Interview with Blind Author and Sculptor Luis Felipe Passalacqua

The Puerto RCubierta del libroican artist and writer Luis Felipe Passalacqua recently granted TBP an interview where he talks to us about his Spanish-language biographical novel ÉL– UNA PEQUEÑA ACLARACIÓN (HIM: A SMALL CLARIFICATION) – DB 81978. Mr. Passalacqua spoke to us on the phone from San Juan. He told us about his creative process when writing his novel, which is based on true events in his life. He told us about his experience going blind, and explained how his personal philosophy has helped him face the challenges he has encountered since. The author, who is also a respected sculptor and accessibility consultant, is currently working on his second novel. To read an English translation of our interview with Luis Felipe Passalacqua, go to Passalacqua Interview–English Translation. Mr. Passalacqua’s book is available in audio format on digital cartridge and available to download from BARD.
Through autobiographical reflections and fictional episodes, Passalacqua – a blind sculptor from Puerto Rico – explores diverse existential and aesthetic topics that shed light on the creative process. Spanish Language. 2014.

To read this post in Spanish, click here: Entrevista con el autor y escultor invidente Luis Felipe Passalacqua.

Entrevista con el autor y escultor invidente Luis Felipe Passalacqua

Cubierta del libroEl artista y escritor puertorriqueño Luis Felipe Passalacqua recientemente concedió una entrevista en español a TBP, donde nos habla de su novela biográfica ÉL– UNA PEQUEÑA ACLARACIÓN (DB 81978). El señor Passalacqua platicó con nosotros por vía telefónica desde San Juan. Nos habló del proceso creativo que usó para escribir su novela, la cual está basada en hechos verídicos. Relató algunas de sus experiencias al perder la vista, e indicó cómo su filosofía de la vida le ayudó a superar los retos que ha enfrentado desde entonces. El autor es también un respetado escultor y consultor de tecnologías accesibles. Actualmente se encuentra preparando su segunda novela. El libro del señor Passalacqua está disponible en formato de audio en cartucho digital y para descargar del sitio BARD.


A través de reflexiones autobiográficas y viñetas ficticias, Passalacqua- un escultor invidente de Puerto Rico- explora diversos temas existenciales y estéticos que iluminan el proceso de creación. 2014.

To read this post in English, click here: Interview with Blind Author and Sculptor Luis Felipe Passalacqua.

Tim LaHaye, Co-Author of Left Behind Series, Dies at Age 90

Evangelical minister and author of both Christian fiction and non-fiction books, Tim LaHaye, passed away in San Diego on July 25th after suffering a massive stroke. Best known for co-authoring the Left Behind series with Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry, Dr. LaHaye also founded The Institute for Creation Research as well as several Christian schools.

Dr. LaHaye was born in Detroit on April 27, 1926 and suffered the loss of his father when he was nine years old. LaHaye credits his lifelong focus on the rapture to the pastor’s eulogy at his father’s funeral. “All of a sudden, there was hope in my heart I’d see my father again,” LaHaye told the Christian Science Monitor, according to his ministry. This belief directed his 70 year ministry and strongly influenced his writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

Dr. LaHaye wrote over 60 non-fiction books covering a variety of topics such as marriage and family life, depression, and anger management. However, he was best known for co-authoring the Left Behind books, a series that follows a group of people “left behind” after the rapture occurs. The books document their struggle against the forces of the Antichrist during the tribulation times leading up to the second coming of Christ and the battle of Armageddon. Blending aspects of more secular political thrillers with evangelical ideology concerning the “end times”, it was a wildly successful series resulting in the sale of over 62 million copies of the series and a run on the bestsellers lists than continued for over five years.

