New Large Print Books Added in June 2022


LB           13800    DARKEST PLACE                MARGOLIN, PHILLIP       

Defense attorney–and former MMA fighter–Robin Lockwood is becoming known for her innovative and successful defense strategies. As a favor to a judge, she takes on a pro bono case. But this case has deep implications that will lead her to going home and getting involved in another case. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13801    THIRD GRAVE    JACKSON, LISA 

Crime writer Nikki and her police detective husband Reed are at odds over Nikki’s need to involve herself in police business after a hurricane reveals a hidden grave site. When DNA reveals the two bodies are of missing sisters, Nikki must find the third sister. Violence and strong language. 2021. Variant title: 3rd grave.   

LB           13799    WITH LOVE FROM LONDON         JIO, SARAH         

When Valentina Baker was only eleven years old, her mother, Eloise, unexpectedly fled to her native London, leaving Val and her father on their own in California. Now a divorced librarian in her thirties, Val receives word that Eloise has died, leaving Val her mother’s apartment and bookshop. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13802    SECRET OF SNOW            SHIPMAN, VIOLA            

When Sonny Dunes, a California meteorologist, is replaced by a virtual meteorologist that will never age or renegotiate its contract, the only station willing to give the fifty-year-old another shot is her northern Michigan hometown. She will have to get reacquainted with the freezing winters and face painful memories. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13803    MAGIC OF FOUND OBJECTS         DAWSON, MADDIE         

Phronsie Linnelle was conceived at Woodstock in a serendipitous liaison between a free-spirited hippie and a farmer’s son and was born with magical wonder flickering in her DNA and rationality knit into her bones. All her life she’s been torn between the two. But now that she’s been betrayed by both love and the mother she once idolized, her rational side is winning. So when her best friend from childhood proposes that they give up on romance and marry each other, Phronsie agrees. Who better to spend your life with than your best friend? Unrated. 2022.

LB           13804    SAINTS OF SWALLOW HILL            EVERHART, DONNA        

During the Great Depression, wretched labor camps crop up in remote areas of the expansive pine forests throughout the American South. Destitute workers live and toil under terrible conditions to harvest pine gum, hacking into tree trunks, drawing out the sticky sap that gives the Tar Heel State its nickname, and hauling it to stills to be refined into turpentine. Subsistence living means racking up huge debts they are forced to work off, creating an endless cycle of labor and debt. But for the most desperate among America’s vast unemployed, these camps are often the last and only option. Unrated. 2022.        

LB           13805    DEATH & TEXAS: A NOVEL OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER                 JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W.           

The great state of Texas is a land of opportunity. For outlaws. And horse thieves. And cattle rustlers. Not to mention bank robbers, train robbers, and anything-that-ain’t-nailed-down robbers. The state’s governor, Richard B. Hubbard, is at the end of his rope. He wants to clean up Texas once and for all–and he’s desperate enough to try something crazy: hire a man who can do what the Texas Rangers can’t. Unrated. 2022.       

LB           13807    SHADOW BOX    RICE, LUANNE  

After artist Claire Beaudry Chase is attacked and left for dead in her home, she trusts no one–especially her governor-candidate husband, Griffin. The art installation she was preparing before the attack included an item that clearly accused Griffin of a twenty-five-year-old violent crime. Violence and strong language. 2021.         

LB           13808    VIOLENT STORM               JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM W.           

There’s a storm brewing in Oklahoma Territory, and this time, it’s deadly serious. Local cattle ranches are being targeted by Texas rustlers–and the only man who can keep it from turning into a bloodbath is U.S. Deputy Marshal Will Tanner. The newly married lawman hates to leave his beautiful bride Sophie, but duty calls–for better or worse. In Tanner’s experience, it’s usually worse. An unexpected confrontation with outlaws is just the bloody beginning. Then an escaped convict catches wind of the fact that Tanner killed his brother. Now Will’s really in the crosshairs. Tanner knows he’s riding straight into a perfect storm of vengeance and slaughter, with only one way to end it–a hailstorm of hot lead. Unrated. 2022. Related names: Johnstone, J.A., author.    

LB           13809    WHISPERING HEARTS     ANDREWS, V.C. (VIRGINIA C.)    

Renowned for her singing across the English countryside, Emma is tired of performing only in pubs and at church services. She’s determined to leave her misty hometown for the dazzling streets of New York City. She’ll become a Broadway star, or die trying. Her father, stubborn and full of rage, disowns her on the spot. But with her heart set on a glittering future that she’ll do anything to achieve, she walks out of the door and into a new life. But when she arrives, her fate is not what she imagined. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13811    ENEMY AT THE GATES    FLYNN, VINCE, 1966-2013             

CIA operative Mitch Rapp is tasked with a special assignment to protect the world’s first trillionaire, Nicholas Ward, while luring in the mole who is targeting Ward. Rapp and CIA director Irene Kennedy are dragged into the secretive world in which governments, multinational corporations, and the hyper-wealthy trade in power. Sequel to Total Power (DB 100955). Unrated. Bestseller. 2021. Variant title: At head of title: Vince Flynn. Related names:  Mills, Kyle, 1966- author.   

LB           13810    HONOR                 UMRIGAR, THRITY N.     

Indian American journalist Smita has reluctantly returned to India to cover a story. As she follows the case of Meena–a Hindu woman attacked for marrying a Muslim man–Smita comes face to face with a society where tradition carries more weight than one’s own heart. Violence and strong language. 2022.

LB           13812    MAGICIAN          TOIBIN, COLM, 1955-     

Fictional biography of writer Thomas Mann. In a provincial German city at the turn of the twentieth century, Thomas grows up with a conservative father and an unpredictable Brazilian mother. Young Mann hides his artistic aspirations from his father and his homosexual desires from everyone. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13813 CHASE     FOX, CANDICE  

In response to a hostage situation, more than six hundred inmates from the Pronghorn Correctional Facility–including those on death row–are released into the Nevada Desert. One, John Kradle, is searching for the truth behind what happened to his wife and son. Evading law enforcement, he tries to prove his innocence. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13814    LISTENING STILL                GRIFFIN, ANNE, 1969-   

Jeanie Masterson has a gift: she can hear the recently dead and give voice to their final wishes and revelations. Inherited from her father, this gift has enabled the family undertakers to flourish in their small Irish town. Yet she has always been uneasy about censoring some of the dead’s last messages to the living. Unsure, too, about the choice she made when she left school seventeen years ago: to stay or leave for a new life in London with her charismatic teenage sweetheart. So when Jeanie’s parents unexpectedly announce their plan to retire, she is jolted out of her limbo. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13817    TIDE OF THE MERMAID TEARS    MCCLURE, MARCIA LYNN           

Ember Taffee had always lived with her mother and sister in the little cottage by the sea. Her father had once lived there too, but the deep had claimed his life long ago. Still, her existence was a happy one, and Ember found joy, imagination, and respite in the sea and the trinkets it would leave for her on the sand. Unrated. 2022.     


October 1944: In the long, narrow undressing rooms in Auschwitz-Birkenau, prisoner Jakub Bak toils under the scrutiny of SS guards. Like other members of the Sonderkommando, Jakub was selected on arrival for an unthinkable job: sorting through the clothes of the dead and moving their bodies from the gas chambers to the crematoriums. In this hell within a hell, Jakub clings to the promise he made to his murdered father–to live, at any cost–and to the moments he is able to spend in the company of Anna, imprisoned in the women’s camp. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13819    LAST GREEN VALLEY: A NOVEL    SULLIVAN, MARK T.        

In late March 1944, as Stalin’s forces push into Ukraine, young Emil and Adeline Martel decide they must run in retreat from their land with murderous Nazi officers they despise to escape the Soviets and go in search of freedom. Strong language and some violence. 2021.           

