Technology Tidbits

Here is some information regarding technology news and resources:

In a landmark partnership, Microsoft and GW Micro have combined forces to make Window Eyes software available free to anyone who purchases Microsoft Office products. Window Eyes will now come standard with Microsoft Office Version 10. Window Eyes is a screen reading software program that provides speech and Braille output to people who are blind and visually impaired. Please click on this link for the announcement:

Sitecues, by AI Squared, is a cloud-based, on-demand software tool that allows users to initiate magnification and text to speech capabilities within a web site. This technology can benefit individuals with blindness, low vision, and learning disabilities, as well as non-native speakers. AI Squared is the maker of ZoomText, a magnification and screen reading software product. For more information, including an FAQ, please visit

Appcessible is a site that aims to bring app developers and blind users together. Jonathan Mosen, the site creator, hopes that developers will invite members of the blind community to test their apps for accessibility. The web site includes a blog and podcasts:

Favor is an app that allows users to request errands from a team of runners. These errands can include anything from groceries to incidentals to take-out food. Individuals place orders and pay through their smartphones. The delivery fee is only $5 plus tip. For now, this service is only available in certain parts of Austin, but the creators hope to expand. This is a great service for individuals with disabilities who have limited transportation options. More information is available at: