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January 2002

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Spotlight on Texas is a biannual cassette publication announcing the latest audio books produced by volunteers at the Talking Book Program Volunteer Recording Studio in Austin and at the Recording Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Midland. The audio version of "Spotlight on Texas" is distributed on request to Texans with disabilities who are registered to receive the Talking Book Program's free library service.

Since 1978, Talking Book volunteers have recorded thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles by Texas authors or about the history, culture, folklore, and people of the Lone Star state. Titles recorded include biographies, histories, westerns, romances, mysteries, self-help, travel, and children's books. Approximately 10 new books are completed each month, including some in Spanish. In addition, volunteers record three Texas magazines: Texas Monthly, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Texas Highways.

If you would like to receive an audio cassette copy of "Spotlight on Texas," please contact the Talking Book Program through the phone numbers, e-mail address, postal address, or fax number listed at the bottom of this page.

To order any of the books listed below, note the titles and CT book numbers you would like to request. Then call a Reader Consultant toll-free in Texas at 1-800-252-9605 or, in Austin, at 512-463-5458. A voicemail message service is available after hours and on weekends for you to leave book requests or other messages. Say your full name and patron number (if known) clearly when leaving messages and give the CT book number and title for each request. Book orders may also be sent in an e-mail message to:

Following the list of titles recently recorded by our volunteers, we also feature in this issue a section on short stories recorded in years past. We are pleased to provide you this reminder that these short story books are available.

Note the titles and book numbers you would like to request, then call us at any time with your order.

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The Baron Range

CT 6465

by Jory Sherman, Narrated by Jack Gazzale, 3 cassettes

In this sequel to “The Barons of Texas,” Sherman continues the story of the Baron family. Years ago Martin Baron came to Texas with the dream of building a cattle empire. Now savage floods and battles with the Apache threaten both his hopes and the lives of his family and ranch hands. Anson Baron has just turned seventeen when Mickey Bone, an Apache, rides away to rejoin his tribe. More than anything, Anson wants to go with him. He sees himself traveling alone with his horse. Anson is about to get his wish. Despite hardship and uncertainty, it is time for him to come of age and learn the truth about his family’s past in an unforgiving land. This book contains: Some Sex, Violence, Profanity


Big Red Tequila

CT 6485

by Rick Riordan, Narrated by Tom Fairbrother, 2 cassettes

Jackson “Tres” Navarre and his enchilada-eating cat, Robert Johnson, pull into San Antonio and find nothing waiting but trouble. Ten years ago Navarre left town and the memory of his father’s murder behind him. Now he’s back, looking for answers. Yet the more Tres digs, trying to put his suspicions to rest, the fresher the decade-old crime looks: Mafia connections, construction site payoffs, and slick politicians’ games all conspire to ruin his homecoming. This book contains: Violence, Profanity


Caballero: A Historical Novel

CT 6143

by Jovita Gonzalez Mireles, Narrated by Denise Descouzis, 3 cassettes

A significant contribution to Mexican-American and Texas literature, this novel, written in the 1930s and 1940s, was recently discovered in a collection of private papers. The story opens in 1846. A wealthy Mexican landowner and his family living in the heart of South Texas learn with shock that their homeland is about to be annexed by the powerful giant to the north, the United States. The patriarch struggles to maintain his family traditions, no matter what the cost to the individual members of his family. This book contains: Violence


Crossing Shattuck Bridge

CT 6504

by Annette Sanford, Narrated by Andree Rosen, 1 cassette

Short stories set in rural Texas. In the title story, two longtime friends returning from a funeral must find a way to cross a fog-shrouded bridge; their mutual terror loosens their tongues and they confess to each other a guilty secret they've hidden for years. In "Housekeeping," when a storm tears a hole in Miss Eloise Bannister's rent house roof, the itinerant carpenter who volunteers to repair it is so capable and charming he manages to remodel Miss Bannister's life and in "Mr. Moore's Old Car," ten-year-old Molly's foundations shift when a Saturday escapade with a cat leads her to a photograph of her mother in the arms of the man who lives across the alley.


