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Scavenger Hunt for the Texas Digital Archive

Texas Governors and the Capitol

To complete the challenge, open another tab or browser window and navigate to the Texas Digital Archive (TDA) or the TSLAC website. Search for answers to the questions, which may include copying the URL for what you have found. After each correct answer another question will appear. If you successfully answer all 6 questions you will receive a link to download your reward! If you guess wrong, well, you will see...

Please note: Refreshing your web-browser will reset the entire scavenger hunt and you will need to re-enter your answers.

What is the homepage url for the TDA?

Hint: You can access the TDA through a internet search OR if you are on the TSLAC site you can go to the Archives and Reference Page and click on the Texas Digital Archive Link.

Page last modified: October 8, 2018