TBP Book Club – “Moonwalking With Einstein” September 4th Author Event

The Talking Book Program is delighted to share the book “Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything” in our upcoming book club event. We are particularly excited about this because the author, Joshua Foer, will be joining us.

I was lucky enough to attend an event at a local bookstore in Austin where Mr. Foer was speaking about his book. I explained that we were going to be discussing this title at an upcoming book club meeting at the library and asked if he’d be interested in discussing the book with patrons. Josh is a nice guy and said “yes”.

Please join us for a Q and A with the author of this title. Due to overwhelming response, we will be asking for patron questions before the call and use those to generate discussion with the author, rather than having patrons pose their questions directly. Please leave suggestions for questions in the comments section of this post.

I’m looking forward to reading and discussing “Moonwalking with Einstein” with patrons and the author on September 4th at 7 pm!! “Moonwalking With Einstein” is available in digital book, on BARD and in large print.