Bertrice Small, Historical Romance Author, Dies at Age 77

Bertrice Small, New York Times bestselling novelist of historical romance and contemporary erotica, passed away on February 24th in Southold, New York. The author of more than 50 novels since her debut novel Kadin in 1978, Small was considered a pioneer in the genre of modern romance.

Known as one of the original “Avon Ladies”, Small belonged to a group of novelists who radically changed the public perception of romance during the late 1970s.  Bringing more erotic content as well as strong female protagonists to her novels, Small helped transform the genre from the gentle romances of Anya Seton and Taylor Caldwell and pave the way for contemporary romance authors such as Diana Gabaldon.

Fans of the genre supported her innovative approach to romance. Small not only appeared frequently on  best-seller lists; she was also the recipient of multiple awards such as Best Historical Romance, Outstanding Historical Romance Series, Career Achievement for Historical Fantasy and several Reviewers’ Choice awards from the industry publication, Romantic Times. She was also awarded a “Silver Pen” from Affaire de Coeur, and an Honorable Mention from the West Coast Review of Books. In 2014 she was granted the most prestigious honor awarded by the Romance Writers of America, the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award.

Titles by Beatrice Small in the TBP collection:

Skye O’Malley Saga series

  1. Skye O’Malley                        DB   18031/ DX   18031 (also available on BARD)
  2. All the Sweet Tomorrows       DB   76411
  3. Love for All Time                    DB   76564
  4. This Heart of Mine                  DB   76757
  5. Lost Love Found                     DB   77075
  6. Wild Jasmine                          DB   77266

Skye’s Legacy series

  1. Darling Jasmine                    DB   77629
  2. Bedazzled                             DB   77829 (numbers 2-5 are on one cartridge)
  3. Besieged                               DB   77829
  4. Intrigued                                DB   77829
  5. Just Beyond Tomorrow         DB   77829
  6. Vixens                                   DB   55861/ DX   55861 (also available  on BARD)

Friarsgate Inheritance series

  1. Rosamund                           DB   55518/ DX   55518 (also available  on BARD)
  2. Until You                              DB   59491/ DX   59491
  3. Philippa                                DB   60223/ DX   60223 (also available  on BARD)
  4. Last Heiress                         DB   63776/ DX   63776 (also available  on BARD)

Border Chronicles series

  1. Dangerous Love                  DB   66278
  2. Border Lord’s Bride             DB   71596
  3. Captive Heart                       DB   68669/ LB   06238
  4. Border Lord and the Lady    DB   72508
  5. Border Vixen                        DB   73159
  6. Bond of Passion                   DB   74799

Standalone Titles

To Love Again                      DB   44158/ DX 44158 (also available  on BARD)

Love Slave                           DB   45233/ DX 45233 (also available  on BARD)

Duchess                               BR   13502/ DB 52457 (also available  on BARD)