Staff Pick – Laura – ORYX AND CRAKE by Margaret Atwood, DB 56234

Snowman, once known as Jimmy, struggles to survive as the last human in a world destroyed by a bio-engineered plague. Starving and sometimes drunk, he is tormented by flashes of memory of his best friend, Crake, his love, Oryx, and the events that led up to the destruction of humankind. Surrounded by a new race, the Crakers, and genetically engineered animals now running free in the wild, Snowman struggles to remember. He decides to journey back to where the end began. Through a series of flashbacks, the reader glimpses a society obsessed with scientific advancement for profit where dissenters are silenced by mega-corporations. As Snowman travels closer to the compound, he moves closer to the truth of what happened. This is an unsettling, darkly humorous, and engrossing read.

ORYX AND CRAKE is the first book in Margaret Atwood’s MADDADAM TRILOGY.  It is followed by THE YEAR OF THE FLOOD (DB 69893) and concludes with MADDADAM (DB 77487)

NLS ANNOTATION: In the near future, a lone human amidst genetically engineered creatures torments himself with memories of the devastation of the natural world. Calling himself “Snowman,” he recalls the role of his best friend Crake and mourns the loss of their mutually beloved Oryx.  Some descriptions of sex and some strong language. 2003.  DB 56234