Talking Book News Bulletin, Winter 2003

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Save the Dates September 13-20, 2003
Did you know?
DIRC Can Help You
Interested in Doing Media Interviews for TBP?
New Year's Resolution: Fewer Overdue Books at TBP
Radio Reading Services
Tips and Reminders for better service
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Disability Information & Referral Center
National Library Service for the Blind & Physically Handicapped

Save the Dates September 13-20, 2003

  Talking Book Week will be held September 13-20,2003. Last year, 55 cities participated in Talking Book Week by holding local events to publicize the Talking Book Program (TBP). During the week, twenty seven articles about TBP appeared in publications around the state. If you are interested in helping organize an event in your hometown, email us at or call 800-252-9605. Help us to spread the news about the Talking Book Program. Mark your calendars now for September 13-20, 2003.

Did you know?

  •  Ava M. Smith is the director of the Talking Book Program of Texas. After years of experience with the Waco-McClennan County Library sytem, she looks forward to making TBP a leader in its field.
  • Applications (in English and Spanish) can be downloaded here. Tell an eligible friend today!
  • TBP's studio has been selected to test a new digital recording equipment for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.
  • 52 Texans over the age of 100 and 1545 children (14 and younger) are currently served by TBP.

DIRC Can Help You

Our Disability Information and Referral Center (DIRC) houses information and materials on disabilities and health conditions, related organizations, publications, products, and adaptive technology. The DIRC provides free reference services for anyone with a disability-related question. You do not have to be a registered patron of the Talking Book Program to use the services of the DIRC. Call us with your questions on disability issues at 800-252-9605. We can help!

Interested in Doing Media Interviews for TBP?

  TBP's public awareness coordinator is looking for TBP patrons who are willing to speak with reporters. Over the last year, a number of patrons have shared their stories with local newspapers. One of the best ways for us to publicize TBP is to have patrons share how the program has enriched their lives. No experience is necessary--just a willingness to tell others how the Talking Book Program has been beneficial to you and your family. To find out more, contact Roxanne Elder, Public Awareness Coordinator at 800-252-9605 or email

New Year's Resolution: Fewer Overdue Books at TBP

  You know how it feels when you are waiting for a book that you ordered from the Talking Book Program? If everyone would make a New Year's resolution return their books on time, imagine how much faster our books could reach all of our patrons. The normal loan period for braille, large print or cassette books is 45 days. You can always call or write if you need to keep the book longer. Let's all work together in 2003 to return our books on time. If we don't, next time it could be you waiting weeks to get that special book.

Radio Reading Services

  San Antonio now has a local Radio Reading Service, call 210-344-1479 to sign up. These services broadcast readings of the news and informational programs. Call TBP to find out if your city has a Radio Reading Service.

Tips and Reminders for Better Service

Equipment. Talking Book cassette players are just like any mechanical device-they break down from time to time. You'll get the best service from your equipment if you:

  • always use the battery to play your tapes and allow the battery run down completely before recharging it;
  • keep food and beverages away from the player;
  • clean the heads from time to time using a head-cleaning tape (available at stores that carry stereo equipment);
  • don't try to fix a broken player-just return it.

Before returning a piece of equipment, please call or write to let us know you are returning it and to request a replacement. It's a good idea to keep the box your player comes in so you can use it to return equipment if it breaks down.

Loan Period. The normal loan period for braille, large print, or cassette books is 45 days. Please call or write if you need to keep the book longer. Returning books promptly and keeping a list of book requests on file with us will keep a steady flow of reading material in your mailbox.

Broken Books. To let us know you have had a problem with a book, please mark a large "X" on the return label on the left side of our address.

New Manager in Reader Services. Stacey Hathaway-Bell now leads our Reader Services' section. All of our staff is dedicated to making the Talking Book Service work for you. Please let us know how we can help by contacting us at:

Talking Book Program
Texas State Library and Archives Commission
PO Box 12927
Austin TX 78711-2927
1-800-252-9605 (in Texas)
512-463-5458 (in Austin)
512-936-0685 (fax)

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