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Death of a Saint Maker

CT 6439

by Allana Martin, Narrated by Ruth Borinstein, 2 cassettes

Trading post owner Texana Jones is at the dedication of a restored chapel in a tiny town in a remote region of the Chihuahuan desert on the Texas border with Mexico along the Rio Grande river. But guests arriving for the dedication find the door locked; when it is forced open, they come upon the body of the Saint Maker, an itinerant woodcarver who made the statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe for the chapel. Standing over the body is a pit bull, covered with blood. This book contains: Violence, Profanity


The Death Of Tarpons

CT 6153

by Leslie Edgerton, Narrated by Robert Brown, 2 cassettes

Set on the Texas Gulf Coast, this is the eloquent story of a young Corey John’s fourteenth summer. As he revisits his hometown and recalls his youth thirty years later, Corey comes to grips with the realization that his father was incapable of love. But the unconditional support and affection offered by his grandfather enabled him to survive. It is this loving heritage that Corey resolves to pass on to his own children. This book contains: Violence, Profanity

The Death of the Necromancer

CT 6496

by Martha Wells, Narrated by Paul Klemperer, 4 cassettes

In a tale of passion, danger, magic, and deadly adventure, Nicholas Valiarde is a passionate, embittered nobleman with an enigmatic past. Consumed by thoughts of revenge, Nicholas assumes the guise of a master criminal, stealing jewels from wealthy nobles to finance his quest for vengeance: the murder of Count Montesq. Montesq orchestrated the wrongful execution of Nicholas’ beloved godfather on false charges of necromancy – the art of divination through communion with the dead – a practice long outlawed in the kingdom of Ile-Rien. But someone with tremendous magical powers is opposing him. This book contains: Violence

Devil's Leg Crossing: The 1st Maris Middleton Mystery

CT 6491

by Kaye Davis, Narrated by Therese East, 1 cassette

When sixteen-year-old Karin Beauchamp disappears from her Texas home, the local police believe she's run away. Frustrated by the inadequate investigation, Karin's aunt, Lauren O'Conner, takes a leave of absence from the F.B.I. and hires independent crime scene specialist Maris Middleton to help her find her niece. Maris isn't sure which she finds more disconcerting – the dearth of hard evidence or her growing attraction for the enigmatic Lauren. The discovery of Karin's blood soaked blouse appears to be a turning point in the case, until Maris's lab tests show it's not the type of blood they expected. Unknown to the women, someone linked to Karin is about to have a deadly "accident," an accident that will lead them to long-buried scandals, dark family secrets, and the evil that lurks at Devil's Leg Crossing. This book contains: Some Sex, Violence, Profanity

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Going Home Again

CT 6455

by Howard Waldrop, Narrated by Jack Gazzale, 2 cassettes

Waldrop’s collection of short stories are wacky, whimsical, profound, emblematic, funny, and right off the deep end. “Flatfeet!”, a madcap tour of this century’s first decades, courtesy of the Keystone Kops, “Occam’s Ducks”, an homage to those brave black actors of the 1930’s. And beware the masked Mexican wrestlers of “El Castillo de la Perseverancia!" This book contains: Profanity

Grinning in His Mashed Potatoes

CT 6482

by Margaret Moseley, Narrated by Linda Fox, 1 cassette

Book rep Honey Huckleberry is happy to attend a luncheon fundraiser for Twyman Towerie, the number-two bestselling author in the world. But the luncheon of her career turns into a catastrophe when the esteemed author drops dead face first into the mashed potatoes. Aside from ruining her appetite, evidence of murder keeps Honey intrigued. There isn't a shortage of suspects each of Towerie's four ex-wives harbors dire secrets about his writing career. But can Honey find the killer - before the murderer's next plot lands her in deep gravy? This book contains: Violence, Profanity

Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Measled Cowboy

CT 6469

by John R. Erickson, Narrated by Bob Jackson, 1 cassette

When Sally May and Loper head off to visit the relatives, leaving Slim in charge of Little Alfred, Hank knows that trouble is sure to come knocking. But not even the Head of Ranch Security could have predicted what would happen. First, Slim is struck down with the measles. Then a blizzard hits the ranch, trapping them in the house with no heat or electricity. Somehow, Hank's got to find a way to get them out of this mess ... before they're snowed in for good.

Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Vanishing Fishhook

CT 6473

by John R. Erickson, Narrated by Bob Jackson, 1 cassette

Even after an exhausting morning defending the ranch against a vicious one-eyed robot, Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, still has energy left to supervise Little Alfred's fishing trip. But what starts as a routine expedition turns into a first-class crisis when Hank reels in more than he bargained for. A fishhook finds its way into Hank's stomach, which is bad news indeed. Is there hope for Hank, or is this curtains for our hero? Find out in this hair-raising, hilarious adventure starring everyone's favorite cowdog.

Joshua Beene and God

CT 6467

by Jewel Gibson, Narrated by Dorothy Blair, 2 cassettes

This novel, set in East Texas, follows one curmudgeonly religious leader's crusade against Spring Creek's Baptists, Holy Rollers, and nonbelievers. Joshua Ebenezer Beene, as chief elder of the Church of Christ of Spring Creek Community, president of the school board, justice of the peace, and self-appointed game warden, regularly summons God to seek advice on how to carry out his crusade – which, as the novel opens, has taken on a special urgency.

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The Ladies Farm: A Novel

CT 6486

by Viqui Litman, Narrated by Therese East, 2 cassettes

After you've raised the kids, been widowed or divorced once or twice, or even if - especially if - you've been married for a few decades, you need a rest. The Ladies Farm offers relaxation, exercise, crafts classes, and a fully equipped beauty salon. This idyllic retreat set in the hills of Sydonia, Texas, is owned and operated by four friends: Pauline, Rita, Della, and Kate. When Barbara, widow of Della's lover Richard, shows up, all hell breaks loose. A novel about women who are old enough to know what they want and young enough to get it. This book contains: Profanity

Lasting Attachments: Stories

CT 6053

by Annette Sanford, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 1 cassette

Spare and evocative short stories set in rural Texas. Sanford illuminates the “small” world of domestic affairs, of everyday lives surprised by joy and sorrow. It is a world in which an aging brother and sister's comfortable routine is changed utterly by the arrival of a bachelor salesman; a grieving country widower finds himself in a compromising position with a woman he never thought to love; and a contented spinster whose garden is her pride must come to terms with the intrusive chatter of a new TV set.

Lonesome No More

CT 6519

by Jean Brashear, Narrated by Sue Bilich, 2 cassettes

Wilderness guide Mitch Gallagher was hard as iron. A loner to the bone. Yet, fragile, fiercely maternal Perrie Matheson and her young son needed refuge from her ex, and from the Wyoming winter. And Mitch's cabin was straight ahead. Mitch reluctantly offered sanctuary and nursed delicate Perrie to health. And soon Perrie's honeyed heat sparked a hunger in Mitch's soul. Stole his rusty, unused heart. But dare a lone wolf warm himself by a family fire? This book contains: Some Sex

Marriage á la Mode

CT 6511

by Elisabeth Fairchild, Narrated by Marilyn Swinton, 2 cassettes

The “ton” was in an uproar! The King was bringing divorce proceedings against the Queen. And Lady Melody Bainbridege was doing the same against the cruel lord she had wed a few years before. Now forced to hide her face behind the veil of her fashionable leghorn hat, Melody found she could not stop Dunstan Hays, Earl of Erroll, from gazing at her. He had come to Kent to fetch a cherry-tree sapling for his home in the Highlands. It was perfectly logical for the sightseeing Melody to mistake the strong Scotsman for a gardener-his warm words made hope blossom again in her heart.

