Staff Pick – Laura Jean – REDEPLOYMENT by Phil Klay, BR 20602, DB 78988

If you enjoy war stories with authentic characters that are written with a haunting and moving tone, try REDEPLOYMENT by former Marine captain and Iraq veteran, Phil Klay. He won the National Book Award for Fiction in 2014 for this collection of short stories about the complex feelings experienced by soldiers in a war zone as well as the difficulties soldiers face when returning home.


Written in a compelling and candid manner, these stories pack an emotional punch. Whether it’s a story relating the problems a soldier encounters on returning to civilian life or another story describing the aftermath of an IED attack, Mr. Klay has a strong familiarity with the military language and mindset.

NLS Annotation: Twelve stories about soldiers at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the personal wars they fight reintegrating into society at home. In the title story, a soldier who had to shoot dogs on the battlefield must readjust to life in suburban America. Violence. 2014.

If you enjoy this book, but would prefer the stories told from the point of view of the women left at home, try YOU KNOW WHEN THE MEN ARE GONE by Siobhan Fallon, DT 07103. Of if you’d prefer a non-fiction collection of war stories from former soldiers try THINGS THEY CANNOT SAY: STORIES SOLDIERS WON’T TELL YOU ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE SEEN, DONE, OR FAILED TO DO IN WAR edited by Kevin Sites, DB 76432.

26th Anniversary of the ADA Celebration, August 26th, 2016 at Texas School for the Deaf

A celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities will be held on Friday, August 26, 2016, at the Texas School for the Deaf, 1102 South Congress Ave, in the Deaf Smith Auditorium, beginning at 6 pm. The CEO of the National Association of the Deaf, Howard Rosenblum, will be the keynote speaker, addressing Deaf rights, advocacy successes, and ADA updates.

Refreshments will be provided, including an ADA celebration cake. This event is free and open to the public.

Sign language interpreters and live captioning will be available.

G’Day, Mates: Read Your Way to Australia!

The Light Between Oceans (DB 751921) offers an intriguing snapshot of Australia.  The Land Down Under fascinates me.  The Kangaroos.  The Outback.  The Accent.  It’s a mysterious and exotic continent.

Despite this fascination, I have a love-hate relationship with Australia: I’d love to visit—but I’d hate to spend 22 hours on a plane getting there.  So, instead of flying to Australia, I “book it” and read my way there.

If you’d like to experience the people, places, and critters of Australia, save yourself a wicked case of jet lag.  Read your way to the Land Down Under!


Broken Shore.  Temple, Peter.  DB 67414, LB 05305

Chain Lightning.  Lowell, Elizabeth.  DB 76573

Far Country.  Shute, Nevil.  BR 03046, DB 59136 (BARD ONLY), DX 59136

Just Kate.  Miller, Linda Lael.  DB 76540

Outlaw.  Dekker, Ted.  DB 77481

Secret River.  Grenville, Kate.  DB 64041 (BARD ONLY), DX 64041

Thorn Birds.  McCullough, Colleen.  BR 04284, DX 51148, LB 02198

True History Of The Kelly Gang.  Carey, Peter.  DB 53638 (BARD ONLY), DX 53638

Wilderness Trek.  Grey, Zane.  RC 64235, DB 10978 (BARD ONLY), DB 64235, DX 10978


Chasing Kangaroos: A Continent, a Scientist, and a Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Creature.  Flannery, Tim.  DX 66755

Steve And Me.  Irwin, Terri.  DB 66251

Reef: A Passionate History.  McCalman, Iain.  DB 79477


In Too Deep: The 39 Clues.  Watson, Jude.  (For grades 4-7 and older readers.)  DB 78503

Toad Rage.  Gleitzman, Morris.  (For grades 3-6.)  BR 18117, DB 67488


How To Scratch A Wombat.  French, Jackie.  (For grades 3-6.)  DB 69072

Pocket Babies: And Other Amazing Marsupials.  Collard, Sneed B.  (For grades 4-7.)  DB 66148 (BARD ONLY), DX 66418

Stories From The Billabong.  Marshall, James Vance.  (For grades 3-6.)  DB 71773

New from the TBP Recording Studio

Check out the most recently recorded titles from the TBP Recording Studio.  They are available for loan on digital cartridge or for download via BARD.

Zandy’s Bride by Lillian Bos Ross (DT 7233)
A rough pioneer from the primitive mountain country sends east for a mail order bride. She shares his harsh existence and teaches him how to love. Originally published in 1942 as “The Stranger.” Contains some strong language and some violence.  Subjects: Western Stories; Romance. Available for download as DBC07213.

Hot Iron by Elmer Kelton (DT 7304)
In the early days of the Texas Panhandle, starting a new life is hard but keeping it is even harder. Espy Norwood is a troubleshooter who’s got troubles of his own – and more troubles find him when he lands a job on a ranch on the Texas plains. Bitter landowners plot against him, determined cattle thieves sneak right under his nose, and his own son refuses to trust or even know him. Can he catch the thieves, save the ranch, and win his son’s love? 1956. Subjects: Family; Western Stories. Available for download as DBC07216.

