New Diabetes Materials in the DIRC

The Disability Information and Referral Center (DIRC) has received three new books and one new DVD about diabetes:

Book #1:
Diabetes 911: How to Handle Everyday Emergencies
This book is long and narrow, and looks like a pocket guide. Chapters cover topics such as how to handle sick days, severe weather, natural disasters, and travelling. Other situations included are hypoglycemia, insulin pump emergencies, and how to cope with depression.

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be well-managed, but can also become dangerous if emergencies arise. Educating yourself is the best way to prevent problems, and to deal with them effectively if they occur.

Book #2:
Real-Life Guide to Diabetes: Practical Answers to Your Diabetes Problems
This is a brightly-colored, glossy book that looks more like a series of magazine articles. There are lots of pictures, charts, and graphics to catch the eye. The book contains three sections: building a strong foundation, creating a plan, and what to do when life happens.

Individuals at any stage in their journey with diabetes would find useful information in this well-researched book.

Book #3
Your First Year with Diabetes: What To Do Month By Month
Specifically geared to those in their first year of diagnosis, this book is not only divided into sections by month, but also by weeks within each month. The white pages with dark green accents and liberal use of charts, graphs, and bulleted sections made the chapters very organized and easy to read.

Some of the topics included in this book are medications, equipment, healthy eating, exercising, creating a care plan, and dealing with the emotional aspects of diabetes.

“Living with Diabetes”
In this 26 minute video, persons living with diabetes, in most cases type 2, discuss dietary changes and the need to exercise. They also discuss the need to monitor blood pressure and cholesterol as well as glucose levels. Dr. Steven Edelman provides commentary and outlines the causes of diabetes and the importance of proper management of the disease.