Happy Thanksgiving

“I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.” Henry David Thoreau

For many, Thanksgiving is a time to relish foods steeped in tradition and to reminisce as well as a time to give thanks. If you find reading about gratitude inspiring, you might enjoy the following titles.

Author: ROBBINS, MIKE, 1974-                             Original Date: 2007
Robbins, a motivational speaker and a former professional baseball player, offers strategies for overcoming negative influences to improve relationships, find success and fulfillment, and experience an overall gratitude for life. Discusses five principles of appreciation, the power of positive thinking, and the importance of acknowledging others. Includes exercises. 2007.
BR   17671    DB   66114   DX   66114

Author: KAPLAN, JANICE                                   Original Date: 2015
Kaplan chronicles a year in which she vows to live gratefully. Researching positive thinking, and promising herself to focus on the good things in her life, the author discovers the importance of attitude. She believes gratitude can transform every aspect of your life. Unrated. Commercial audiobook.    2015.
DB   82454

Author: SACKS, OLIVER, 1933-2015                         Original Date: 2015
Collection of four essays from the author of On the Move (DB 81374), written after he was given a terminal cancer diagnosis and reflecting on the things and experiences in his life for which he was grateful. Commercial audiobook. Bestseller. 2015.
DB   83149

Author: CHITTISTER, JOAN                                 Original Date: 2010
Chittister, a Benedictine nun, and Williams, former archbishop of Canterbury, present ways to find gratitude in a variety of circumstances, many of which may cause pain and suffering. Topics addressed are separated into the broad areas of “Discovering What We  Are,” “Becoming Who We Are,” and “Growing into the Unknown.” 2010.
DB   84571

Author: CANFIELD, JACK                                                Original Date: 2009
Inspirational accounts of overcoming adversity. Includes expressing gratitude, maintaining a positive attitude, and being grateful despite economic hardship, illness, and other misfortunes. Commercial         audiobook. 2009.
DB   75411

Staff Pick – Laura Jean– EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by Celeste Ng, DB 80393

If you enjoy family dramas written in a moving tone and with a compelling writing style, you may enjoy EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU (DB 80393), the debut novel by Celeste Ng. New York Times Notable Book of 2014 and ALA’s Alex Award winner in 2015, this book reveals the life of teenager, Lydia Lee through the eyes of her parents, older brother Nathan, younger sister, Hannah and ultimately her own.


Book jacket for Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

This book is beautifully crafted and strongly character driven. As the reader learns more about each member of the Lee Family, they are inexorably drawn deeper into the unvoiced hopes, dreams, and fears of each family member and how they affect each other, especially Lydia.

NLS Annotation for EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by Celeste Ng (DB 80393): Examines the secrets of the Chinese-American Lee family of Ohio before and immediately after the 1977 drowning death of their middle child–high school sophomore Lydia. History professor James and his wife Marilyn–whose medical school plans were aborted by pregnancies–had high hopes for her. Some strong language and some descriptions of sex. 2014.

If you have already read this book or enjoy books that deal with the ways in which a family deals with the death of a loved one try LOVELY BONES by Alice Sebold (DB 54698, BR 14806). Or if you’d prefer another book that looks at the complex dynamics of an immigrant family as they struggle to fit into their community and confront difficult emotions when processing personal losses try SLEEPWALKER’S GUIDE TO DANCING by Jacob Mira (DB 79244).

New from the TBP Recording Studio October 2016

Check out these titles fresh from the TBP Recording Studio.  They are available for loan on digital cartridge or for download via BARD.

End of the Line: Cody’s Law Book 7 by Matthew S. Hart (DT 5502)
When a Texas and Pacific train jumps the rail near the quiet town of
Terrell, it’s soon apparent that the bloody incident was no accident.
Someone deliberately pulled the spikes on that section of track, and
it’s up to Texas Ranger Sam Cody to find out who. Subjects: Western
Stories. Available for download as DBC07229.

Memoria del Olvido by Jacqueline Diamond (DT 7196) (Spanish)
Irrumpir en la boda de su novia del instituto iba mas alla de lo que le exigia
el deber, pero el oficial Joseph Lowery habia percibido algo inquietante en el
inminente matrimonio de Erin Marshal con un hombre al que ni siquiera
recordaba haber dicho que si. Despues del accidente Erin no habia
podido recordar nada del dia en que habia estado a punto de morir.
Subjects: Romantic suspense fiction; Spanish Language; Romance.
Available for download as DBC07231.