Pancho and Black Jack

CT 6039

by Fred Bean, Narrated by Dorothy Browning, 3 cassettes

On March 9, 1916 the tiny town of Columbus, New Mexico was attacked and burned by Mexican revolutionary soldiers said to be followers of the infamous Pancho Villa. If Villa was responsible, what were his motives? Could such a provocative act been an effort by German agents in Mexico to inflame the border area and distract America from aiding the British and French in the European war they were losing? President Woodrow Wilson sent General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing to hunt Villa down and punish him. Author Fred Bean has fashioned a tale of ambition and revenge from an incident that is still in dispute among historians. This book contains: Heavy Sex, Violence, Profanity

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CT 6509

by Elizabeth Fackler, Narrated by Therese East, 2 cassettes

El Paso Police Detective Devon Grey is uncomfortable. It's not just that he's investigating a homicide, or that the victim was sexually abusing his own daughter. And it's not that the other family members are suspects, or that the whole family seems mired in sordid muck. It's that the case is too close to home. Following the killer's murky trail through one family's depravity, Grey is getting a sense of deja vu. The suspect's family trouble is mirroring that of his own family. This book contains: Some Sex, Profanity

The Peacekeeper

CT 6516

by Jeffrey Poston , Narrated by Jack Gazzale, 1 cassette

Jason Pears had cleared his name of murder charges in a court of law, but he still led the life of a man on the run, always looking over his shoulder for a bounty hunter or a troublemaker who took exception to Jay being the product of a mixed marriage. Wondering if he'd ever be able to settle down without looking over his shoulder for the next fast gun hoping to make a reputation, Jay Peares accepts a job with a powerful rancher named Pritchett, who wants all the squatters off his range. Jay soon realizes that Pritchett will kill anyone who gets in his way and when Jay switches sides to join the homesteaders, he is in Pritchett's way. This book contains: Violence

Pillars of Gold and Silver

CT 6489

by Beatriz de la Garza, Narrated by Julie Shuey, 2 cassettes

After her father is killed in the Korean War, young Blanca Estela and her mother leave California to spend the summer in Revilla, a town in northern Mexico where Blanca’s grandmother lives. But Blanca misses the comforts and amenities of the United States until she begins to be able to communicate with her newly-acquired Spanish. She learns about love and friendship, each accompanied by both joy and the sadness of separation. Gradually she discovers in Revilla a home away from home.

The Price of Passion

CT 6512

by Evelyn Palfrey, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

“Does it have a name?,” Vivian asked Walter. What would be the proper question to ask her husband of nearly twenty years, when he brings home his baby by another woman, as casually as a bag of groceries she’d asked him to pick up? Why would he expect her to accept it? Who is the mother and why won’t Walter reveal her identity? Should Vivian stay with Walter, with his political power and wealth, so that she can keep the baby she’s grown to love? Or, knowing that she can never have a child, should she give up the baby for Marc – the man who’s shown her what love really is? This book contains: Heavy Sex, Profanity

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Someone to Watch Over

CT 6514

by Trish Macdonald Skillman, Narrated by Melissa Tyler, 2 cassettes

In her disheveled little house on a run-down midwestern street she has seen the signs he left her: a repaired step, a clean set of dishes, even a new nightgown on her bed. Someone is watching over her and her two children. Devastated by the death of her husband, slowly Kate Eldridge begins to live again. Now she has a second chance – at love and at happiness. But Kate doesn't know her guardian angel has plans of his own, or what violent secrets haunt him, or how far he will go to keep her and her children in his sight and in his hands. It began as an act of kindness. Now it has turned into a dangerous obsession. This book contains: Profanity

A Stone of the Heart: A Novel

CT 6510

by Tom Grimes, Narrated by Paul Klemperer, 1 cassette

A moving, sometimes hilarious account of a family trying to hold itself together, A Stone of the Heart chronicles the dysfunction of a Queens, New York, Irish-Catholic family. Set in 1961, the book is narrated by the family’s older son, fourteen-year-old Michael – overweight and obsessed with baseball – who is trying to come to grips with his parents' disastrous marriage, his younger brother's retreat into silence, and his grandparents' faltering efforts to help. In baseball Michael finds the orderliness and clarity lacking in his personal world.

