Staff Pick – Laura Jean – NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS by Marie Brennan, DB 78261

A delightful blend of traditional fantasy with historical fiction, A Natural History of Dragons (DB   78261) relates the memoirs of Isabella Camherst, Lady Trent, a woman dedicated to the scientific study of dragons in a time and place where such pursuits are not considered acceptable for a well-bred young lady.  Isabella ignores convention and with a group of dragon enthusiasts, she travels to study dragons in their natural element.

Fast paced and action-filled, Isabella Brennan deftly creates a world oddly reminiscent of Victorian England, yet full of mythical creatures such as wyverns and dragons. Isabella is a strong-willed, passionate guide to this world and through her memoirs the reader learns not only about the anatomy and behavior of dragons, but about the boundaries of class and gender that permeate her world.

NLS Annotation: The Natural History of Dragons (DB   78261): Fictional memoir of dragon naturalist Isabella, Lady Trent. She reflects on her early fascination with dragons and her efforts to study and learn more about the creatures. Describes her eventual trip into the field for first-hand observations. Some violence. 2013.

The Natural History of Dragons is the first book in Marie Brennan’s Memoirs by Lady Trent series. It is followed by Tropic of Serpents (DB   80128) with hopefully many more sequels to come.

For another dragon fantasy novel set in an alternative Victorian Era England, try His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik, the first book in the Temeraire Adventures Series (DX   64445 and Available on BARD).


“Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona.”  (George Will)

America’s Pastime is back in full swing. Happily for Talking Book Program patrons who love reading and baseball, we have baseball books for fans of all ages.

From Mystery and Romance, to History and Horror, we cover all the bases. Take a swing at these titles, and you’re sure to hit a home run!


Change Up: An Oral History of Eight Key Events that Shaped Modern Baseball. Burke, Larry. DB 67709

Cooperstown Confidential: Heroes, Rogues, and the Inside Story of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Chafets, Zeʾev. DB 70370

Field of Screams: Haunted Tales from the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room, and Beyond. Bradley, Mickey. DB 73223

Meaning of Nolan Ryan. Trujillo, Nick. DT 06851

One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season. La Russa, Tony. DB 75688

Talk in the Park: Nine Decades of Baseball Tales from the Broadcast Booth. Smith, Curt. DB 74562

Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Life in the Minor Leagues of Baseball. Feinstein, John. DB 78810


Art of Fielding. Harbach, Chad. DB 73791

Blockade Billy And Morality. King, Stephen. DB 71282

Final Detail: A Myron Bolitar Mystery. Coben, Harlan. DB 66893

Hot Property. Phillips, Carly. DB 67369

Mortal Stakes: A Spenser Novel. Parker, Robert B. DB 46112 / DX 46112

Stealing Home: The Sweet Magnolias, Book 1. Woods, Sherryl. DB 68122

Three Strikes and You’re Dead: A Murder, She Wrote Mystery. Bain, Donald. DB 64599 / DX 64599


Able to Play: Overcoming Physical Challenges. Stout, Glenn. DB 74747

Baseball Heroes. Stout, Glenn. DB 73057

Baseball Science. Bow, James. DB 69741

The 25 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time. Berman, Len. DB 74531


Change-Up: Mystery at the World Series. Feinstein, John. DB 70540

Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Secret Pitch. Sobol, Donald J. DB 67365

Farm Team: A Billy Baggs Novel. Weaver, Will. DX 64497

Roberto and Me: A Baseball Card Adventure. Gutman, Dan. DB 70768

Ruth Rendell, Author of Wexford Mystery Series, Dies at Age 85

British psychological crime and mystery writer, Ruth Rendell, passed away May 2nd in London after suffering from a stroke last January. Perhaps best known for her Inspector Wexford series, Rendell is also the author of over twenty standalone psychological murder mysteries both under her name and her nom de plume, Barbara Vine. Rendell is critically lauded for elegantly crafted prose and for incorporating both social and psychological elements into her novels.

Rendell was the recipient of three Edgar Awards awarded by the Mystery Writers of America, as well as their Grand Master Award for her contributions to the genre. She was also awarded Silver, Gold and Cartier Diamond Daggers from the Crime Writer’s Association. Several of her works have been adapted to film and television, most notably her Inspector Wexford series, which aired from 1987-2000 under the title Ruth Rendell Mysteries and starred actor George Baker.

Ms. Rendell’s final novel, Dark Corners, is scheduled to be published in October.

