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January 2003

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Spotlight on Texas is a biannual cassette publication announcing the latest audio books produced by volunteers at the Talking Book Program Volunteer Recording Studio in Austin and at the Recording Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Midland. The audio version of "Spotlight on Texas" is distributed on request to Texans with disabilities who are registered to receive the Talking Book Program's free library service.

Since 1978, Talking Book volunteers have recorded thousands of fiction and nonfiction titles by Texas authors or about the history, culture, folklore, and people of the Lone Star state. Titles recorded include biographies, histories, westerns, romances, mysteries, self-help, travel, and children's books. Approximately 10 new books are completed each month, including some in Spanish. In addition, volunteers record three Texas magazines: Texas Monthly, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Texas Highways.

If you would like to receive an audio cassette copy of "Spotlight on Texas," please contact the Talking Book Program through the phone numbers, e-mail address, postal address, or fax number listed at the bottom of this page.

To order any of the books listed below, note the titles and CT book numbers you would like to request. Then call a Reader Consultant toll-free in Texas at 1-800-252-9605 or, in Austin, at 512-463-5458. A voicemail message service is available after hours and on weekends for you to leave book requests or other messages. Say your full name and patron number (if known) clearly when leaving messages and give the CT book number and title for each request. Book orders may also be sent in an e-mail message to:

Following the list of titles recently recorded by our volunteers, we also feature in this issue a section on short stories recorded in years past. We are pleased to provide you this reminder that these short story books are available.

Note the titles and book numbers you would like to request, then call us at any time with your order.

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The Age of the Bicycle: A Twenty-First Century Novel

CT 6573

by Miriam Webster, Narrated by Janice Goodspeed, 2 cassettes

What if one afternoon all the cars in the world slowed down and then stopped in their tracks. Set in Tinny Waters, Texas, a fictional town reminiscent of Austin, Texas, The Age of the Bicycle explores what happens when all the cars on the planet suddenly cease working. Would society fall to its knees, or would lots of great things start happening?

Alamo Heights

CT 6562

by Scott Zesch, Narrated by Dianna Dorman, 2 cassettes

Set in San Antonio in 1907, this novel is inspired by the true story of the women who fought to save the Alamo from demolition. In fictional form, Zesch has dramatically recreated this second battle of the Alamo and a woman who barricaded herself within the stone walls to save them from the wrecking ball. This book contains: some sex and profanity

All the Dead Lie Down

CT 6433

by Mary Willis Walker, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

When true-crime reporter Molly Cates' father died more than twenty-five years ago, his death was ruled a suicide, and Molly's obsessive efforts to prove otherwise led to nothing but anguish and the breakup of her family. Now new information comes her way and she reopens the old investigation with a vengeance, but the answers she finally wrests from the past leave her with a moral dilemma she never anticipated. This title is also available as RC 49717. This book contains: violence and profanity

Apologizing to Dogs

CT 6540

by Joe Coomer, Narrated by Dorothy Blair, 2 cassettes

It's one hectic day in the lives of 12 antique dealers on sleepy Worth Row in Fort Worth, Texas. Verda has collapsed in her store and no one knows. Aura is nine months pregnant and doesn't realize it. Mr. Haygood and Mazelle have been having an affair for over 30 years underneath the garden tended daily by their spouses. Then during a violent thunderstorm, secrets are revealed, destinies are charted, and it's clear that nothing on Worth Avenue will ever be the same. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

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The Apothecary's Demise: A Houston Heights Mystery

CT 6555

by Anne Sloan, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 2 cassettes

In this sequel to "Murder on the Boulevard" (CT 6371), the inexplicable suicide of a successful Houston pharmacist draws impulsive and headstrong Flora Logan of Houston Heights into a new mystery. Involved in planning Houston's first suffrage parade and the passage of Hortense Ward's Married Women's Property Act, Flora is drawn to investigating the unusual death of the pharmacist. She soon discovers the Washington Avenue apothecary is a deadly place to be. It seems linked to the tragic illness of Flora's friend and a young black woman's disappearance. This book contains: profanity