LB           13820    ACCOMPLICE: A NOVEL LUTZ, LISA          

Charmingly privileged Owen Mann and cautiously secretive Luna Grey become best friends in college. They are so close, people wonder why they aren’t a couple. They’re still best friends when Luna finds Owen’s wife brutally murdered. Luna must confront secrets of their past to find the truth. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13821    FASTEST WAY TO FALL   WILLIAMS, DENISE, 1982-             

Britta Colby works for a lifestyle website, assigned to write about her experience with a hot new body-positive fitness app that includes personal coaching. It’s an opportunity to prove she should write for the site full time, but her coach is the CEO of the company behind the app. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13822    LIVING AND THE LOST    FELDMAN, ELLEN, 1941-               

Millie (Meike) Mosbach and her brother, David, manage to escape to the States just before Kristallnacht, leaving their parents and little sister in Berlin. Millie attends Bryn Mawr on a special scholarship for non-Aryan German girls and graduates to a magazine job in Philadelphia. David enlists in the army and is eventually posted to the top-secret Camp Ritchie in Maryland, which trains German-speaking men for intelligence work. Unrated. 2022.


Luke Ransom was just eighteen years old when he answered an ad in a St. Louis newspaper that would change his life forever. The American Fur Company needed one hundred enterprising men to travel up the Missouri River–the longest in North America–all the way to its source. They would hunt and trap furs for one, two, or three years. Along the way, they would face unimaginable hardships: grueling weather, wild animals, hunger, exhaustion, and hostile attacks by the Blackfeet and Arikara. Luke Ransom was one of the brave men chosen for the job — and one of the few to survive… Unrated. 2021.         

LB           13825    TO HAVE AND TO HOAX                 WATERS, MARTHA, 1988-             

Five years ago, Lady Violet Grey and Lord James Audley met, fell in love, and got married. Four years ago, they had a fight to end all fights, and have barely spoken since. Unrated. 2021.         

LB           13826    ISLAND      MCKINTY, ADRIAN    

After moving from a small country town to Seattle, Heather Baxter marries Tom, a widowed doctor with a young son and teenage daughter. A working vacation overseas seems like the perfect way to bring the new family together, but once they’re deep in the Australian outback, the jet-lagged and exhausted kids are so over their new mom. When they discover remote Dutch Island, off-limits to outside visitors, the family talks their way onto the ferry. But as soon as they set foot on the island, which is run by a tightly knit clan of locals, everything feels wrong. Then a shocking accident propels the Baxters from an unsettling situation into an absolute nightmare. Unrated. 2022.       


Contains “The Buffalo Trace” by Larry D. Sweazy, “Two Old Comanches” by Johnny D. Boggs, “Fire Mountain” by Michael Zimmer, and “Bloodline” by Matthew P. Mayo. Unrated. 2021.  

LB           13823    AMERICAN ODYSSEY: A GHOST RIFLE WESTERN                  MCCOY, MAX    

Ten years have passed since Jack Picaro lost his Ghost Rifle — the firearm he invented, the one that never missed its target. The loss of the rifle calmed the hellraiser in his soul. Instead of returning to the gambling halls and whiskey bars of St. Louis, Jack has spent the last decade as a fur trapper in Wyoming’s Wild River Range, married to Sky, the daughter of an Arikara war chief, and father of two. Unrated. 2022.          

LB           13599    CITY OF THE DEAD                      KELLERMAN, JONATHAN 

Two burly movers are heading back into Los Angeles from the dusty wasteland of Ojai when they hit a man–a naked man who appears out of nowhere. Master detective Milo Sturgis is called to the scene and senses immediately that something is amiss. Milo realizes there’s no way to identify this body. There’s no ID. The victim could be anybody. And that’s when Milo calls upon psychologist Alex Delaware. Unrated. 2022. 

