Three new DVDs and Three New Books in the DIRC

Here are three new DVD titles that have been added to the DIRC collection:

Adult ADHD: Regaining Focus
ADHD can be diagnosed during any stage of life, not just in childhood. In this DVD, individuals discuss how the disorder affects their lives, and the coping strategies they use. Doctors also outline how and why ADHD occurs, and what treatment options are most effective.

The Secret World of Pain
This DVD discusses the varying ways that pain does – or does not – affect the body, which can vary greatly from person to person. Studying individual tolerance to pain can help researchers develop new treatments in the field of pain management.

Understanding Fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that can cause a myriad of symptoms, from memory problems to bladder irritability to pain thoughout the body. This DVD outlines the diagnosis and causes of fibromyalgia, and discusses lifestyle changes and treatment options that can improve the lives of people living with this often debilitating disorder.

Here are three new titles in print available on loan from the DIRC:

Doctor, Your Patient Will See You Now: Gaining the Upper Hand in Your Medical Care by Steven Z Kussin, M.D.
Dr. Kussin stresses the importance of people being active participants in their medical care, and educating themselves so they can make informed decisions. When executed properly, patients taking control of their medical care can actually strengthen the doctor-patient relationship rather than strain it.

Surviving Your Doctors: Why the Medical System is Dangerous to Your Health and How to Get Through it Alive
by Richard S. Klein, M.D.
This book is designed to be a primer on the American health care system. Patients need to be well-informed and educated so they can receive the best medical care possible.

In the Kingdom of the Sick: A Social History of Chronic Illness in America
This is a well-researched, critical analysis of the history of disease and illness in the United States, beginning in the post World War II era, and continuing into the digital age.

The Night Circus — Book Club, July 16th, 2013 at 7 p.m.

We wanted to let you know about an upcoming book club event. On Tuesday, July 16th at 7 pm (Central Time), we will be discussing The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.

Our book club meetings are hosted via toll free conference call, so all you need is a telephone to participate.

To RSVP for this book club event, please email the Talking Book Program at or call the Talking Book Program at:  1 800 252 9605 (RSVP preferred by July 2nd).

The Night Circus is available by mail in cartridge format or for download on BARD.

Title: NIGHT CIRCUS                                                         

Author: MORGENSTERN, ERIN                                 Original Date: 2011

At the Circus of Dreams magicians Celia and Marco are pitted against each other in an epic magical battle. Their mentors plan for it to have only one survivor, not foreseeing that Celia and Marco will fall in love. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. Bestseller. 

DB   73783

New Diabetes Materials in the DIRC

The Disability Information and Referral Center (DIRC) has received three new books and one new DVD about diabetes:

Book #1:
Diabetes 911: How to Handle Everyday Emergencies
This book is long and narrow, and looks like a pocket guide. Chapters cover topics such as how to handle sick days, severe weather, natural disasters, and travelling. Other situations included are hypoglycemia, insulin pump emergencies, and how to cope with depression.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be well-managed, but can also become dangerous if emergencies arise. Educating yourself is the best way to prevent problems, and to deal with them effectively if they occur.

Book #2:
Real-Life Guide to Diabetes: Practical Answers to Your Diabetes Problems
This is a brightly-colored, glossy book that looks more like a series of magazine articles. There are lots of pictures, charts, and graphics to catch the eye. The book contains three sections: building a strong foundation, creating a plan, and what to do when life happens.

Individuals at any stage in their journey with diabetes would find useful information in this well-researched book.

Book #3
Your First Year with Diabetes: What To Do Month By Month
Specifically geared to those in their first year of diagnosis, this book is not only divided into sections by month, but also by weeks within each month. The white pages with dark green accents and liberal use of charts, graphs, and bulleted sections made the chapters very organized and easy to read.

Some of the topics included in this book are medications, equipment, healthy eating, exercising, creating a care plan, and dealing with the emotional aspects of diabetes.

“Living with Diabetes”
In this 26 minute video, persons living with diabetes, in most cases type 2, discuss dietary changes and the need to exercise. They also discuss the need to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol as well as glucose levels. Dr. Steven Edelman provides commentary and outlines the causes of diabetes and the importance of proper management of the disease.