C.O.P. Out

CT 6448

by Nancy Herndon, Narrated by Gratia, 2 cassettes

Elena Jarvis is an officer in the Crimes Against Persons department of the Los Santos, Texas police. The Citizens on Patrol program was intended as a way for Los Santos locals to support the police, but relations take a turn for the worse when a C.O.P. volunteer is killed while accompanying a rookie officer on foot patrol. This book contains: profanity

Death at Devil's Bridge

CT 6445

by Robin Paige, Narrated by Karen Phipps, 2 cassettes

Sir Charles Sheridan is a renowned photographer, amateur scientist, and a skilled detective. Kate Ardleigh is his Irish-American wife and a writer of crime fiction. Newlyweds Charles and Kate Sheridan have moved into Kate's ancestral home Bishop's Keep, where Kate plans to devote herself to her writing and Charles to the responsibilities of the landed gentry. He agrees to host an automobile exhibition and balloon race at Bishop's Keep attended by Europe's foremost investors and inventors. This book contains: violence and profanity

Death at Gallows Green

CT 6456

by Robin Paige, Narrated by Karen Watkins, 2 cassettes

Kathryn Ardleigh is everything the Victorian English gentlewoman is not-outspoken, free-thinking, American . and a writer of the frowned upon "penny-dreadfuls." She shocked her ancestral home at Bishop's Keep and captured the interest of detective Sir Charles Sheridan as they solved their first case together. Now the brutal demise of a local constable and the mysterious disappearance of a child have the sleuthing couple on the trail of deadly greed and criminal mischief once again. And with the help of a shy young woman who calls herself Beatrix Potter, Kate intends to uncover the sinister secrets of Gallows Green.

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Death at Rottingdean

CT 6543

by Robin Paige, Narrated by Linda Fox, 2 cassettes

For Kathryn Ardleigh and her newly Lorded husband, Charles, a seaside holiday in Rottingdean is a much-needed respite. Known as Smuggler's Village, the cozy hamlet sits upon a labyrinth of hundred-year-old tunnels through which contraband goods were once smuggled in and out of England. But when the body of a coast guard is found on the beach, the couple suspect the town is still plying the illicit trades of its past. And with the help of an imaginative young writer named Rudyard Kipling, they're about to discover that something is rotten in the town of Rottingdean. (5th in the series.)

Do Unto Others

CT 5875

by Jeff Abbott, Narrated by Dick Collins, 2 cassettes

When Jordan Poteet leaves his editorial job in a Boston publishing firm to return home to Mirabeau, Texas, he expects a peaceful, quiet life as the town's librarian. Serenity flees as Jordan is forced to lock horns with Miss Beta Harcher, the local religious fanatic, in a battle over book censorship. When Jordan finds her murdered body in the library, he learns that Beta is much more dangerous dead than she ever was alive-especially to him, since he is the prime suspect in the crime. This book contains: profanity

Engineered for Murder: A Mystery

CT 6522

by Aileen Schumacher, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 2 cassettes

Tory Travers is a young, widowed structural engineer, living with her son on the outskirts of a campus town in New Mexico. Her life changes when a scandal erupts regarding the mishandling and structural problems of the new stadium. From every angle, Tory's business is threatened if she carries out her duties as inspector. Things escalate when the son-in-law of a major subcontractor disappears along with the lab records, and the quality control technician is found murdered. Enter Detective David Alvarez, who soon discovers Tory's connection to the death. When Tory starts receiving death threats, the two work together to solve the mysteries. (1st in the series.)

A Family Secret

CT 6552

by Jean Brashear, Narrated by Alyson McInturff, 2 cassettes

Once, Boone Gallagher had forsaken his ranching heritage for a society princess, but now he swore city girls would never lasso his heart again. But suddenly Boone was being forced to share his ranch with Maddie Rose Collins for thirty days in order to receive his inheritance. The city sophisticate was everything he vowed to stay clear of, but that proved to be a challenge. Especially when he found himself drawn to Maddie's irrepressible spirit as she delighted in the simple pleasures of ranch living. Still, once the mystery behind Maddie's past-and the discovery of a secret half sibling-was revealed, would Boone's wounded heart allow him to offer Maddie a permanent place to call home? This book contains: some sex and profanity