LB           13598    COWBOY AND THE SCALLYWAG                 TYLER, BEN        

Coley Briggs is a 34-year-old cattleman in 1881 Kansas who finds himself faced with mounting debts at his Circle B Ranch. The former Dodge City lawman must quickly find a way to fill the ranch’s coffers or lose the spread. Briggs’s fortunes take an unexpected turn when he encounters a young woman named Anna Holden who is on a dangerous personal mission. Anna makes Briggs an offer that could be the solution to his problems, but can he trust the beautiful, secretive Anna? Unrated. 2021.            


Forensic pathologist Kay Scarpetta is returning to Virginia as the chief medical examiner. Neglect and corruption plague the agency, but her attention is soon captured by the murder of a woman close to her own neighborhood. A catastrophe in outer space causes her to be called to the White House. Strong language and some violence. 2021.               

LB           13604    BLACK CAKE        WILKERSON, CHARMAINE           

In present-day California, Eleanor Bennett’s death leaves behind a puzzling inheritance for her two estranged children, Byron and Benny: a traditional Caribbean black cake and a voice recording. In the message, she shares the story of escaping her island home under suspicion of murder. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022. 

LB           13605    DISAPPEARED: A JOE PICKETT NOVEL       BOX, C.J.             

Wyoming’ s new governor has a job for Joe Pickett that is extremely delicate. A prominent female British executive never came home from a high-end guest ranch, and the British Embassy is pressing hard. Meanwhile, Joe’s friend Nate Romanowski has asked him to intervene with the feds on behalf of falconers. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2018.


Elphaba’s granddaughter, Rain, washes ashore on a foreign island. Comatose from crashing into the sea, Rain is taken in by a community of single women committed to obscure devotional practices. As the mainland of Maracoor sustains an assault by a foreign navy, the island’s civil-servant overseer struggles to understand how an alien arriving on the shores of Maracoor could threaten the stability and wellbeing of an entire nation. Is it myth or magic at work, for good or for ill? Unrated. 2021.

LB           13597    BURNING QUESTIONS: ESSAYS AND OCCASIONAL PIECES, 2004-2021         ATWOOD, MARGARET, 1939-               

A new collection of essays from Margaret Atwood, the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments. Unrated. 2022.    

LB           13593    FAMILY YOU MAKE          SHALVIS, JILL     

During a huge snowstorm, Levi is stranded on a ski lift with a beautiful stranger named Jane. Thinking he is going to die, he calls his mother and impulsively tells her Jane is his girlfriend. When they survive the storm, Levi convinces Jane they need to pretend to be together. Unrated. 2022.            

LB           13607    FIND ME                        BURKE, ALAFAIR    

She calls herself Hope Miller, but she has no idea who she actually is. Fourteen years ago, she was found in a small New Jersey town thrown from an overturned vehicle, with no clue to her identity. Doctors assumed her amnesia was a temporary side effect of her injuries, but she never regained her memory. Hope eventually started a new life with a new name in a new town that welcomed her, yet always wondered what she may have left behind, or been running from… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13594    EVERY   EGGERS, DAVE 

When the world’s largest search engine/social media company, The Circle, merges with the planet’s dominant e-commerce site, it creates the richest and most dangerous-and, oddly enough, most beloved-monopoly ever known: The Every. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13591    ONE NIGHT ON THE ISLAND               SILVER, JOSIE              

For her thirtieth birthday, dating columnist Cleo Wilder has booked a stay on a remote Irish island, where she can think about her love life and her career. Unfortunately, a mix-up with the bookings means Mack Sullivan also is expecting to stay at the one-room hideaway. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13592    GAME OF FEAR                  TODD, CHARLES

Spring, 1921. Scotland Yard sends Inspector Ian Rutledge to the sea-battered village of Walmer on the coast of Essex, where amongst the salt flats and a military airfield lies Benton Abbey, a grand manor with a storied past. The lady of the house may prove his most bewildering witness yet. She claims she saw a violent murder–but there is no body, no blood. She also insists she recognized the killer: Captain Nelson. Only it could not have been Nelson because he died during the war. Some violence and some strong language. 2022.