Titles by Tim LaHaye in the TBP collection

Babylon Rising Series

1. Babylon Rising
DB 57737
(Versión en español: DB 61027)

2. Secret on Ararat
DB 61301

3. Europa Conspiracy
DB 61645

4. Edge of Darkness
DB 72521

Countdown to the Rapture Series

1. Rapture: Antichrist is Born Before They Were Left Behind
BR 16069/ DB 60479
(Versión en español: DB 61054)

2. Regime: Evil Advances Before They Were Left Behind
BR 16651/ DB 62712
(Versión en español: DB 62962)

3. Rapture: In the Twinkling of an Eye
BR 16698/ DB 62790
(Versión en español: DB 65957)

Jesus Chronicles Series

1. John’s Story: The Last Eyewitness
DB 65464

2. Mark’s Story: The Gospel According to Peter
DB 66678

3. Luke’s Story: By Faith Alone
DB 68432

4. Matthew’s Story: From Sinner to Saint
DB 73566

Left Behind Series

1. Left Behind: A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days
BT 03730/ DB 47462/ LB 04713
(Versión en español: DB 50980)

2. Tribulation Force: The Continuing Drama of Those Left Behind
BR 13920/ DB 47463/ LB 04706
(Versión en español: DB 50983)

3. Nicolae: The Rise of the Antichrist
BR 13921/ DB 47464
(Versión en español: DB 50986)

4. Soul Harvest: The World Takes Sides
BR 13922/ DB 47465
(Versión en español: DB 50987)

5. Apollyon: The Destroyer is Unleashed
BR 13923/ DB 48151
(Versión en español: DB 50993)

6. Assassins: Assignment, Jerusalem; Target, Antichrist
BR 13924/ DB 48819
(Versión en español: DB 50996)

7. Indwelling: The Beast Takes Possession
BR 13925/ DB 50275
(Versión en español: DB 51000)

8. Mark: The Beast Rules the World
BR 13926/ DB 51272
(Versión en español: DB 52883)

9. Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne
BR 13927/ DB 53137
(Versión en español: 52980)

10. Remnant: On the Brink of Armageddon
BR 14212/ DB 54460
(Versión en español: 54954)

11. Armageddon: The Cosmic Battle of the Ages
BR 14702/ DB 55878
(Versión en español: 56968)

12. Glorious Appearing: The End of Days
BR 15335/ DB 57944
(Versión en español: 58963)

13. Kingdom Come: The Final Victory
BR 17251/ DB 64646

Non-Fiction Titles

Revelation Unveiled
DB 71816
(Versión en español: DB 71816)

Genre Lists of Large Print Books–Find New Books to Read!

Are you a large print reader who loves a good mystery, a sweeping romance, or an exciting western story with a shoot-out at high noon?  Or maybe you’d prefer a best seller or a gentle read?  Check out our updated, comprehensive genre lists to find your next favorite read!

Large Print Best Sellers (Fiction and Non-Fiction)

Large Print Christian Fiction

Large Print Mysteries

Large Print Romance

Large Print Westerns

For the newest additions to our Large Print Collection, check out our recently added titles list that we post monthly.

Recently Added Large Print

If you are interested in any of these titles, please contact a Reader Consultant to order by phone or e-mail: 1-800-252-9605 (toll-free in Texas); 512-463-5458 (Austin area);


Staff Pick – Laura Jean– DEATH OF A HEALING WOMAN: A TEXANA JONES MYSTERY by Allana Martin, DB 47921

Death of a Healing Woman by Allana Martin Cover

If you like contemporary mysteries with a western flavor such as the Walt Longmire Series by Craig Johnson or the Joe Pickett Series by C. J. Box, you might try the Texana Jones Mystery Series by Allana Martin, starting with DEATH OF A HEALING WOMAN (DB 47921). Winner of the 1996 Spur Award, this story, set in rural El Polvo, Texas, follows local resident Texana Jones as she investigates the murder of the local curandera, Rhea Fair.

Plot driven with a strong sense of place, this suspenseful mystery also hosts a cast of vividly memorable characters. The author, Allana Martin, lives in Marfa, Texas and her knowledge of the area reveals itself in her detailed descriptions of the people, culture and landscape of the border region.

NLS Annotation:

Texana Jones operates a trading post on the Mexican-American border. She is still mourning the death of two friends when she finds the body of a third, healer Rhea Fair. The authorities blame drug couriers. As Texana investigates, an outbreak of rabies spreads through the countryside. Spur Award Winner. Some violence. 1996.