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Fax Me a Bagel

CT 6420

by Sharon Kahn, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

This mystery introduces Ruby, the Rabbi's Wife, who has to dodge a cunning killer from her favorite bakery in Eternal, Texas, to the streets of New York's Lower East Side. Though widowed for a year, Ruby can't escape her least favorite member of the congregation, Essie Sue Margolis. At the Hot Bagel, Ruby's favorite bakery, Essie Sue's sister goes into a convulsion and dies leaving many unanswered questions. This book contains: profanity

Frontier Woman: Sisters of the Lone Star

CT 6414

by Joan Johnston, Narrated by Denise Descouzis, 3 cassettes Cricket Stewart, youngest of the three beautiful Stewart sisters, was raised to shoot, ride, and fight as well as any man on the Texas frontier. No man would be her master-until Texas Ranger Jarrett Creed thundered into her world to challenge her cherished independence. But all too soon their love would be threatened by vengeful Comanches and a traitor's desperate plot. Explicit descriptions of sex. This book contains: heavy sex, violence, and profanity

Going Out in Style: A Very Fashionable Mystery

CT 6561

by Chloe Green, Narrated by Dana Schuff, 2 cassettes

Stylist Dallas O'Connor, who arranges fashion shoots for a major Dallas, Texas, department store, leads a hectic and sometimes chaotic life. But it hardly prepares her for finding a knife-wielding man next to a young model's dead body on the set of an upcoming photo shoot. The man, Cuban photographer Raul Domingo, protests his innocence, claiming that he picked up the knife accidentally. After learning that the police view her as the chief suspect, Dallas agrees to join Raul in a hunt for some photos that they hope will clear them both of the murder charge. This book contains: violence and profanity

Hank the Cowdog: Slim's Good-Bye

CT 6554

by John R. Erickson, Narrated by Jack Huff, 1 cassette

Things are not looking good for the ranch. So when Loper heads into town to negotiate with the banker, Slim hits the road in search of a new home. Meanwhile, Hank and his faithful sidekick Drover hitch a ride in the back of Slim's pickup. And when Slim lands himself a new job, Hank finds that he's no longer the Head of Ranch Security, but the Head of Chicken House Security. Hank knows that this new life is for the birds, but will he ever see the ranch again?

Hank the Cowdog: The Case of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper

CT 6556

by John R. Erickson, Narrated by Charles Watson, 1 cassette Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, comes to the rescue when marauding trespassers are threatening to stampede the cattle. Hank tracks down enemy agent Mysterious Esther, escapes the relentless Vampire Vacuum Sweeper, and confronts Buster and his gang. Will Hank prevail and save the ranch?

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Hank the Cowdog: The Garbage Monster From Outer Space

CT 6488

by John R. Erickson, Narrated by Ric Furley, 1 cassette

Someone has been raiding Sally May's garbage barrels! Hank knows the crime is the work of a notorious gang of raccoons, but in a tragic case of mistaken identity, the Head of Ranch Security is himself forced to take the heat. More trouble lies ahead. Rip and Snort, the good-for-nothing coyote brothers, are planning to pull an even bigger job. Not only is Hank powerless to stop them, he's compelled to fight on the side of evil-and comes face to face with terrifying forces!

Hell's Half Acre

CT 6345

by Frederic Bean, Narrated by Harold Steadman, 2 cassettes

Hell's Half Acre in Fort Worth was a district known for its lawlessness in the 1870s. For nearly three decades it remained the most notorious strip of land west of the Mississippi, a place filled with temptations and dangers that changed lives. Annabelle Green, a penniless sixteen-year-old caring for her dying mother, faces those temptations and dangers. Sinful work at the Pink Lady would provide more money than Annabelle has ever had to ease her mother's last days. But it would cost her the love of Cody Wade, a young deputy who may not be able to forget her transgression even though he knows first-hand about the desperation poverty breeds. This book contains: heavy sex and profanity

In Big Trouble: A Tess Monaghan Mystery

CT 6559

by Laura Lippman, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

Reporter-turned-private investigator Tess Monaghan may have broken up with her old boyfriend, Crow, but when she gets an anonymous letter with a newspaper clipping of her ex-beau's photo beneath the words "In Big Trouble," she hightails it to Texas where Crow was last sighted playing the music scene in Austin and San Antonio. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