Texas Teamwork

CT 6358

by J. T. Edson, Narrated by Staci Finch, 2 cassettes

Unlike the other deputies of the Rockabye County, Texas Sheriff’s Office, Brad Counter had not first served as a municipal police officer but had “caught his star” after graduating with honors in Police Science from the University of Southern Texas. He and his partner, Deputy Alice Fayde, are part of a team investigating the near-fatal shooting of a fellow officer. The only witness is too frightened to talk so Brad and Alice must devise a trap to catch the shooter – a trap that could cost them their lives. This book contains: Profanity


CT 6166

by Jay Brandon, Narrated by Lori Brix, 2 cassettes

After witnessing a killing connected to an underworld mastermind, Elizabeth Truett is contacted by a young man claiming to be her son – presumed dead in Vietnam. Now police captain Bill Jerek must determine if he’s real or a hitman hired to get rid of Elizabeth. This book contains: Profanity

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Walking Rain

CT 6437

by Susan Wade, Narrated by Therese East, 3 cassettes

Eight years with a new name and a new identity have not succeeded in wiping out the past. It was time for Amelia Rawlins to go home. Home to the New Mexico ranch where she had spent her childhood summers. But it was clear from the start that the horrors of the past had not been laid to rest. Someone knew that Amelia had come back – Amelia, who should have died on that long ago day, who should have known better than to think she could come back and start over. Someone was out to see that Amelia paid in full for her crimes. This book contains: Violence, Profanity

A Whisper of Rage

CT 6353

by Timothy Hemlin, Narrated by Robert Brown, 2 cassettes

Graduate student and part-time chef Neil Marshall is once again up to his neck in mayhem and murder when he innocently witnesses the drive-by shooting of Houston’s most famous detective, C. J. McDaniels. Neil rushes the wounded investigator to the hospital, saving his life and becoming the media’s darling. The hitmen do not see Neil as a hero but as an eyewitness who must be eliminated. This book contains: Some Sex, Violence, Profanity

White Leg

CT 6233

by Max Martinez, Narrated by Bill McLean, 2 cassettes

Gil Blue’s fourteen-month career robbing convenience stores in White Leg and surrounding towns in Texas comes to an explosive end in the early hours one morning, when a Texas Ranger walks in on a holdup in progress. Gil is forced to shoot and ends up catapulted from small-time hood into big-time criminal. Also his wife sets him up to take the fall for a kidnapping. The law is after him and the crooks are too. Gil must scramble to stay out of the line of fire in a town where everybody wants him dead. This book contains: Heavy Sex, Violence, Profanity

Who's Susan?

CT 6502

by L.C. Hayden, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 1 cassette

The first eighteen years of Susan Haynes' life are a complete blank. Finding her past is not a priority until she goes to the daycare center to pick up her four-year-old son Timmy. The center insists that Susan had already picked him up. But she knows better, even though everyone doubts her. Susan is forced to search alone for her son while the world around her crumbles and her past and present interweave to reveal a shocking truth. Susan realizes that is she is to save her son's life, she must first answer one question: "Who's Susan?" This book contains: Violence

Widower’s Two-Step

CT 6505

by Rick Riordan, Narrated by Robert Brown, 3 cassettes

Tres Navarre has just hours of apprenticeship time to serve before he can go for his P.I. license. Staking out a musician suspected of stealing a demo tape should be a piece of pan dulce. But his attention wanders just long enough for fiddle player Julie Kearnes to be gunned down before his eyes. The missing demo and Julie’s murder are just two of the problems besetting Miranda Daniels, a pint-sized singer with a Texas-sized talent. As Tres looks into the dirty dealings surrounding Miranda, it becomes clear he’s stepped into a rattlesnakes’ nest of greed, double cross, and murder. This book contains: Some Sex, Violence, Profanity

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Bad Hand: A Biography of General Ranald S. Mackenzie

CT 6479

by Charles M. Robinson III, Narrated by Sergio Villarreal, 3 cassettes

As a Civil War hero, victorious Indian fighter and eventual madman, much has been written about General Ranald S. Mackenzie in scholarly journals, but now his fascinating life, his brilliant accomplishments, and his descent into madness are brought to life in a complete and thoroughly researched biography that reestablishes his importance in the history of Texas and the United States. This book contains: Violence

Frankie: Mrs. R.D. Randolph and Texas Liberal Politics

CT 6468

by Ann Fears Crawford, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 1 cassette

Sweeping from Frankie Randolph's early years in the East Texas pineywoods to the turbulent years of Texas politics from the 1950s to the 1970s, this book traces the accomplishments of the woman who symbolized liberal politics in Texas.