LB           13608    HORSEWOMAN: A NOVEL            PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

Maggie Atwood and her daughter Becky McCabe, both champion horse riders, vowed never to go up against each other in competitions–until the ones leading to the Paris Olympics. Both share the same dream to be the best horsewoman in the world. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022. Related names: Lupica, Mike, author.         

LB           13584    STEAL    PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-          

When the son of the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund is thought to have committed suicide, but a body hasn’t been found, his father, believing that he is still alive, turns to Dylan Reinhart for help, drawing him into a world of multi-million-dollar secrets and danger. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.      

LB           13590    SILVERVIEW       LE CARRE, JOHN, 1931-2020        

Julian Lawndsley has left a high-flying job in the city for a simpler life running a bookshop in a small English seaside town. A few months later, he is approached by a Polish emigre with dangerous knowledge of Julian’s family. Julian is soon approached by a spy chief. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2021.

LB           13620    RECITATIF: A STORY         MORRISON, TONI           

In this short story, two childhood best friends find each other again as adults. Despite contrasting perspectives on everything, the bond of their shared experiences persists. While racial identity is crucial in their relationship, coding to allow readers to identify which woman is white and which is Black is removed. Unrated. 1983. Related names: Smith, Zadie, writer of introduction.     

LB           13615    MIDIGHT LOCK: A LINCOLN RHYME NOVEL            DEAVER, JEFFERY             

When a woman wakes to find that her supposedly impregnable door lock was picked and her personal items rearranged while she slept, the police learn the act is a message of forthcoming carnage. Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are brought in to investigate, but they run into roadblocks. Unrated. 2021.


The Rio Grande Valley of the New Mexico Territory and the High Plains of Texas for decades were the domain of Comancheros and marauding bands of renegade Indians. Frank Rule, his wife, Ellen, and their family live in the lawless land near the Rio Grande. Frank is not the average cowboy. Short, bald, and bespectacled, he could easily be mistaken for a clerk in some unsuccessful dry-goods store in a dried-up, godforsaken town… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13621    RUN, ROSE, RUN               PARTON, DOLLY

Every song tells a story. She’s a star on the rise, singing about the hard life behind her. She’s also on the run. Find a future, lose a past. Nashville could be the place she claims her destiny-or where her yesterdays collide with her tomorrows. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2022. Related names:  Patterson, James, 1947- author.       

LB           13616    NINE LIVES          SWANSON, PETER, 1968-              

Nine strangers receive a list with their names on it in the mail. Nothing else, just a list of names on a single sheet of paper. None of the nine people know or have ever met the others on the list. They dismiss it as junk mail, a fluke–until very, very bad things begin happening to people on the list. Could there be some dark secret that binds them all together? Or is this the work of a murderous madman? Unrated. 2022.  


Silver Cloud, Montana. A mining town welcome to all seeking to make their fortune. And a place where a lawman has to watch his back before some hardcase empties his pistol into it. Deputy U.S. Marshal Jeremiah Halstead is escorting notorious outlaw John Hudson across the territory for trial when he’s ambushed by a pack of Hudson’s men anxious to rescue their partner from his custody. Unrated. 2022.     

LB           13835    MURDER IN THE EAST END           ASHLEY, JENNIFER          

When young cook Kat Holloway learns that the children of London’s Foundling Hospital are mysteriously disappearing and one of their nurses has been murdered, she can’t turn away. She enlists the help of her charming and enigmatic confidant Daniel McAdam, who has ties to Scotland Yard, and Errol Fielding, a disreputable man from Daniel’s troubled past, to bring the killer to justice. Their investigation takes them from the grandeur of Mayfair to the slums of the East End, during which Kat learns more about Daniel and his circumstances than she ever could have imagined. Unrated. 2020. 