The Ladies' Man

CT 6035

by Lorraine Heath, Narrated by Linda Fox, 2 cassettes

In the heart of Texas lives a family as big and bold as the state itself. The Daltrys are as different as they come, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. When a Daltry turns twenty, they are presented with a task by their grandmother. These challenges are intended to teach them about character, but they often learn quite a bit about love along the way. Lee Daltry, the charmer of the family, is assigned to teach school for one year. He turns to Meredith Lewis, the schoolmarm whose job he took, for advice. This book contains: some sex

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Lockhart's Nightmare

CT 6498

by Wayne Barton, Narrated by Dick Collins, 3 cassettes

War hero James Lockhart is a drummer, or salesman, who works for a company that prints and sells banknotes to individual banks. When four banks are robbed, and two of the bank managers are killed, Lockhart is the obvious suspect. Also arrested is an actress named Marian Taylor, accused of being Lockhart's accomplice. She helps them escape custody so they can go about the business of trying to clear their names-and finding out who the real killer and thief is. Marian turns out to not only be a big help, but Lockhart finds himself falling for her. This book contains: violence and profanity

The Lonesome Chisholm Trail

CT 6558

by Johnny D. Boggs, Narrated by Jack Gazzale, 2 cassettes

Sixteen-year-old orphan Tyrell Breen leaves South Carolina and heads West, hoping to make it to his uncle's ranch near San Antonio, Texas. It's 1874, and Ty means to become a cowboy. On the way, Ty is robbed of his money and his horse and arrives at his uncle's ranch a sorry sight-but not as sorry as his uncle who has been neglecting everything but his whiskey bottle. Then an affluent cattleman asks Uncle Cliff to boss a trail drive and get his beef to market early. Cliff knows that when he accepts the job, it will force him to quit drinking and tend to business. This book contains: violence and profanity


CT 6500

by Frederic Bean, Narrated by Dorothy Blair, 2 cassettes

In order to relay Confederate troop movements to the Union high command, the beautiful and compassionate Lorena Blaire, a nurse trained as a spy, infiltrates the medical unit attached to Confederate General John Bell Hood's forces at the Battle of Franklin. She excels despite awful circumstances-amputations performed without anesthesia lack of medications and bandages. But Lorena's life changes when one Confederate-blond, tall, and bearded Dr. Jonathan Cross-falls in love with her. He knows that the South is doomed to lose, but his mission is saving lives. When Lorena's treachery is discovered, Dr. Cross must find a way to save her. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

Lovesong for the Giant Contessa: A Novel

CT 6557

by Steven Tye Culbert, Narrated by Dick Collins, 2 cassettes

William Herbert Bell, Jr., the novel's narrator, looks back on one summer in his boyhood in a sleepy, dusty, hot South Texas town on the Gulf of Mexico, a summer spent working at a restaurant and roaming the highways with his friend, Chet, the son of junk dealers. During travels with his compadre, Will meets an assortment of characters, good and bad, who alter the substance of his life. He discovers what it is to know love and its companion heartbreak, to see death firsthand, and to understand that this business of living can be a difficult venture. This book contains: some sex and profanity

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The Marauders

CT 6547

by Jason Manning, Narrated by Danny Ledford, 2 cassettes

They built a nation with their blood and courage. But with the battle of Texas independence fought and won and the Union being torn apart by civil war, a new threat is born in the brutal border town of Brownsville. Heroic soldier John Henry McAllen thinks his fighting days are over until the corrupt sheriff of Brownsville is gunned down by a Mexican ex-soldier and Governor Sam Houston declares martial law. His Rangers are soon outclassed and outgunned, and a volunteer troop called the Brownsville Tigers is born. But when their newest recruit, Gideon McAllen, is taken captive, John Henry must cross the Rio Grande into a treacherous, violent frontier. With only a few Black Jack fighters at his side, he will save his son-or die trying.