Hal and Charlie: The Texas Peterson Brothers Who Risked a Fortune for a Hill Country Foundation

CT 6492

by Vicki J. Audette, Narrated by Linda Fox, 1 cassette

As different as rock and water, these two brothers formed an unwritten partnership which grew to empire status in the first half of the twentieth century. And this empire evolved into perhaps the two greatest gifts ever bestowed upon the Texas Hill Country: the Hal and Charlie Peterson Foundation and the Sid Peterson Memorial Hospital in Kerrville, Texas.

Lizards on the Mantel, Burros at the Door: A Big Bend Memoir

CT 6501

by Etta Koch, Narrated by Karen Watkins, 1 cassette

In this book based on her journals and letters, Etta Koch and her daughter June Cooper Price chronicle their family's first years (1944-1946) in the Big Bend. Etta describes how her photographer husband Peter Koch became captivated by the region as a place for natural history filmmaking - and how she and their three young daughters slowly adapted to a pioneer lifestyle. In vivid, often humorous anecdotes, she describes making the rock house into a home, getting to know the Park Service personnel and other neighbors, coping with the local wildlife, and most of all, learning to love the rugged landscape and the hardy individuals who call it home.

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Our Personal War: A WWII Story of Love and Terror

CT 6493

by Jan Tickner, Narrated by Cindy Johnson, 1 cassette

The delights and agonies of being a wartime sweetheart, bride, and survivor are remembered by the author a half century after World War II. In this memoir, Tickner tells of World War II as seen from the homefront. In 1944, her new husband's bomber was shot down over France and he was reported as missing in action. He was rescued by the French underground. The author and her husband found solace in their faith, both in the anxious days in France and back home in Texas following the war. In this true story for young and old alike, the author shares their personal wisdom, humor, and insight.

Renewing America's Soul: A Spiritual Psychology For Home, Work, and Nation

CT 6265

by Howard E. Butt, Narrated by Bob Jackson, 3 cassettes

We are all on a life-journey for which there is neither map nor itinerary. This author recounts, with insights from both the Bible and psychiatry, his own life-journey along a road of pain, love, and hope. From the perspective of the committed Christian, he offers his insights on revitalizing marriages, family relationships, the workplace and the nation itself.

Secrets Under The Bridge

CT 6201

by Overton Shelmire, Narrated by Bob Jackson, 2 cassettes

Born in Dallas in 1930, Overton Shelmire co-founded Beran and Shelmire Architects after earning his degree in architecture from the University of Texas in Austin. Friends told him repeatedly that his stories of growing up in a family full of love, friendship, and adventure were too much fun not to be shared. He wrote this memoir as a tribute to his family, especially his adored older brother, Bedford. This book contains: Some Sex, Violence, Profanity

Stevie Ray: Soul to Soul

CT 5943

by Keri Leigh, Narrated by Bill McLean, 3 cassettes

Three months before the helicopter crash that took his life in August 1990, Stevie Ray Vaughan began to discuss a biography with Keri Leigh, a fellow musician, writer, and friend. Her objective was to tell his story as he wanted it told. This celebration of the great guitarist concentrates on his musical career and includes a number of personal remembrances from musicians who knew him well. This book contains: Profanity

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Texans Behind the News: Texas Journalists of the 20th Century

CT 6483

by Dede Weldon Casad, Narrated by Linda Fox, 1 cassette

Texans have always been in the news. Rarely is there a thirty-minute newscast from any of the major networks that does not have a story based out of Texas. Texas journalists have written their stories or filed their reports with dignity and grace for the entire twentieth century. This book is a tribute to their lives.