LB           13834    HADLEY AND GRACE        REDFEARN, SUZANNE  

Needing to escape her abusive marriage, Hadley flees with her two kids, knowing it might be her only chance. A woman who can’t even kill a spider, Hadley soon finds herself pushed to the limits as she fights to protect her family. Unrated. 2022. 


Autumn, 1864. Rebel bushwhackers have seized and looted a small town in Missouri. Wounded and left for dead by his half-brother, seventeen-year-old Owen Wainwright is captured and conscripted by the Confederate Army. As the troops’ blacksmith, he witnesses the horrors of war firsthand: the savagery of General Selby’s Iron Brigade, the massacres of Union troops, the bloody battles at Lexington, Westport, and Mine Creek. Against all odds, Owen survives with the help of an unlikely ally–a new friend in arms and the only person he trusts. But if fate is cruel, war can be crueler… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13600    CHOCTAW TRAIL               LEWIS, PRESTON             

Killing time in his garden outside Fort Smith, Arkansas retired US Marshal Doyle Hardy has softened up some. The brutal double murder in Shacktown shapes him up fast. Suddenly, re-deputized, he follows a trail that snakes from owlhoot whorehouses to moonshine shacks, dogged by vicious outlaws with old scores to settle. Riding the treacherous Choctaw Trail, he is sworn to ferret out the heartless killer, the hell-raiser who will force him to face the hardest truth and make the toughest choices. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13618    PARIS APARTMENT         FOLEY, LUCY (NOVELIST)              

Jess needs a fresh start. She’s broke and alone, and she’s just left her job under less than ideal circumstances. Her half-brother Ben didn’t sound thrilled when she asked if she could crash with him for a bit, but he didn’t say no, and surely everything will look better from Paris. Only when she shows up–to find a very nice apartment, could Ben really have afforded this–he’s not there. The longer Ben stays missing, the more Jess starts to dig into her brother’s situation, and the more questions she has… Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.   

LB           13609    INVISIBLE            STEEL, DANIELLE              

As a child, Antonia Adams learned that the only way to feel safe is to be invisible. Her love of the movies turns into a summer job at a Hollywood studio. There, a famous British filmmaker notices her, and suddenly she can remain invisible no longer. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13583    VIOLETA               ALLENDE, ISABEL             

Violeta comes into the world on a stormy day in 1920, the first girl in a family of five boisterous sons. From the start, her life will be marked by extraordinary events, for the ripples of the Great War are still being felt, even as the Spanish flu arrives on the shores of her South American homeland almost at the moment of her birth… Unrated. 2022.

LB           13612    LOUISIANA LUCKY           PENNELL, JULIE

Lexi, Callie, and Hanna Breaux grew up in small-town Louisiana, and have always struggled to make ends meet. For years, they’ve been playing the lottery, fantasizing about how much better life would be if they had the money. When the incredible happens and the Breaux sisters hit it big–$204 million dollars big–all their dreams come true. Or so they think. Unrated. 2022.           

LB           13595    VIOLIN CONSPIRACY       SLOCUMB, BRENDAN    

Ray McMillian loves playing the violin more than anything, and nothing will stop him from pursuing his dream of becoming a professional musician. Not his mother, who thinks he should get a real job, not the fact that he can’t afford a high-caliber violin, not the racism inherent in the classical music world. And when he makes the startling discovery that his great-grandfather’s fiddle is actually a priceless Stradivarius, his star begins to rise… Unrated. 2022.               

LB           13614    MAID: A NOVEL                 PROSE, NITA      

Twenty-five-year-old Molly Gray doesn’t interact well with the world and misses her gran who codified it for her. She has gotten a job as a hotel maid and revels in her orderly duties. When she discovers a dead body in a room, Molly must unravel the real killer’s identity. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.

LB           13586    WAHALA              MAY, NIKKI        

A debut novel of female friendship following three Anglo-Nigerian best friends and the lethally glamorous fourth woman who infiltrates their group. Unrated. 2022.