If you’ve already read this book and enjoy a good mystery series with a female protagonist that takes place in rural setting, you may try the Anna Pigeon Series by Nevada Barr, starting with TRACK OF THE CAT (DB 65648) If you’d prefer a male lead, try the Sheriff Dan Rhodes Series by Bill Crider.

San Antonio Public Library’s Children’s Low Vision Reading Room

Children's Low Vision Reading Room Sign

The main wall of the San Antonio Public Library’s Children’s Low Vision Reading Room has a sign which spells “Hello” in Braille above the word written in Latin letters below. Beneath this is the phrase “Feel the alphabet” in Latin letters only. Under this is the alphabet in Latin letters with their Braille equivalent

The Children’s Low Vision Reading Room is located on the third floor of the Central Branch of the San Antonio Public Library (map) in the Children’s Department. Funded by the Semmes Foundation, which was formed for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes, the Reading Room houses the library’s collection of children’s Braille books and kits with a book and audio combination. Children can use the equipment in the room to enjoy the audio materials available at the library. Materials from the room can also be mailed to qualifying participants of Free Matter for the Blind and the library’s own Books by Mail service. Currently, the room also houses a temporary touchable art exhibit.

For more information, go to or call (210) 207-2500

Dallas Area: Special Pricing on Computers; New Low Vision Store

Computers for the Blind

The Dallas-area based company that provides refurbished desktop and laptop computers for individuals with visual disabilities is offering, while supplies last, computers for a special low price of $50 if you receive Social Security payments. Call 214-340-6328 for more information.

New Low Vision Store: 4 Low Vision

4 Low Vision is a new store that will have its grand opening on Friday, July 15th. The store is part of the American Foundation for the Blind’s Center on Vision Loss. The store will sell items such as portable and desktop video magnifiers, clocks, and kitchen and medical items. To contact 4 Low Vision, call 469-522-1803 or send an e-mail to

Location: 11030 Ables Lane

Hours of operation: 10 am-2 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and noon-4 pm on Thursdays

Please Take the ACB Audio Description Survey–Deadline July 31, 2016

American Council of the Blind Logo

Would you like to help assist the American Council of the Blind (ACB) understand how members of the blind and visually impaired community are currently accessing audio description and what can be done to improve access to audio described content? Audio description is an additional verbal narration that describes visual elements during pauses in dialogue. Audio description commentary provides access to elements such as scenes, settings, actions and costumes.

Your feedback will be used to provide ACB the tools and information needed to advocate for higher-quality audio description. If you have had no previous experience using audio description but are interested in learning more about it, state this during the course of the survey and the ACB will contact you via email with more information about audio description.

To take the survey, click on the following link:

The survey takes between 10-15 minutes and is available until July 31st.

Staff Pick – Laura Jean– THE SECRET CHORD by Geraldine Brooks, DB 82635

If you enjoy literary historical Biblical fiction that is realistic in nature, you may enjoy THE SECRET CHORD. Nominated for the 2016 Women’s Prize for Fiction as well making Booklist’s Best Historical Fiction for 2016 list, THE SECRET CHORD tells the story of the Old Testament warrior, King David, from the viewpoint of Natan, his prophet and advisor.

Cover of The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks

Ms. Brooks, who won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for fiction for MARCH (DB 64617), provides a vivid, richly detailed view of the land of Israel a millennium prior to the birth of Christ. Amid this setting, she places a variety of characters who each relate a part of David’s life.

NLS Annotation: King David rules Israel during the Second Iron Age. As he moves from a lowly shepherd to the leader of the Israelites, the lives of those he impacts, including the prophet Natan, his wives, and his son Solomon, reflect back on him. Violence, strong language, and descriptions of sex. Commercial audiobook. 2015.

For a non-fiction look at the life of King David try KING DAVID: THE REAL LIFE OF THE MAN WHO RULED ISRAEL by Jonathan Kirsch DB 56945. Or if you’d enjoy another historical fictional account of this legendary man, try the Children of the Lion series by Peter Danielson. The eighteenth and nineteenth books in the series, THE SHINING KING DB 51108 and TRIUMPH OF THE LION DB 51109, both deal specifically with the life of King David.