Murder In Volume

CT 6541

by D. R. Meredith, Narrated by Robert Brown, 2 cassettes

Reference librarian Megan Clark has a passion for fictional crime-but when she and her fellow book group members go from reading mysteries to solving them, they discover that real-life crime is more complex than the most puzzling whodunit. When an antagonistic member of the book club, Murder by the Yard, is murdered after a meeting at Time and Again Bookstore, Megan and the other group members are prime suspects. Looking at their favorite sleuths for inspiration, the mystery fans launch an investigation-and discover that this brutal crime is just one chapter in a disturbing and deadly plot. This book contains: violence

Never Nosh a Matzo Ball: A Ruby The Rabbi's Wife Mystery

CT 6457

by Sharon Kahn, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

A murder lays itself at the very doorstep of Ruby Rothman, (Fax Me a Bagel, CT 6420), widow of Rabbi Stu Rothman, late religious leader to the Jews of Eternal, Texas. This time, the person found dead is Hubert Bogardis, known as Bogie, baseball coach of Essie Sue Margolis' pet project, the synagogue's Center for Bodily Movement. #2 in the series.

Newfangled: A Novel

CT 6566

by Debra Monroe, Narrated by Julie Shuey, 2 cassettes

Maidie Bonasso is on the road-moving from state to state, job to job from one circle of intimates to another-ever searching for the elusive prizes of love and fulfillment. Maidie's mother has been missing since 1974. When Maidie left her childhood home in the name of Self-Improvement-to make a better life-she left behind a father, two sisters, and an ex-stepmother. She hasn't seen any of them in eleven years. Maidie has two ex-husbands in different states and a host of former neighbors and co-workers. In Newfangled, a woman who's afraid of knowing anyone very well for very long suddenly finds herself imagining what life would be life if she were to take a chance, to stay. This book contains: profanity

Outlaw's Justice

CT 6533

by A. J. Arnold, Narrated by Ed Corrigan, 2 cassettes A winning hand in a big-stakes poker game turns into a death sentence for young Clay Clayton after an old man is robbed and killed and Clay can't explain where he got his money. Tracking down the gambler he beat is the only way Clay can clear his name. But first he has to break out of jail, and when one of the desperadoes he escapes with pins a second murder on him, Clay discovers he's wanted as a cold-blooded outlaw. The only place he's safe is a secret camp where every man is a gunman and Clay will be killed for one false move.

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Rangers of the Lone Star: A Western Story

CT 6438

by Zane Grey, Narrated by Ev Lunning, 2 cassettes

Russ Sittell is a U.S. deputy marshal on special assignment from the Texas Rangers to assist Vaughn Steele in putting a stop to the lawlessness and rustling rampant in Pecos County. On a stagecoach bound for Fairdale, a city in the heart of Pecos County, he finds himself in the company of Longstreth, mayor of Fairdale and his daughter Ray. Longstreth doesn't want interference in his domain and finds it harder and harder to keep the ranger from discovering his ties to the band of rustlers. This title is also available as RC 52796. This book contains: violence and profanity

Remember Me: A Novel

CT 6551

by Laura Hendrie, Narrated by Karen Watkins, 3 cassettes

Rose Devonic, a wily, ferociously determined twenty-nine-year-old, lives in the tiny mountain town of Queduro, New Mexico, where she-like most others-makes her living selling traditional embroidery. But Rose has no home or family. In winter she sleeps in a mostly abandoned motel, and in summer she lives out of her car. A tragedy in her past, which serves as a constant reminder to neighbors of their complicity, has made her an outcast who trusts nothing except her own ability to survive. Rose ultimately comes to understand that only by facing down her ghosts will she be able to accept the ultimately liberating challenges of belonging, identity, and love. This book contains: profanity

Road Kill

CT 6444

by Kinky Friedman, Narrated by Dick Collins, 2 cassettes

Who would slap an Indian curse on a good ol' boy like country singer Willie Nelson? Probably the same person who's been firing shots into Willie's hotel room and sending nasty notes promising Willie a one-way ticket to the big rodeo in the sky. Could it have something to do with the medicine man who got run over by Willie's tour bus one dark night? If anyone can find out, it's ace troubleshooter and well-known troublemaker Kinky Friedman. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

A Rock and A Hard Place

CT 6564

by Darryl Wimberley, Narrated by Staci Finch, 2 cassettes

Barrett Raines is a black detective on an isolated police force in Deacon Beach, a sweltering enclave on the Gulf Coast of northwestern Florida. Barrett's worked all his career to live up to the faith Ramona Walker, Deacon Beach's eternal Homecoming Queen, showed in him when she pushed Barrett onto the all-white force in the face of local and bigoted opposition. Seven years later, Raines has made a place for himself and his schoolteacher wife in the hard-bitten community. To all appearances they are accepted. But then Barrett's despised elder brother, Delton Raines, becomes the chief suspect in the investigation of the brutal rape and murder of Ramona Walker. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

