New Large Print Books Added in March 2023-August 2023

LB           14230   Topaz    Uris, Leon

LB           14232   Mad honey: a novel         Picoult, Jodi

LB           14233   Secluded cabin sleeps six               Unger, Lisa

LB           14236   Next in line          Archer, Jeffrey

LB           14237   Endless summer               Hilderbrand, Elin

LB           14238   No Plan B: a Jack Reacher novel  Child, Lee

LB           14239   Shrines of gaiety: a novel              Atkinson, Kate

LB           14240   Without merit: a novel   Hoover, Colleen

LB           14242   Riding the nightmare      Johnstone, William W.

LB           14244   Falling stars         Michaels, Fern

LB           14245   Meet me on the porch   Stevenson, Erin

LB           14247   Poster girl            Roth, Veronica

LB           14248   Treasure state    Box, C. J.             

LB           14249   Furies    Connolly, John

LB           14250   Sister effect         Mallery, Susan

LB           14251   Going rogue: rise and shine twenty-nine   Evanovich, Janet            

LB           14252   Lemon curd killer              Childs, Laura

LB           14253   Sisters of Sea View           Klassen, Julie

LB           14254   Black candle women       Brown, Diane Marie

LB           14255   Librarian spy: a novel of World War II       Martin, Madeline            

LB           14256   Scent of burnt flowers    Bazawule, Blitz  

LB           14257   Fairy tale              King, Stephen,  

LB           14258   It starts with us: a novel     Hoover, Colleen            

LB           14263   Layla      Hoover, Colleen

LB           14264   Bookshop of secrets        Rushmeyer, Mollie          

LB           14266   Kaikeyi                  Patel, Vaishnavi

LB           14267   Monkey in the middle     Estleman, Loren D.          

LB           14268   Magic kingdom: a novel   Banks, Russell

LB           14269   Mean and evil                    Johnstone, William W.

LB           14270   Clause of death                 Barrett, Lorna   

LB           14271   Disinvited guest                Goodman, Carol

LB           14272   Resilient: restoring your weary soul in these turbulent times         Eldredge, John  

LB           14273   Model of devotion           Connealy, Mary

LB           14275   How not to drown in a glass of water       Cruz, Angie

LB           14276   Crane husband      Barnhill, Kelly Regan

LB           14277   Long shadows   Baldacci, David

LB           14278   Livid: a Scarpetta novel                  Cornwell, Patricia Daniels

LB           14279   Community board            Conklin, Tara

LB           14280   Christmas wedding guest              Mallery, Susan

LB           14281   Verity    Hoover, Colleen

LB           14282   Hello beautiful: a novel  Napolitano, Ann

LB           14283   Rules of engagement      Montgomery, Selena

LB           14284   Demon Copperhead        Kingsolver, Barbara         

LB           14285   Romantic comedy: a novel            Sittenfeld, Curtis

LB           14286   Worthy opponents          Steel, Danielle

LB           14287   White lady           Winspear, Jacqueline

LB           14288   Trackers                Frazier, Charles

LB           14289   Gunman’s pass  Cotton, Ralph W.

LB           14292   Place to land      Denton, Lauren K.

LB           14293   Hiss & tell            Brown, Rita Mae

LB           14294   Collateral damage            Jance, Judith A.

LB           14295   Bookish people  Coll, Susan,

LB           14296   Sleep no more   Krentz, Jayne Ann

LB           14298   I will find you     Coben, Harlan

LB           14300   Simply lies           Baldacci, David

LB           14301   Where the road bends   Rawlings, David

LB           14302   Pawful truth       James, Miranda

LB           14303   Orchard                Lewis, Beverly

LB           14304   Storm watch       Box, C. J.

LB           14305   1,000 coils of fear             Wenzel, Olivia

LB           14306   Beach house summer     Morgan, Sarah  

LB           14307   London Séance Society  Penner, Sarah    

LB           14309   Forever farmhouse          McClain, Lee Tobin

LB           14310   Be your everything          Bybee, Catherine

LB           14311   Texas homecoming          Brown, Carolyn

LB           14312   All the dark places            Parlato, Terri      

LB           14313   It’s one of us      Ellison, J.T.

LB           14314   Same time, same place   Barnett, David M.

LB           14315   Today a woman went mad in the supermarket: stories     Wolitzer, Hilma

LB           14316   Songs that could have been         Wen, Amanda  

LB           14317   Dawnlands          Gregory, Philippa

LB           14320   Loyalty  Scottoline, Lisa

LB           14323   Yuletide kiss        Putney, Mary Jo

LB           14326   Ralph Compton the Guns of Wrath           Healey, Tony

LB           14327   Second chance at Sunflower Ranch           Brown, Carolyn

LB           14328   Robert Ludlum’s the Blackbriar Genesis  Gervais, Simon 

LB           14329   Murder at Black Oaks     Margolin, Phillip               

LB           14330   Wicked dreams   Jackson, Lisa

LB           14331   Unexpected Amish Christmas      Good, Rachel J.