Time To Get Serious: Daily Devotions To Keep You Close To God

CT 6079

by Anthony T. Evans, Narrated by Bob Jackson, 3 cassettes

Popular Dallas pastor Anthony Evans believes that living the Christian life involves challenges, conflicts, and spiritual confrontations. Because many Christians have separated their faith from their daily lives, they are unprepared to deal with the challenges and conflicts successfully. This book of Biblical meditations was written to help believers refocus their lives on knowing God and communicating through prayer.

Whistle in the Piney Woods

CT 6474

by Robert S. Maxwell, Narrated by Noble Atkins, 1 cassette

Whistle in the Piney Woods is the story of the founding of the Houston East and West Texas Railroad by Paul Bremond, its symbiotic relationship with forests and the lumber industry and its role in the development of East Texas. Bremond was a unique man of many enterprises, a bold entrepreneur in the true American spirit. Bremond and his railroad provide a significant case study of the development of short railroad lines in the United States. The story is a worthy addition to the history of American railroads as well as to the history of the East Texas region.

The Wit and Wisdom of Willie Kocurek

CT 6499

by Willie Kocurek with Ramona Van Loan, Narrated by Noble Atkins, 2 cassettes

Willie Kocurek is a unique and legendary icon best known for his sharp wit and down home philosophy. He was born in Dime Box, Texas, later moved to Caldwell, and eventually earned a BBA degree from the University of Texas in 1933. He has had a long and successful career as a businessman in Austin and at the age of 70 earned a law degree from the University of Texas.

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Spanish Fiction

Isla del Cundeamor (Island of Cundeamor)

CT 6372

by René Vázquez Díaz, Narrated by Dr. Juan Lujan, 2 cassettes

Vázquez Díaz offers an eloquent portrait of an imaginary island nation that bears a striking resemblance to his own native Cuba. As the islanders tell their stories, their enduring hopes transcend the stifling boundaries of daily life in Cundeamor. This book contains: Some Sex, Profanity

Nen, La Inútil (Idle Dreamer)

CT 6376

by Ignacio Solares, Narrated by Daniela Sanchez, 1 cassette

Nen, the idle dreamer, is a woman whose misunderstood talent for seeing into the future leads her to the palace of the emperor Montezuma at the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico. This book contains: Some Sex, Profanity

Orilla Oscura (Dark Edge)

CT 6374

by José María Merino, Narrated by Marisol Brown, 2 cassettes

A Spanish professor who lives in the United States travels to Central America on sabbatical. During a visit to a museum, he discovers a portrait of a man who looks remarkably like his late father, a discovery that causes the professor to re-examine his youth and the events of his past. The “dark edge” of the novel’s title refers to the fine line between past and present, fantasy and reality, dreaming and waking.

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Spanish Nonfiction

Año Que Viene Estamos en Cuba (Next Year in Cuba)

CT 6384

by Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Narrated by Dr. Juan Lujan, 2 cassettes

Exiled to the United States from his native Cuba at age eleven, Perez Firmat fled the Communist regime with his family. All of the members of the family believed that Castro would fall in a few weeks and they would return to their peaceful life in their own country. This memoir chronicles a thirty-year search for a way to meld two traditions, two cultures, and two languages into a single identity. As the author explains, families in Miami’s Little Havana never gave up the hope that their customary New Year’s toast would come true, “Next year we will be in Cuba.”

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Spotlight on Short Stories

Thousands of additional titles recorded in Texas are available from the Talking Book Program. Ask a Reader Consultant to recommend other Texas titles and authors or have Texas titles added to your reading list through our automatic selection program. A world of Texas books is just a phone call or e-mail message away.