The Tale of a Dog: From the Diaries and Letters of a Texan Bankruptcy Judge

CT 6546

by Lars Gustafsson, translated from the Swedish by Tom Geddes, Narrated by Charles Watson, 2 cassettes

The year is 1992, and the rivers in and around rain-soaked Austin are flooding their banks. The life of the city is thrown into confusion, and Judge Caldwell, a comfortably married man, has an affair with the owner of a small bookstore. His stepdaughter returns home after being denied tenure at Harvard, her little boy in tow, and Judge Caldwell learns of the death by drowning of the Belgian philosopher-semanticist Jan van der Rouwers, revered by a generation of Texas university students. Murder or suicide? Van de Rouwers is discovered to have been not a World War II Resistance fighter as claimed but a Nazi Collaborator and anti-Semitic apologist.

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Texas Lily

CT 6550

by Elizabeth Fackler, Narrated by Cindy Johnson, 3 cassettes

In 1875, along the Rio Panal in New Mexico Territory, wealthy rancher Emmet Moss proposes marriage to the daughter of an old Texas friend who was recently murdered in the opening act of a conflagration that will soon flare into what became known as the Lincoln County War. Sixteen-year-old Lily Cassidy accepts his proposal in the interest of providing for her widowed mother and crippled brother, even though she's in love with Jasper Stone, a young desperado everyone predicts will have a short life. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

Texas Love Song

CT 6367

by Jodi Thomas, Narrated by Dianna Dorman, 2 cassettes

The Civil War has been over for three years but the bitterness toward Confederate soldiers who changed sides to escape slow death in prison camps still runs strong in Texas. Sloan Alexander is one of the hated turncoats. McCall Harrison, the beautiful widow of a respected Confederate officer, is searching for a man to help her return a group of Cheyenne children to their home on the Great Plains in the midst of warfare between soldiers and Indians. In Sloan, she has found someone willing to face death for the chance to restore his honor. A poignant story of two people who risk everything to help a band of children and in the end find a future together. This book contains: some sex and violence

Texas Woman: Sisters of the Lone Star

CT 6413

by Joan Johnston, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 2 cassettes

Sloan Stewart, eldest of the three beautiful Stewart sisters, was raised by her father to be the son he never had. She knew exactly what she wanted from life-to run the sprawling cotton plantation along the Brazos River that was her legacy. Passion did not figure into any plan for her future as her native Texas struggled over the issue of statehood in the year 1844. But one man was determined to challenge her dream of devoting her heart and soul to her family's land. This book contains: heavy sex and violence

Three Dirty Women and the Garden of Death

CT 6542

by Julie Wray Herman, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 2 cassettes

Professional landscaping company, Three Dirty Women, unearths more than they bargain for when Amilou Whittier finds her philandering husband buried under a client's azaleas. Her friend and partner, Korine McFaile, follows a twisting path to discover who really killed Greg Whittier. Was it Susannah Graham, whose past relationship with Greg Whittier may have been heating up again? Or was it Sally Tucker, who ran away with Greg and broke up Amilou's marriage, only to come back to town without him? Things get really complicated when a second victim turns up.

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The Untamed

CT 6190

by Max Brand, Narrated by Ric Furley, 2 cassettes

A stirring tale of the West that features Whistling Dan Barry, a wild man with an untamed nature. With his loyal companions Satan, a mighty black stallion, and Black Bart, a wolf dog, by his side, Whistling Dan confronts rival outlaw Jim Silent and beautiful Kate Cumberland, the woman who seeks to tame him with her love. This title is also available as RC 50459. This book contains: profanity


CT 6253

by Wayne Barton, Narrated by Kenny Rahmeyer, 2 cassettes

When Lee Temple, a young New Mexico cowhand, is released from the Fort Worth jail, he heads for the railroad yard to hop a boxcar going west for a fresh start. He finds adventure and danger in the West Texas oil boomtown of Emilia where success could pay off in millions-if he can survive the treachery and reckless greed of that time and place. This book contains: profanity