LB           14332   Wild rain: women who dare         Jenkins, Beverly

LB           14335   Last orphan        Hurwitz, Gregg,

LB           14337   Red flags              Black, Lisa

LB           14338   Mitford secret    Fellowes, Jessica

LB           14339   Forever Texas     Johnstone, William W.

LB           14343   Loathe to love you           Hazelwood, Ali

LB           14344   Bride wore white              Quick, Amanda

LB           14345   Christmas memory          Evans, Richard Paul         

LB           14346   End of nowhere                Dearen, Patrick 

LB           14349   Extraordinary life of Sam Hell       Dugoni, Robert

LB           14350   Best friend          Fellowes, Jessica              

LB           14351   Last Russian doll               Loesch, Kristen 

LB           14352   Devine Doughnut Shop  Brown, Carolyn

LB           14353   Shadow of death              Graham, Heather             

LB           14354   Eden’s children     Andrews, V. C.

LB           14355   Night travelers   Correa, Armando Lucas, 1959-  

LB           14357   Bluebird bakery                 McClain, Lee Tobin

LB           14358   Revengers           McCauley, Terrence         

LB           14359   World played chess          Dugoni, Robert

LB           14361   Unexpected Amish Proposal        Good, Rachel J.

LB           14362   Last heir to Blackwood Library    Fox, Hester

LB           14363   To swoon and spar           Waters, Martha, 1988-

LB           14364   Crime that binds               Cass, Laurie        

LB           14365   Rebel: women who dare                Jenkins, Beverly

LB           14366   Bright young dead            Fellowes, Jessica              

LB           14369   Love on the brain             Hazelwood, Ali

LB           14370   My heart will find you    Deveraux, Jude,

LB           14371   Dark is the night               Johnstone, William W.

LB           14373   Atlas six     Blake, Olivie

LB           14374   Atlas paradox     Blake, Olivie

LB           14378   Confess                Hoover, Colleen

LB           14384   Never rescue a rogue      Heath, Virginia

LB           14386   Perfumist of Paris             Joshi, Alka

LB           14387   Her unlikely Amish protector                       McClay, Jocelyn

LB           14388   Stone garden: the Epic Life of Billy the Kid              Brooks, Bill

LB           14389   Strawberry lane: a Touching Texas Love Story       Thomas, Jodi

LB           14390   Sprinkle in time                 Mentink, Dana  

LB           14391   Spectacular         Davis, Fiona

LB           14393   Tom Clancy Flash Point   Bentley, Don

LB           14394   Puzzle master    Trussoni, Danielle             

LB           14395   Sweetheart list  Shalvis, Jill

LB           14396   With my little eye             Jackson, Joshilyn

LB           14397   Wind knows my name    Allende, Isabel

LB           14398   Wedding planner              Steel, Danielle

LB           14401   Remarkably bright creatures        Van Pelt, Shelby

LB           14403   Rogue justice     Abrams, Stacey,

LB           14405   Someone else’s love story  Jackson, Joshilyn        

LB           14406   Small mercies: a novel    Lehane, Dennis

LB           14407   Saturday night at the Lakeside Supper Club           Stradal, J. Ryan

LB           14408   Next best day     Sala Sharon        

LB           14409   Old babes in the wood: stories   Atwood, Margaret

LB           14410   Pint of no return               Mentink, Dana  

LB           14411   Perseverance      Dearen, Patrick 

LB           14412   Opposite of everyone     Jackson, Joshilyn

LB           14413   Private Moscow      Patterson, James        

LB           14414   Private life of spies and the exquisite art of getting even  McCall Smith, Alexander

LB           14416   Murder in a teacup          Delany, Vicki  

LB           14417   Mother may I     Jackson, Joshilyn

LB           14418   Making of another major motion picture masterpiece      Hanks, Tom

LB           14419   Never have I ever              Jackson, Joshilyn

LB           14420   Never game        Deaver, Jeffery

LB           14421   Near miss            Woods, Stuart

LB           14422   My murder         Williams, Katie

LB           14424   Last word            Adams, Taylor

LB           14425   Last remains       Griffiths, Elly

LB           14426   Late Americans  Taylor, Brandon (Brandon L.G.)  

LB           14428   Killing moon       Nesbø, Jo, 1960-

LB           14429   House on Prytania           White, Karen     

LB           14430   Great reclamation            Heng, Rachel

LB           14431   Golden doves: a novel    Kelly, Martha Hall                                      

LB           14433   Dark angel           Sandford, John

LB           14434   Beware the woman         Abbott, Megan E.            