LB           13619    PARIS DETECTIVE: THREE DETECTIVE LUC MONCRIEF THRILLERS                  PATTERSON, JAMES, 1947-               

Three stories featuring French detective Luc Moncrief who transfers to the NYPD for a fresh start in “French Kiss.” In “The Christmas Mystery,” he must uncover the thief behind the disappearance of priceless paintings. Moncrief investigates the sudden deaths of women in department stores in “French Twist.” Unrated. 2021. Related names:  DiLallo, Richard, author.

LB           13582    TOBACCO WIVES              MYERS, ADELE  

In 1946 North Carolina, seamstress Maddie Sykes, a dressmaker for Bright Leaf’s most influential women–the wives of powerful tobacco executives, uncovers dangerous truths about this lucrative industry in a place where everyone depends on Big Tobacco to survive. Unrated. 2022.          

LB           13611    MAGNOLIA PLACE           DAVIS, FIONA   

Eight months since losing her mother in the Spanish flu outbreak of 1919, twenty-one-year-old artists’ model Lillian Carter’s life has completely fallen apart. When her modeling work dries up and she needs a safe haven, Lillian takes a job as a private secretary for the wealthy Frick family. Unrated. 2022.      



How to Stitch an American Dream recounts Jenny Doan’s journey from raising a family and crafting a life built on faith, love, and laughter to fulfilling her dream of launching the Missouri Star Quilt Company–and revitalizing a small town along the way. 2022. Related names:  Dagostino, Mark, author. 

LB           13815    HAPPY-GO-LUCKY                SEDARIS, DAVID

Back when restaurant menus were still printed on paper, and wearing a mask—or—not was a decision made mostly on Halloween, David Sedaris spent his time doing normal things. As Happy-Go-Lucky opens, he is learning to shoot guns with his sister, visiting muddy flea markets in Serbia, buying gummy worms to feed to ants, and telling his nonagenarian father wheelchair jokes. But then the pandemic hits, and like so many others, he’s stuck in lockdown, unable to tour and read for audiences, the part of his work he loves most. Strong language. Bestseller. 2022.        


For the last fifty years, we have been fighting a losing war on food. We have cut fat, reduced carbs, eliminated sugar, and attempted every conceivable diet only to find that eighty-eight million American adults are prediabetic, more than a hundred million have high blood pressure, and nearly half now qualify as obese. The harder we try to control what we eat, the more unhealthy we become. Why? Unrated. 2022.        

LB           13827    POET WARRIOR                 HARJO, JOY        

In the second memoir from the first Native American to serve as US poet laureate, Joy Harjo invites us to travel along the heartaches, losses, and humble realizations of her “poet-warrior” road. Unrated. 2022.           


It was the signature attraction of Atlantic City’s Steel Pier from the 1930s to the 1970s, the golden age of “America’s Favorite Playground” Doc Carver’s High Diving Horses. Four times a day, seven days a week, a trained horse wearing only a harness ran up a ramp, a diving girl jumped on its back, and they both sailed forty feet through the air, plunging into a ten-foot-deep tank of water. Unrated. 2021.

LB           13829    KING RICHARD: NIXON AND WATERGATE: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY           DOBBS, MICHAEL, 1950-               

In January 1973, Richard Nixon had just been inaugurated after winning re-election in a historic landslide. But by April 1973, his presidency had fallen apart as the Watergate scandal metastasized into what White House counsel John Dean called “a full-blown cancer.” Unrated. 2021.

LB           13601    CALL US WHAT WE CARRY: POEMS           GORMAN, AMANDA, 1998-         

A collection of more than seventy poems written by National Youth Poet Laureate and New York Times bestselling author Amanda Gorman. Reflects on the past, present, and future, exploring history, language, identity, grief, and hope. Includes The Hill We Climb, which was read during the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, in 2021. Bestseller. 2021.


