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Texas History Reading List

Ages 4 - 8

Ages 9 - 12

Young Adult

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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission created this list of books to help you explore Texas history and heritage. Within these pages, you can inhabit the lives of hardy settlers, travel to the Alamo, find out why six flags fly over Texas, why our forefathers fought for independence and how we became part of the United States.

Learn more about Texas history and larger-than-life legends like Stephen F. Austin, David Crockett and Sam Houston, as well as the stories behind some of our most famous symbols, from bluebonnets and boots to cowboys, cattle and gushing oil wells.

These books and others at your local library will take you on many adventures!

Ages 4—8

The Caddo of Texas by Lucile Davis. PowerKids Press, 2003.

Cynthia Ann Parker: Comanche Captive by Tracie Egan. Rosen Publishing Group, 2003.

David Crockett Creating a Legend by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

Houston: Standing Firm by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

The Indian Texans (Texians and Texans) by Thomas H. Guderjan. University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures, 1989.

Jane Long: Choosing Texas by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

Jane Wilkinson Long: Texas Pioneer by Neila Petrick. Pelican Publishing, 2004.

Jose’s Buffalo Hunt: A Story from History by Marc Simmons. Univ. of New Mexico Press, 2003.

Miss Lady Bird’s Wildflowers: How a First Lady Changed America by Kathi Appelt. HarperCollins, 2005.

Susanna of the Alamo: A True Story by John Jakes. Sandpiper, 1990.

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Ages 9—12

Alamo: Victory or Death on the Texas Frontier by Karen Clemens Warrick. Enslow Publishers, 2008.

Benito and the White Dove: A Story of Jose Antonio Navarro by Marj Gurasich. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1995.

The Boy in the Alamo by Margaret Cousins. Corona Publishing, 1983.

A Brave Boy and A Good Soldier: John C.C. Hill and the Texas Expedition to Mier by Mary Amberson. Texas State Historical Association, 2006.

Camels for Uncle Sam by Diane Yancey. Hendrick-Long Publishing Company, 1995.

A Child’s History of Texas by Sarah Jackson. Eakin Press, 1999.

Cowboys, Indians, and Gunfighters: The Story of the Cattle Kingdom by Albert Marrin. Atheneum, 1993.

David Crockett Hero and Legend by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

Deaf Smith: The Eyes and Ears of the Texas Army by Jan Seale. Knowing Press, 1987.

Flags of Texas by Charles Gilbert, Jr. Eakin Press, 1999.

Gregorio Esparza: Alamo Defender by William R. Chemerka. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

The Kiowa of Texas by Lucile Davis. PowerKids Press, 2003.

Jane Long: Texas Journey by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

Juan Seguin by William R. Chemerka. Bright Sky Press, May 2011.

Make Way for Sam Houston by Jean Fritz. Putnam Juvenile, 1998.

Miss Ima and the Hogg Family by Gwendolyn Cone Neeley. Hendrick-Long Publishing, 1992.

The Missions of Texas by Janey Levy. Rosen Classroom, 2010.

Our Tejano Heroes: Outstanding Mexican-Americans in Texas by Sammye Munson. Sunbelt Media, 1989.

The Road to San Jacinto: Texas Gains Independence edited by Mary Dodson Wade. History Compass, 1997.

Sam Houston: I Am Houston by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

The Spindletop Gusher: The Story of the Texas Oil Boom by Carmen Bredeson. Bright Sky Press, 2011.

Stephen F. Austin: The Son Becomes Father of Texas by Mary Dodson Wade. Bright Sky Press, 2009.

Story of Texas (Four Volumes in One) by John Edward Weems. Shearer Publishing, 1986.

Texas History Stories by E. G. Littlejohn. State House Press, 2005.

Texas History by Mary Dodson Wade. Heinemann Library, 2008.

Texas Rangers: Legendary Lawmen by Michael Spradlin. Walker Books for Young Readers, 2008.

True Tales of Texas by Bertha Mae Cox. Kessinger Publishing, 2007.

Where the Broken Heart Still Beats: The Story of Cynthia Ann Parker by Carolyn Meyer. Graphia, 1992.

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Young Adult

Cattle Brands: Ironclad Signatures by Jane Pattie. Bright Sky Press, 2002.

John Barclay Armstrong: Texas Ranger by Judy Alter. Bright Sky Press, 2007.

The Pony Rider Boys in Texas; or, The Veiled Riddle of the Plains by Frank Gee Patchin. Dodo Press, 2007.

Stories from the History of Texas by W. Frances Scarborough. Kessinger Publishing, 2005.

Texas Cowboys: Memories of the Early Days by James Lanning. TAMU Press, 1995.

Texas: An Illustrated History by David G. McComb. Oxford University Press, 1995.

Texas Joins the United States by Russell Roberts. Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2007.

The Texas Rangers by Michael Newton. Chelsea House, 2010.

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