Austin Teen Book Festival September 28th, 2013

On Saturday, September 28th, the 5th annual Austin Teen Book Festival will take place at the Austin Convention Center (500 East Cesar Chavez).

The opening speaker for the conference is Maggie Stiefavater. The lunch speakers will be Sarah Dessen and Rob Thomas of the Veronica Mars television show, and the closing speaker will be Holly Black.

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The newest titles in our collection by the key note speakers include:

RAVEN BOYS                                                           

STIEFVATER, MAGGIE, 1981-                         Original Date: 2012

Blue Sargent, the only non-clairvoyant in her family, is cursed with the knowledge that her kiss will cause her true love to die. But on Saint Mark’s Eve, Blue’s future becomes much more complicated. Some violence and some strong language. For senior high and older readers.                                                               

BR   19571        DB   75404                                            

MOON AND MORE                                                        

DESSEN, SARAH                                     Original Date: 2013

Emaline’s life in the beachside town of Colby changes during the summer before she goes to college. She thinks her boyfriend Luke is perfect, but when she meets Theo, a sophisticated out-of-towner, Emaline starts to question her future. Some strong language. For senior high and older readers.                                    

DB   76814         

DOLL BONES                                                            

BLACK, HOLLY                                      Original Date: 2013

Preteens Zach, Alice, and Poppy act out adventures with action figures and a china doll long after their classmates have stopped such play. But when Poppy is haunted by dreams about the eerie doll, the friends begin a real-life exploit. For grades 5-8 and older readers.    

DB   76559                                                              

The Talking Book Program has books by the following authors who will be at the Austin Teen Book Festival: Maggie Stiefavter, Lisa McMann, Melissa De La Cruz, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Holly Black, Robin Wasserman, Suzanne Young, Malinda Lo, Lauren Myracle, Sarah Dessen, Rob Thomas, Jenny Han, Sean Beaudoin, S.A. Bodeen, Marissa Meyer, Madeleine Roux, and Amy Tintera

Panels at the festival will cover:

Powers Strange and Perilous: 

Maggie Stiefvater, Robin LaFevers, Lisa McMann, Cinda Williams Chima, Melissa de la Cruz,  Michael Johnston, and Rosemary Clement-Moore (moderating)

Into Hearts of Darkness: 

Holly Black, Jon Skovron, Mari Mancusi, Robin Wasserman, April Genevieve Tulcholke, and Victoria Scott (moderating) 

Tales of Tomorrow: 

Brian Sanderson, Cat Patrick, Suzanne Young, Malinda Lo, P.J. Hoover, and Brian Yanksy (moderating) 

I Made You a Mixtape: 

Lauren Myracle, Sara Farizan, Sarah Dessen, Trish Doller, Leila Howland, and Julie Murphy (moderating) 

Truth and Consequences: 

Rob Thomas, Bill Konigsberg, Jenny Han, Siobhan Vivian, Sean Beaudoin, Jo Knowles, and E. Kristin Anderson (moderating) 

Fierce Reads: 

Leila Sales, Alexandra Coutts, S.A. Bodeen, Marissa Meyer, and Librarian Stephanie Appell (moderating)

Dark Days: 

Madeleine Roux, Sherry Thomas, Mindy McGinnis, Michelle Gagnon, Rae Carson, and Amy Tintera (moderating)

Staff Pick — (and Shannon cooks) Recipes From My Home Kitchen by Christine Ha

Ingredients for Christine Ha’s “My Mama's Humble Tomato Soup -- Canh Ca Chua Cua Me”

Ingredients for Christine Ha’s “My Mama’s Humble Tomato Soup — Canh Ca Chua Cua Me”


HA, CHRISTINE, 1979-                             
Original Date: 2013

Winner of TV’s MasterChef reminisces about teaching herself to make treasured comfort foods as a teenager after her mother’s death, losing her vision to neuromyelitis optica at age twenty-five, and relearning to cook. Recipes range from appetizers to desserts, chicken pot pie to ginger-coconut tuiles. 2013.      

BR   20085      DB   76676     

Texas TBP is excited to see this book on BARD, because not only is Christine Ha the winner of MasterChef, she’s one of our patrons!                                  

The first line in Christine Ha’s cookbook is, “I did not grow up cooking by my mama’s side.” I didn’t, either, and I am still not the primary cook at my house. She describes her college cooking in much a way that I would describe my current cooking, “the food was average: edible but not particularly exciting”. She took that averageness and it sparked her to explore in the kitchen, learn more, and then go on to become the winner of MasterChef.

Throughout the course of the book, Christine lists what she would eat for her last meal if she could choose. She, of course, describes a seven course meal to include her love of sashimi, French fries, her mom’s egg rolls, fried chicken, pho, and finishes it off with Oreos, milk and Bluebell Vanilla Ice Cream. (Yes, Bluebell.. Can you tell she’s a Texan?) She also describes her relationship with each recipe. For example, with her caramelized chicken wing recipe she talks about how since she’s from the South and attended the University of Texas at Austin, naturally she’s a football fan and “wings are to watching football on TV as popcorn is to watching movies in the theater.”  

Last night for dinner I made a recipe from Christine’s cookbook. I made her “My Mama’s Humble Tomato Soup — Canh Ca Chua Cua Me”. Like I said, I am not the cook at my house, but I thought this was very do-able for me. I can totally handle boiling, chopping and simmering, although I think my tomato wedges should have been cut smaller and I could not find a bird’s eye chili at my grocery store and substituted with a Thai chili. I even took her advice and served it her favorite way: poured over jasmine rice; and it made a yummy and light soup that went great with a glass of red wine.

In the acknowledgements, Christine thanks “the staff at the Division of Blind Services, a part of the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services of Texas”. Division for Blind Services offices are located throughout Texas. Call 800-628-5115 to be connected to the office closest to where you live or email for more information about support services provided by Division of Blind Services.

Coming soon to the TBP Blog, we will be posting an interview podcast between Christine Ha and Ruth, TBP’s Public Awareness Coordinator .

bowl of Christine Ha’s “My Mama's Humble Tomato Soup -- Canh Ca Chua Cua Me”
bowl of Christine Ha’s “My Mama’s Humble Tomato Soup — Canh Ca Chua Cua Me”


Top picture of ingredients for Christine Ha’s “My Mama’s Humble Tomato Soup — Canh Ca Chua Cua Me” Back row left to right – chicken broth, olive oil, fish sauce, salt, pepper. Front row – tomatoes, Thai chili (balanced on top of tomato), garlic.

Bottom picture of bowl of Christine Ha’s “My Mama’s Humble Tomato Soup — Canh Ca Chua Cua Me” served over jasmine rice.