How can you connect better with others? How can you make sense of your frustration, fear, and anxiety? What can you do to live a happier life? The answers lie in understanding your emotions. Journeying from the labs of pioneering scientists to real-world scenarios that have flirted with disaster, Mlodinow shows us how our emotions can help, why they sometimes hurt, and what we can learn in both instances. Unrated. 2022.   


The author of Rising Strong (DB 82324) looks at eighty-seven of the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human. As she maps the necessary skills and an actionable framework for meaningful connection, she gives readers tools to access a universe of new choices. Unrated. Bestseller. 2021.


From John Douglas–the legendary FBI criminal profiler, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and inspiration for the Netflix show Mindhunter–comes a chilling journey inside the mind and crimes of Larry Gene Bell, one of the most dangerous serial killers Douglas confronted, and the desperate effort to identify and catch him. Unrated. 2022.   

LB           13589    SOUTH TO AMERICA       PERRY, IMANI, 1972-      

The author of May We Forever Stand (DB 96961) journeys through the history, rituals, and landscapes of the American South, providing arguments for why understanding the South is crucial to understanding America. She relays the stories of immigrant communities, artists, enslaved peoples, unsung heroes, and others. Unrated. Bestseller. 2022.               


Nearing the age at which his mother had migrated to the U.S., part of the wave of non-Europeans who arrived after immigration quotas were relaxed in 1965, Albert Samaha began to question the ironclad belief in a better future that had inspired her family to uproot themselves from their birthplace. As a rising tide of inequality and discrimination threatened to engulf her, her brother Spanky–a rising pop star back in Manila, now working as a luggage handler at San Francisco airport, his singing carrying no farther than a restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf–and others of their generation, he wondered whether their decision to abandon a middle-class existence in the Philippines had been worth the cost. Unrated. 2021.  


Biologist presents her experiences researching forests in Australia, the United States, Scotland, Malaysia, India, and Ethiopia. Discusses the work she does as a field researcher, the role of trees and forests in combatting climate change, and the different types of arboreal ecosystems. 2021. Variant title: Life discovering the eighth continent in the trees above us.            


The authors of Killing Reagan (DB83693) and Killing the SS (DB 92889) recount the clashes between Native Americans and encroaching settlers that raged for decades. They describe Jackson’s battles with the Creek Nation, Monroe’s “sea to shining sea” policy, the Trail of Tears, and more. Violence and strong language. Bestseller. 2020. Related names: Dugard, Martin, author.               


The first African American actor to win an Oscar recalls his idyllic childhood in the Bahamas, his move to Florida at age fifteen, his early struggles to establish an acting career, and his later successes. Poitier reflects on the family values, ethics and integrity that sustain him. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2007.      


In the 1960s, Edgar Smith, on New Jersey’s death row for the murder of teenager Victoria Zielinski, struck up a correspondence with National Review founder William F. Buckley, Jr., beginning a bizarre, tragic tale of midcentury America. Sarah Weinman’s Scoundrel leads readers through the twists of fate and fortune that brought Smith to freedom, celebrity, and eventually prison for attempted murder of another woman. 2022.            

LB           13617    LOST & FOUND: A MEMOIR         SCHULZ, KATHRYN          

Eighteen months before Kathryn Schulz’s beloved father died, she met the woman she would marry. In Lost & Found, she weaves the stories of those relationships into an exploration of how all our lives are shaped by loss and discovery–from the maddening disappearance of everyday objects to the sweeping devastations of war, pandemic, and natural disaster; from finding new planets to falling in love. Unrated. 2022.          


LB           13585    THREE KEYS: A FRONT DESK NOVEL          YANG, KELLY      

Mia Tang is excited about the new school year. Her family just purchased the Calivista Motel and Mia gets to run the front desk with her best friend, Lupe in her spare time! But as it turns out, sixth grade is no picnic. Sequel to Front Desk (DB 91215). 2020.