Titles by Ruth Rendell in the TBP collection

Inspector Wexford series

  1. From Doon with Death DB   67718  (Also available on BARD)
  2. Wolf to the Slaughter DB   72741 (Also available on BARD)
  3. Best Man to Die DB   72455 (Also available on BARD)
  4. No More Dying Then  DX   51356/ DB   51356  (Available on BARD)
  5. Murder Being Once Done  DX   50959/ DB   50959  (Available on BARD)
  6. Some Lie and Some Die   DX   51688/ DB   51688  (Available on BARD)
  7. Shake Hands Forever DB   67543 (Also available on BARD)
  8. Sleeping Life DB   72469/ LB   02580 (Also available on BARD)
  9. Death Notes  BR   05025/ DB   17180  (Available on BARD)
  10. Speaker of Mandarin BR   05584
  11. Unkindness of Ravens  LB   03552/ DB   23873  (Available on BARD)
  12. Veiled One  BR   07555/ DB   28437  (Available on BARD)
  13. Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter  DB   35778  (Available on BARD)
  14. Simisola  DB   41923  (Available on BARD)
  15. Road Rage DB   45873  (Available on BARD)
  16. Harm Done DX   50401/ DB   50401 (Available on BARD)
  17. Babes in the Wood DX   59036/ DB   59036  (Also available on BARD)
  18. End in Tears DX   62145/ DB   62145 (Available on BARD)
  19. Not in the Flesh  DB   67552 (Also available on BARD)
  20. Monster in the Box  DB   72751/ LB   06274 (Also available on BARD)
  21. No Man’s Nightingale LB   07527

Short Story Anthologies

  • Means of Evil BR   04514
  • Collected Stories DX   28190/ DB   28190   (Available on BARD)
  • Copper Peacock and Other Stories DB   35054   (Available on BARD)
  • Fever Tree and Other Stories BR   05394

Standalone Novels

  • Judgement in Stone BR   03787/ LB   02565
  • Make Death Love Me LB   02367
  • Master of the Moor BR   05190
  • Tree of Hands  BR   06226/ LB   03463/ DB   23707 (Available on BARD)
  • Killing Doll  BR   05833/ LB   03340/ DB   20903 (Available on BARD)
  • Live Flesh  DB   25021 (Available on BARD)
  • Talking to Strange Men BR   07176/  DB   26871 (Available on BARD)
  • Heartstones  DB   28375 (Available on BARD)
  • Bridesmaid BR   08134/  DB   31812  (Available on BARD)
  • Going Wrong DB   32113  (Available on BARD)
  • Crocodile Bird DB   38432  (Available on BARD)
  • Sight for Sore Eyes DB   49492  (Available on BARD)
  • Adam and Eve Pinch Me DX   55890/ DB   55890  (Available on BARD)
  • Rottweiler BR   15952/ DX   59943/ DB   59943  (Available on BARD)
  • Thirteen Steps Down BR   1629/  DB   61454  (Available on BARD)
  • Water’s Lovely LB   05286/ DB   64542 (Available on BARD)
  • Portobello DB   73082/ LB   06544 (Also available on BARD)
  • Tigerlily’s Orchids DB   74361 (Also available on BARD)
  • Girl Next Door LB   08039

Under the name Barbara Vine

  • Fatal Inversion DB   27545  (Available on BARD)
  • House of Stairs DB   31123  (Available on BARD)
  • Gallowglass DB   31985  (Available on BARD)
  • King Solomon’s Carpet DB   35569  (Available on BARD)
  • Anna’s Book DB   37442  (Available on BARD)
  • No Night is Too Long DB   40804  (Available on BARD)
  • Brimstone Wedding DB   43587  (Available on BARD)
  • Chimney Sweeper’s Boy DB   47794  (Available on BARD)
  • Blood Doctor DB   56448  (Available on BARD)
  • Minotaur DB   61345  (Available on BARD)
  • Birthday Present DB   70783  (Also available on BARD)

Computer Training on NLS Cartridge from NFB Independence Market

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) Independence Market is now selling a National Library Service digital cartridge that features 50+ hours of training on JAWS and other software programs. The cartridge includes in-depth training on JAWS, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Basics with JAWS, and training for the Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

The cartridge costs $750 plus shipping and handling. At this time the cartridge is not available through the online store, but may be purchased by calling the NFB Independence Marketplace at 410-659-9314, extension 2216.

The cartridge is only available for sale from the NFB Independence Market. It is not offered on loan from the Texas Talking Book Program.