The Girl from Charnell by K.L. Cook (DT 7218)
It’s 1960 in the Panhandle town of Charnelle, Texas – a year and a half since sixteen-year-old Laura Tate’s mother boarded a bus and mysteriously disappeared. Assuming responsibility for the Tate household, Laura cares for her father and three brothers and outwardly maintains a sense of calm. But her balance is upset and the repercussions of her family’s struggles are revealed when a chance encounter with a married man leads Laura into a complicated relationship for which she is unprepared. Contains explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and violence. Subjects: Growing Up; Historical Fiction; Family. Available for download as DBC07217.

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert (DT 7080)
The country may be struggling through the Great Depression, but the good ladies of Darling, Alabama are determined to keep their chins up and their town beautiful. Their garden club, the Darling Dahlias, has just inherited a new clubhouse and garden, complete with two beautiful cucumber trees. When local blond bombshell Bunny Scott is found in a suspicious car wreck, garden club members Lizzy, Ophelia, and Verna decide to follow up on leads the sheriff is ignoring. Plus the town is all abuzz with news of an escaped convict from the prison farm, rumors of trouble at the bank, and tales of a ghost heard digging around the cucumber trees. If anyone can get to the root of these mysteries, it’s the Darling Dahlias. Contains some strong language and some violence. Subjects: Mystery and Detective Stories. Available for download as DBC07221.

A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge by Terry Shames (DT 7292)
Sheriff Samuel Craddock has accepted that his neighbor and friend Jenny Sandstone’s personal life is strictly secret. But when Jenny’s dying mother discloses that Jenny is in danger, Craddock is faced with a dilemma. He wants to respect Jenny’s privacy, but he is haunted by the urgency in the old woman’s voice. When Jenny is injured in a suspicious car accident, Craddock has no choice but to get involved. Contains some descriptions of sex, some violence, and strong language. Subjects: Mystery and Detective Stories; Family. Available for download as DBC07222.

To request a title please call us at 1-800-252-9605 (toll-free in Texas)/512-463-5458 (Austin area) or send an email to:

Governor’s Committee Top 10 for the ADA Anniversary

To celebrate the 26th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Texas Governor’s Committee for People with Disabilities has compiled a top 10 list of state agencies and the accessibility initiatives of each agency. Here is the Top 10, with links to learn more about the various programs. And by the way, check out who comes in at #4!

#10 Texas Secretary of State
Vote Texas:

#9 Texas Workforce Commission
Civil Rights Division:

#8 Texas Historical Commission
Providing access to historic properties:

#7 Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Information on wheelchair-accessible parks and historic sites:

#6 Texas Department of Public Safety
State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR):

#5 Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services
Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP):
Note: On September 1st, the STAP program will move to the Texas Health & Human Services Commission.

#4 The Texas State Library & Archives Commission
The Talking Book Program:

#3 Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation
Architectural Barriers Texas Accessibility Standards (TAS):

#2 Texas Health & Human Services Commission
Accessibility Center for Electronic Information Resources:

#1 Office of the Governor – Committee on People with Disabilities
Texas Key Laws & Resources:

Two Disability Job Fairs in Austin–Register Now

The first of two disability job fairs in Texas will take place on Friday, September 9, 2016, from 12:15 – 3 pm, at the Region X Education Service Center, 904 Abrams Road, in Richardson, a suburb of Dallas. Interested job seekers should register using this link:
For more information, contact April Yurch at 972-348-1638,

The second disability job fair will occur on Friday, October 7, 2016, from 9 am to noon, at the Region XIII Education Service Center, 5701 Springdale Drive, in Austin. Job seekers may register for this job and resource fair by clicking here:
For more information, contact Robert Alexander at 512-483-0900,


If you enjoy verbose nonfiction offerings and naughty words, GUMPTION by comedian and author Nick Offerman should be on your to read list.  Offerman profiles 21 individuals, some contemporary and some historical. Much of these individuals’ accomplishments are attributed to “gumption”, which he defines as “willingness, even a hunger, for one’s mettle to be challenged.” Each profiled individual possesses traits of gumption: perseverance, discipline, curiosity, diligence, idealism, intelligence, fearlessness, valor, vision and courage. Each entry is well researched and tinted with humor.


NLS annotation:

Comedian Nick Offerman profiles the lives of those Americans who have inspired him. He tells the stories of twenty-one individuals, from George Washington to Willie Nelson, and, using both serious history and humor, describes why they inspire him. Unrated.Commercial audio book. Bestseller. 2015.

If you’ve already read this book and enjoy your history with a heavy side of sarcasm and spunk you might like Sarah Vowel’s UNFAMILIAR FISHES (DB 73201) or WORDY SHIPMATES (BR 17935, DB 67904)

Apple Watch Adding Features for Wheelchair Users

The Apple watch will soon allow wheelchair users to track their activity level throughout the day much like other fitness trackers already allow for people walking or running.

With a software update available in Fall 2016, manual wheelchair users will be able to track all-day calorie goals and the Apple watch will offer wheelchair-specific workouts.

Also, a reminder that says “time to stand” to prompt standing breaks will soon say “time to roll” to encourage wheelchair users to keep active.

Click here for more information:

Mention of a product or service in this blog does not constitute endorsement by this library. Our intention is to increase an awareness of programs and items that may be helpful to our patrons.