Wooden Horseshoe

CT 6442

by Leonard Sanders, Narrated by Janice Lathin, 3 cassettes

Set in Texas in 1964, this is a novel about a small Texas city and the men who run it. Sanders has combined the struggle for power in a local city government and the human interest side of its effects on the people close to the inside in an appealing and revealing story centered around an ambitious water project designed to further the city's growth. This book contains: profanity

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Applause of Heaven

CT 6470

by Max Lucado, Narrated by Bob Jackson, 1 cassette

Max Lucado believes that the Beatitudes provide what we need to discover the joy of God. This is much more than a "how-to" book on happiness; it's an encounter with the source of joy. Max Lucado helps us deal with fears that rob peace, bitterness that corrodes the soul, arrogance that eclipses our view of God, and insecurity that takes our sleep. Devotional readings.

Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child

CT 6572

by Elva Treviño Hart, Narrated by Sue Bilich, 2 cassettes

Elva Trevino Hart was born in south Texas to Mexican immigrants. She spent her childhood moving back and forth between a small, segregated south Texas town and Minnesota. This book is the autobiographical account of a child growing up in a family of migrant farm workers. It brings to life the day-to-day existence of people facing the obstacles of working in the fields and raising a family in an environment that is frequently hostile to those who have little education and speak another language. Barefoot Heart is also the story of how the author overcame the disadvantages of this background, discovered her true talents, and, in the process, found herself.

A Breed So Rare: The Life of J. R. Parten, Liberal Texas Oil Man, 1896-1992

CT 6560

by Don E. Carleton, Narrated by Ev Lunning 6 cassettes

J.R. Parten (1896-1992) was born in small town East Texas, studied at the University of Texas from 1913-1917, served in World War I as the youngest major in the field artillery, and entered the oil business in 1919 where he became a pioneer of the industry. A lifelong Democrat of moderately liberal cast, Parten was a player in state and national politics, often crusading on the liberal and losing side of elections and issues. As a generous philanthropist and political activist-often behind the scenes-Parten supported world peace and opposed nuclear and the Vietnam war.

Coffee in the Gourd

CT 5944

by J. Frank Dobie, Narrated by Jeanne Guichard, 1 cassette

A facsimile edition of Volume 2 of the Texas Folklore Society Publications; includes one essay by J. Frank Dobie and many more by various writers of Texas folklore.

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Cowboy Fiddler In Bob Wills' Band

CT 6563

by Frankie McWhorter as told to John R. Erickson; Introductions by Lanny Fiel and John R. Erickson, Narrated by Ric Furley, 1 cassette

Frankie McWhorter grew up in Bob Wills Country (the Texas Panhandle) and bought his first fiddle with his cowboy wages in 1950. McWhorter later played with Clyde Chesser and the Texas Village Boys and the Miller Brothers Band before being asked to join Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys-a band that had a tremendous impact on the country-western music field. McWhorter tells stories of touring with these bands and of his hours spent listening to Wills tell his stories. McWhorter, who began cowboying in 1948, also reveals his adventures and misadventures with horses, cattle, and other cowboys. The book is part memoir and part country-western music history.

Cowboys Have Always Been My Heroes: The Definitive Oral History of America's Team

CT 6394

by Peter Golenbock, Narrated by Kenny Rahmeyer, 7 cassettes

More than a history of the Dallas football team, sportswriter Golenbock's book chronicles four decades of America's social history viewed through the prism of one of the most profitable sports franchises ever. Cowboys haters may enjoy this book as much as fans do because the author and the people he interviewed discuss all of the negative stories about the team that have received media coverage, as well as the more positive details of the glory years. This book contains: profanity

Evil Among Us: The Texas Mormon Missionary Murders

CT 6553

by Ken Driggs, Narrated by Kenny Rahmeyer, 2 cassettes

This is the true-crime story of two young Mormon missionary men who were murdered in Austin in 1974 by a man they were trying to befriend and bring into the church.