Among the titles available, you may want to consider ordering these previously recorded short story titles:

Afoot in a Field of Men and Other Stories from Dallas East Side

CT 3970

by Pat Ellis Taylor, Narrated by Therese East, 1 cassette

Winner of the 1983 Austin Book Award, this collection of eleven short stories deals with life on the east side of Dallas, Texas. The stories are told from the point of view of a woman who is dealing with poverty, family upsets, and the problems of friends and neighbors. This book contains: Some Sex, Profanity

Black Keys Only

CT 5980

by Troy Parsons, Narrated by Jim Cronenberg, 1 cassette

A collection of vignettes recalling the author’s childhood growing up in the 1930’s on a farm in central Texas.

The Bride Wore Crimson and Other Stories

CT 5756

by Bryan Woolley, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 1 cassette

A new collection of “true Texas stories” by Woolley, including inimitable word portraits of his uncle “Toy”, charged with the murder of his new bride; the quest for “tangle-Free Tom”, the $65,000 prize fish in the Lake Texoma Crappiethon; and a lament for the dwindling horned toad population. This book contains: Profanity


CT 3917

by Mary Gray Hughes, Narrated by Ginger Evans, 1 cassette

A collection of stories, two of which have been included in past volumes of Best American Short Stories. The complete characters of "Rock Garden" and "The Judge" are surprising portrayals which one reads with suspense. The lead story "The Foreigner in the Blood" is a moving tale of a daughter dealing with a father whose mind is giving in to odd forms of senility. Mary Gray Hughes writes with understanding and a true sense of compassion for people.

Counterfeit Lady Unveiled, and Other Criminal Fiction of Seventeenth-Century England

CT 1877

by Spiro Peterson, Narrated by Emily W. Lang, 3 cassettes

A collection of early English mystery stories, edited by Spiro Peterson.

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Cowboys are Old Enough to Know Better

CT 6069

by John R. Erickson, Narrated by Therese East, 1 cassette

A collection of stories and short, thoughtful pieces primarily dealing with cowboy experiences. Among these are five stories about Erickson’s grouchy old rancher, Willie On the Next Ranch. These selections take a humorous approach to life in the waning years of the twentieth century.

Generations And Other True Stories

CT 6096

by Bryan Woolley, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

This third collection of stories from journalist and novelist Bryan Woolley begins with the deeply moving title story, followed by twenty-six more stories and personality profiles which originally appeared in “The Dallas Morning News.” The author recalls the lost golden age of Mineral Wells, Texas, attends a bulldogging school in Madisonville, Texas, meets the Dallas Harlequins Rugby Football Club, and visits Roswell, New Mexico, site of an alleged UFO crash in 1947. His portraits of places and people are warm, sometimes funny but always genuine.

Horse Tales

CT 6091

by Ben K. Green, Narrated by Ric Furley, 1 cassette

Green, horse doctor and humorist, shares his growing-up years, telling antic and often amazing tales of horses, cattle, mules, and even people, set in the times “before air conditioning.”

Mirrors Beneath the Earth: Short Fiction by Chicano Writers

CT 5736

by Ray Gonzales, Narrated by Denise Descouzis, 2 cassettes

An historic and unique collection of contemporary fiction by Latino writers. These 31 stories depict the richly varied experiences of Mexican-Americans living in the United States. Authors represented include already celebrated writers such as Sandra Cisneros, Rudolfo Anaya, Ana Castillo, and Dagoberto Gilb, but many strong Latino voices appear here for the first time in published form. This book contains: Some Sex, Profanity

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New Growth Two: Contemporary Short Stories by Texas Writers

CT 5746

by Mark Busby (editor), Narrated by Janice Langlinais, 2 cassettes

Editor Mark Busby has brought together short stories from 24 Texas writers who reflect the new spirit and ethnic diversity of the Lone Star State. These stories take the defining qualities that grow from Southwestern legend and treat them in original ways. This book contains: Some Sex, Violence, Profanity

Unbridled Spirits: Short Fiction About Women in the Old West

CT 5826

by Judy Alter, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 3 cassettes

This collection of short stories refutes the traditional stereotypes of women in western fiction – the pure schoolmarm, the soiled dove with a heart of gold, the worn and weary settler’s wife – to present strong and interesting women in both past and present western fiction. This book contains: Profanity

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