Interview with Blind Author and Sculptor Luis Felipe Passalacqua

The Puerto RCubierta del libroican artist and writer Luis Felipe Passalacqua recently granted TBP an interview where he talks to us about his Spanish-language biographical novel ÉL– UNA PEQUEÑA ACLARACIÓN (HIM: A SMALL CLARIFICATION) – DB 81978. Mr. Passalacqua spoke to us on the phone from San Juan. He told us about his creative process when writing his novel, which is based on true events in his life. He told us about his experience going blind, and explained how his personal philosophy has helped him face the challenges he has encountered since. The author, who is also a respected sculptor and accessibility consultant, is currently working on his second novel. To read an English translation of our interview with Luis Felipe Passalacqua, go to Passalacqua Interview–English Translation. Mr. Passalacqua’s book is available in audio format on digital cartridge and available to download from BARD.
Through autobiographical reflections and fictional episodes, Passalacqua – a blind sculptor from Puerto Rico – explores diverse existential and aesthetic topics that shed light on the creative process. Spanish Language. 2014.

To read this post in Spanish, click here: Entrevista con el autor y escultor invidente Luis Felipe Passalacqua.