Podcasts on BARD and the NLS Music Section

Many of our patrons ask us if we have music in our collection. Although we don’t have albums by individual musicians or bands in our collection, all Texans eligible for our service also have access to the NLS Music collection.

The NLS music collection, authorized by Congress in 1962, includes braille and large-print musical scores, recorded instructional materials, and recorded materials about music and musicians. We even have some podcasts! All materials are circulated postage free, and some digital audio and ebraille materials are available for download over the Internet.

You can listen to the following podcasts either by downloading them via BARD or by contacting the NLS Music Section. For more information on the NLS Music Section: https://www.loc.gov/nls/braille-audio-reading-materials/music-materials/.

The Folkways collection hosted by Cathy Ennis DBM 04111-DBM 04134

The opening program in the series paints a broad canvas, presenting outstanding musical samples that reflect the strength and diversity of the Folkways collection. Included is a sampling of original and archival interviews with the many personalities featured throughout the series, including Pete Seeger, Mickey Hart, and more. This program also introduces the key themes explored over the 24 programs, such as the role of music in social activism.

Journey through braille music. Episodes 1-6 presented by Sandra Gayer DBM 04274

Six episodes of the podcast series “Journey through Braille Music” hosted by Sandra Gayer. Episode 1 : History and background of braille music – Episode 2 : Music for single line instruments – Episode 3 : Vocal music – Episode 4 : Keyboard music – Episode 5 : Advanced topics – Episode 6 : Series summary and available resources.

Sounds to grow on by Michael Asch DBM 04064-DBM 04088

Program host Michael Asch is the only child of Moses and Frances Asch and was a professor of Anthropology at the University of Alberta in Edmonton until retirement. However, as he says in this first program, “The show is not about me. It is about my father, and more specifically about the record company my father founded and ran for 38 years.” This episode features music from Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Lead Belly, as well as a sampling of sounds of everyday life and music from around the world. Total of 25 programs.

Tapestry of the times presented by Aaron Henkin DBM 04014-DBM 04049

A sampler of music from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings: Lead Belly, Woody Guthrie, Mary Lou Williams, Elizabeth Cotten, blues from Warner Williams and Robert Jr. Lockwood, gospel music old and new, and international folk songs from Colombia, Cuba, Iran, and Puerto Rico. Total of 36 episodes.

Welcome to Nightvale by Joseph Fink DB 88270

A collection of episodes from the first season of the Welcome to Night Vale podcast. Based on Night Vale, a fictional town in the American Southwest where every conspiracy theory is true, and the strange but friendly people who live there. Collected by the authors of Welcome to Night Vale (DB 83488) and of the podcast itself. Also includes behind-the-scenes commentary. 2016.