ideas about the Library and Archives Commission, please send an email to the address below, use the comment form on the Sunset Commission website, or contact Tamara Schiff of the Sunset staff.  Suggestions are preferred by May 11, 2018, so they can be fully considered by the Commission staff.


Sunset Advisory Commission
P.O. Box 13066
Austin, Texas  78711
Fax: 512/463-0705
Email: sunset@sunset.texas.gov

Information about the Sunset process, Sunset Commission meetings, and how to receive
Sunset Commission email updates is available at:  www.sunset.texas.gov


June 2016:   Agency Strategic Plan for 2017 -2021 due.

August 2016:   LAR for 2018-2019 due.

January 2017:   85th Legislature beings.

February 2017:   Initial discussion of Sunset Review process, timeline and issues with the Commission

February to June 2017:   Staff begins SER based on 2015 instructions.

April 2017:   Commission discussion of Sunset Review

June 2017:   Further Discussion of Sunset Review Policy issue with Commission.

June 2017:   SER instructions released.

August 2017:   Final review of the SER by the Commission.

August 2017:  Sunset SER submitted to Sunset Commission.

Fall 2017:   Sunset Review Schedule issued by Sunset Commission.

Spring 2018:   Solicit public input on the agency and the SER.

Spring to Summer, 2018:   Sunset Commission staff reviews SER, gathers input, and prepares the staff report.

June 2018:   Agency Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 due.

August 2018:   LAR for 2020-2021 due.

September 2018:   Sunset Commission staff issues the staff report.

Fall 2018:   Sunset commission holds public hearings and makes decision (Decision Material document issued).

January 2019:   Sunset Commission report to the 86th Legislature on all agencies subject to Sunset Review in 2019.

January 2019 to May 2019: 86th Legislature considers Sunset Commission recommendations/legislation.

February/March 2019:    Sunset legislation regarding TSLAC introduced

September 1, 2019:  Probable effective date of legislation passed by 86th Legislature.

July 2019:   Submit report to SAO re; action taken in response to legislative changes.

October 2019:  Submit report to Sunset Commission re action taken in response to legislative changes.

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