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Talking Book News Bulletin
Summer 2022

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Director's Report
Holiday Closings
TBP Poetry Contest Winners
Talking Book Topics Update
National Federation of the Blind Texas Scholarships
Lessons for Living with Vision Loss

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Director's Report


The summer reading program is currently underway. Join us this summer as we explore and read books from this year’s theme “Oceans of Possibilities.” You will be able to get themed book lists and activity ideas and enter a prize drawing at the end of summer by writing book reviews. Sign up is open for ALL AGES—children, teens, and adults! For more information and to signup visit www.tsl.texas.gov/tbp/summerreadingprogram or call us at 1-800-252-9605.

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that this will be my last column as Director of the Talking Book Program. It has been a great pleasure working for the program the past three years. I will miss working with the dedicated staff and you, the patrons of the program, but know I always will be an advocate for you and for the services TBP provides. The search for my replacement is underway, but always know you are in great hands.

As always, please take care and be well.
Sarah Jacobson, Director, Talking Book Program

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Holiday Closings

The Talking Book Program will be closed for the following holidays.

Monday, July 4 ~ Independence Day
Monday, September 5 ~ Labor Day

Of course, you can leave a voicemail message or send email on a holiday.

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TBP Poetry Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the TBP Poetry contest. We received a range of poems—some were happy, some were sad, and some were touching. Choosing the winners was not an easy task. In the end, the judgement came down to the poets’ originality, style, structure, and impact.

Winner: TIME by Paul Vandergriff ©
When I wasted it early, Time never complained.
As years kept on passing, I could see Time had changed.
Changed from a good friend to a bad enemy.
I never dreamed then what a foe Time would be.

Not a lot’s left now, but deep-down regret,
Mem'ries don't help much, I have them and yet
I've let my best chances all get by it seems,
For Time slipped up on me and stole all my dreams.

Time made me walk slower; Time turned my hair grey;
Time took youthful features and wore them away.
I was a young man with great hopes and grand schemes,
Then time slipped up on me and stole all my dreams.

‘Though Time never rests, and Time never sleeps,
When all is said and done, Time plays for keeps.
While Time masquerades as a friend tried and true
Time is revealed as the fraud few really knew.

Yes, Time slipped up on me, and stole all my dreams.
When you’re still young, what a slow thing Time seems
Time’s change is subtle; much too late you see,
Time wasn’t your good friend, but a bad enemy.

There’s no doubt you’ll find there’s still plenty to do
In this piece of the future a wrinkle in time has left you.
You’ll have some good days and you’ll have some bad,
And you’ll wind up NOT doing things you wish you had.

Time made me walk slower; Time turned my hair grey;
Time took youthful features and wore them away;
I was a young man with great hopes and grand schemes,
But Time slipped up on me and stole all my dreams.

Honorable mention: MAGIC by Sherrie Lindeman
Do you believe in pixies?
Many people do.
They are so darn cute,
With magic powers too.

People like to think about magic,
Just in case it’s true,
Like hoovering above the ground,
Would be fun to do.

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Contact Information

Have you moved or changed your phone number or email address? Don’t forget to tell us! This includes your physical address, phone number, or email address changes. Call us at 1-800-252-9605 or send an email to tbp.services@tsl.texas.gov.

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Printed Talking Book Topics and Braille Book Review Update

The National Library Service (NLS) will no longer print large print issues of the TALKING BOOK TOPICS (TBT) and the last large print issue of BRAILLE BOOK REVIEW (BBR) will be September–October 2022. You can find various formats and information on the NLS website.

•    HTML format, including links to BARD for downloading or adding books to wish lists www.loc.gov/nls/tbt
•    PDF format, containing a printable order form www.loc.gov/nls/tbt

•    HTML format, including previous and current issues www.loc.gov/nls/bbr
•    For BBR in ebraille, visit BARD, https://nlsbard.loc.gov/login/TX

Please let us know if we can assist you in accessing any of these formats, or if you would like to subscribe to the audio version of either TALKING BOOK TOPICS or BRAILLE BOOK REVIEW. You may contact us by email at tbp.services@tsl.texas.gov or by phone at 1-800-252-9605 or at 512-463-5458.

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National Federation of the Blind of Texas (NFB of Texas) 2022-23 Scholarships

NFB of Texas offers scholarships to the best and brightest blind students in the state. Scholarships will be awarded at the NFB of Texas’ annual convention this fall. NFB of Texas awards scholarships ranging in value from $1,000-$3,000.

The following requirements apply to all applicants:
•    Must be legally blind in both eyes.
•    Must be a resident of Texas. Texas residency means that you must live in Texas while attending school in the year of application.
•    Must be pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time, post-secondary course of study at a U.S. institution of higher education in the fall of the application year. The committee may grant one scholarship to a student who attends school part-time while working full-time. It may also consider students who are attending a trade or technical school on a full-time basis.
•    Must attend the entire annual convention of NFB of Texas.

The deadline for submitting all documentation is August 15. Information about the application process is available online at: www.nfbtx.org/scholarships.php. For additional questions, send an email to scholarships@nfbtx.org.

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Lessons for Living with Vision Loss Now Available on BARD - DBC 24872

When individuals with good eyesight begin to lose vision, they often struggle to understand what is happening to them. They may wonder if they will be able to do the activities they used to do. Through 19 lessons, rehabilitation professionals share tips for how to safely and efficiently complete tasks. Topics range from understanding eye conditions to organizing the closet, from completing tasks in the kitchen to using a computer, and from maximizing the use of low vision to participating in leisure pursuits. Resources, services, and advice provide guidance for making the most of life with limited vision. For more information visit, www.oib-tac.org/direct-service/curriculum/.

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End of Texas Talking Book News
Summer 2022


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