Farewell: A Memoir of a Texas Childhood

CT 6443

by Horton Foote, Narrated by Ev Lunning, 2 cassettes

The prize-winning writer of drama and screenplays reminisces about his family experiences in Wharton, a small Texas town. Describes his parents' circumstances at the time of his birth in 1916 and continues until he leaves home at age seventeen to attend the Pasadena Playhouse in California. Foote was the first child of his generation of Footes, born into an extended family of aunts, great-aunts, grandparents and dozens of cousins once removed, all of whom discovered that even as a young boy Foote was an avid listener with an uncanny ability to extract a story-including those deemed unfit for children. Through his child's eye view, we see Foote's growing understanding of all sorts of trouble-poverty, racism, injustice, marital strife, depression and fear. His memoir is both a celebration of the immense importance of community in our earlier history and evidence that even a strong community can't save a lost soul. This title is also available as RC 49782.

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Last of the Old-Time Texans

CT 6534

by Mackey Murdock, Narrated by Kenny Rahmeyer, 2 cassettes

Told in their own words by the builders of our state, "Last of the Old-Time Texans" is an enlightening account of life at the beginning of the twentieth century when it was lived and enjoyed with only the essentials. Their stories of hardships and triumphs and everyday living are gathered and told with great warmth and respect, and a precious piece of history is lovingly preserved in the interviews with these turn-of-the-century Texans.

Nine Years Among the Indians, 1870-1879: The Story of the Captivity and Life of a Texan Among the Indians

CT 6458

by Hermann Lehmann, Narrated by Ed Corrigan, 2 cassettes

This is the tale of Herman Lehmann's captivity among the Southern Plains Apache during the 1870's. Adopted by a war chief, Lehmann was trained as an Apache warrior. He grew to love these people and waged merciless war against their Native American and white enemies. Against his will, he was returned to his family in 1879. The final chapters relate his difficult readjustment to Anglo life. Lehmann's unapologetic narrative is extraordinary for its warm embrace of Native Americans and its stinging appraisal of Anglo society. This book contains: violence

No Color is My Kind: The Life of Eldrewey Stearns and the Integration of Houston

CT 6574

by Thomas R. Cole, Narrated by Kenny Rahmeyer, 2 cassettes

This is an uncommon chronicle of identity, fate, and compassion as Cole and Stearns set out to rediscover a life lost to manic depression and alcoholism. Over the course of a decade, they recovered Stearns' life before his slide into madness-as a young boy in Galveston and San Augustine and as a civil rights leader and lawyer who sparked Houston's desegregation movement between 1959 and l963. This book contains: some sex, violence, and profanity

Sniper In The Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders

CT 6396

by Gary M. Lavergne, Narrated by Charles Watson, 3 cassettes

Who was Charles Whitman? Why did he climb the University of Texas tower on August 1, 1966 and shoot forty-five people before two Austin police officers killed him? This chronicle of one of the most infamous crimes in American history is also a biography of Charles Whitman and a discussion of the problem of mass murder. This book contains: violence

Stand-Off in Texas: "Just Call Me a Spokesman for the DPS"

CT 6503

by Mike Cox, Narrated by Jack Gazzale, 3 cassettes

As chief of media relations for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas' state law enforcement agency, Cox has served as principal spokesman during several nationally and internationally publicized law enforcement crises, including the worst mass slaying in American history-the October 1991 mass murder at Luby's Cafeteria in Killeen. He also dealt with the news media following the April 1993 fiery aftermath of the Branch Davidian siege near Waco, the Republic of Texas stand-off in the Davis Mountains, and destruction of the Jarrell tornado.

Uneasy Rider: The Interstate Way of Knowledge

CT 6392

by Mike Bryan, Narrated by Sergio Villarreal, 3 cassettes

Mike Bryan believes that the interstate highways show the traveler "America as it is and as it is becoming." Not for him the blue highway back roads that some writers believe are necessary to discover the real America. Bryan's chosen route stretches west from Dallas, Texas, to New Mexico and Arizona toward Los Angeles. Along the way he encounters his own family's historical past. The author's father joins him in Dallas for the segment of the trip that would take them to Stamford, Texas, the small town where Mike was born. This book contains: profanity

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Spanish Nonfiction


CT 5470

by A. Polaino-Lorente and J. Roales-Nieto, Narrated by Marisol Brown, 2 cassettes

A reference intended to answer the many questions of patients and families, in Spanish.

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