The Devil’s Odds by Milton T. Burton (DT 7307)
It’s December 1942, and Texas Ranger Virgil Tucker receives a message
from a mysterious young woman, Madeline Kimbell asking for his
protection. Madeline has witnessed a violent crime, and the men
responsible are happy to take extreme measures to keep her from
talking. They are some of the most dangerous men in Texas. And when a
prominent Texas attorney is murdered, Virgil is drawn into the
high-stakes world of the New Orleans mafia. Strong language and
violence. 2012. Subjects: Mystery and Detective Stories. Available for download as DBC07233.

A Dead Bore: Another John Pickett Mystery by Sheri Cobb South (DT 7296)
Eager to escape London following the scandal of her husband’s death,
beautiful Lady Fieldhurst accepts an invitation to summer in rural
Yorkshire at the home of Sir Gerald and Lady Hollingshead. But country
life is not the panacea she imagined; tension reigns and tempers
flare. When a dinner party ends in the death of a kindly old vicar,
Lady Fieldhurst suspects foul play and secretly sends for Bow Street
Runner John Pickett. 2008. Subjects: Mystery and Detective Stories.
Available for download as DBC07234.

Deerinwater by Jan Reid (DT 3990)
Jared Ramey, ex-high school football star, college dropout, and
erstwhile Marine, returns to his home town of Deerinwater, Texas, to
seek his little daughter’s love. He also wants to try to reclaim his
divorced wife and win back the respect of his parents. Working as a
deputy, Jared is drawn into a fierce feud between his boss, Sheriff
Sam Bookout, and District Attorney Jerome Ramey, Jared’s father.
Violence, strong language and explicit descriptions of sex. 1985.
Subjects: Human Relations. Available for download as DBC07235.

Stagecoach Station 11, Deadwood by Hank Mitchum (DT 4666)
Deadwood, the mining town in the Black Hills, exploded in 1876 and
draws a troupe of actors by stage to the Dakota territory. Johnny
Varnes, a gambling hall owner, plots to control the town, but Tom
Burdock and Wild Bill Hickok stand in his way, and the acting troupe
is swept up in the deadly drama. Subjects: Western Stories.
Available for download as DBC07236.

A Gentle Thunder by Max Lucado (DT 6008)
Lucado uses passages from the book of John and pictures and parables
from everyday life to call us to trust God in tough times. God’s
goal, he says, is to get us home safely, even if that means trials
along the way. Subjects: Religion. Available for download as DBC07238.

The Darrell Royal Story by Jimmy Banks (DT 2830)
This story outlines the fascinating, spectacular climb of the most
successful coach in Southwest Conference history, Darrell Royal of
the University of Texas at Austin. Subjects: Sports and Recreation; Biography.
Available for download as DBC07239.

No Wonder They Call Him The Savior by Max Lucado (DT 4307)
Insights on what Christ accomplished and its significance for
believers and non-believers alike. Subjects: Religion. Available for download as DBC07240.

What of the Mormons? by Gordon Bitner Hinckley (DT 2817)
This is a brief attempt to answer the questions: Who are the Mormons?
What do they believe? What is their program? What is their
organization?  What is their history? Subjects: Religion. Available for download as DBC07242.

Hank the Cowdog and Monkey Business by John R. Erickson (DT 4933)
Hank the Cowdog, Head of Ranch Security, matches wits with an
escaped circus monkey.  The fourteenth adventure in the Hank the
Cowdog series. Subjects: Western Stories. Available for download as DBC07228.

If I Can Do It Horseback by John Hendrix (DT 2895)
A collection of articles originally written for The Cattleman present
a panoramic view of West Texas ranch life.  Topics covered include
the day-to-day life of the cowboy, the problems of ranch operation
and descriptions of various portions of West Texas cattle lands.
1964. Subjects: The West. Available for download as DBC07237.

Catlow by Louis L’Amour (DT 7053) (Spanish)
Ben Cowan y Bijah Catlow eran amigos desde jovenes. De majores, Catlow
se habia convertido en un forajido y Cowan en un alguacil de los
Estados Unidos. Asi que cuando su viejo amigo viajo hasta Mexico para
dar el mayor golpe de su carrera, Ben Cowan tuvo que perseguirlo y
detenerlo. Subjects: Western Stories; Spanish Language.
Available for download as DBC07241.

Frontier Fury: A Western Duo by Will Henry (DT 7295)
Two stories dealing with the Indian wars in the Colorado Territory
and the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1800s. In “The Legend of Little
Dried River,” Preacher Nehemiah Bleek is the founder of a mission
school that offers sanctuary to Indian children orphaned by the
Indian wars raging in the Colorado Territory. In “Frontier Fury,”
Kamiak, a murderous Palouse chieftain, is vying for control of the
Yakima Federation of Indian tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Some
strong language, some violence. 1952.  Subjects: Western Stories.
Available for download as DBC07243.

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