LB           14435   Cross down: an Alex Cross and John Sampson thriller        Patterson, James

LB           14436   Be mine                Ford, Richard

LB           14437   Countdown        Patterson, James

LB           14438   City of dreams: a novel                  Winslow, Don

LB           14440   Bone tree             Iles, Greg

LB           14441   23rd midnight    Patterson, James

LB           14442   Watch us shine  De Los Santos, Marisa, 1966-

LB           14444   Tea and treachery    Delany, Vicki

LB           14445   Welcome to Beach Town               Wiggs, Susan

LB           14446   Guest       Cline, Emma

LB           14447   Stranger behind you       Goodman, Carol

LB           144478 Little Paula          Andrews, V. C.   

LB           14448   Joy and Light Bus Company          McCall Smith, Alexander

LB           14450   Murder is in the air          Brody, Frances  

LB           14451   Palace of the drowned   Mangan, Christine (Christine Rose)          

LB           14452   Savage Sunday  Johnstone, William W.

LB           14453   Blood saga          Lewis, Preston

LB           14454   Sisters sweet: a novel     Weiss, Elizabeth

LB           14455   Necessary deceptions: the women of Wyatt Earp               Nowak, Pamela

LB           14456   Murder at an Irish castle                Brannigan, Ellie

LB           14457   Lifeguards            Ward, Amanda Eyre, 1972-         

LB           14458   Songbirds            Lefteri, Christy, 1980-                    

LB           14459   Wyoming wild    Eden, Sarah M.,

LB           14460   Dead River           Johnstone, William W.

LB           14461   Prisoner: a novel               Paris, B. A.

LB           14462   Red River ruse   Washburn, L. J.

LB           14463   Death in the stars             Brody, Frances  

LB           14465   Bad river              Cotton, Ralph W.

LB           14466   To catch a raven                Jenkins, Beverly

LB           14468   Beautiful world, where are you  Rooney, Sally

LB           14469   Family      Krupitsky, Naomi          

LB           14470   Baxters: A Prequel            Kingsbury, Karen

LB           14471   Just John              Quist, Reg,          

LB           14472   Ghost in shining armor   Beharrie, Therese            

LB           14473   Family gatherings at Promise Lodge          Hubbard, Charlotte

LB           14474   Silver grass          Nesbitt, John D.

LB           14475   Five-Star Weekend           Hilderbrand, Elin              

LB           14476   Survivor               Johansen, Iris

LB           14478   Kobalt dossier    Lustbader, Eric

LB           14479   All the days of summer: a novel  Thayer, Nancy

LB           14482   Book of everlasting things: a novel            Malhotra, Aanchal

LB           14484   You must remember this               Rosenfield, Kat

LB           14485   Locust Lane         Amidon, Stephen            

LB           14486   Magnolia sisters                Murray, Alys

LB           14487   After the shadows           Cabot, Amanda

LB           14488   Neighbor favor  Forest, Kristina

LB           14490   In a sniper’s crosshairs   Giusti, Debby

LB           14491   Letters of trust   Brunstetter, Wanda E.    

LB           14492   1794: the city between the bridges           Natt och Dag, Niklas

LB           14494   Second time around        Carlson, Melody               

LB           14495   Sorority murder                 Brennan, Allison

LB           14496   Save it for Sunday            Johnstone, William W.

LB           14497   Unbridled Cowboy          Yates, Maisey

LB           14498   Amish marriage of convenience Good, Rachel J.

LB           14499   Vanishing hour  Griffin, Laura

LB           14500   Book spy: a WW2 novel of librarian spies               Hlad, Alan

LB           14503   Loner     Palmer, Diana

LB           14505   Disturbing the peace: a Jeremiah Halstead Western          McCauley, Terrence         

LB           14506   House in the pines: a novel          Reyes, Ana

LB           14507   Her deadly game              Dugoni, Robert

LB           14508   Woman who wore a badge           Crigger, C.K.

LB           14509   Love unexpected              Proctor, Jenny

LB           14510   Whispers             Audrain, Ashley, 1982-

LB           14511   Palazzo Steel, Danielle

LB           14512   Quiet tenant       Michallon, Clemence

LB           14513   Talking at night  Daverley, Claire

LB           14514   I am homeless if this is not my home       Moore, Lorrie

LB           14515   First ladies           Benedict, Marie

LB           14516   Finders keepers                 Michaels, Fern  

LB           14517   Beach at Summerly         Williams, Beatriz

LB           14519   Librarianist          DeWitt, Patrick

LB           14520   My magnolia summer: a novel    Frank, Victoria Benton

LB           14521   Banyan Moon    Thai, Thao

LB           14522   When she dreams            Quick, Amanda

LB           14523   Glass chateau     Kiernan, Stephen P.         

LB           14524   Fire Strike            Maden, Mike

LB           14540   Vera Wong’s unsolicited advice for murderers      Sutanto, Jesse Q.

LB           14542   Harold      Wright, Steven

LB           14543   Murder, she wrote: Death on the Emerald Isle      Fletcher, Jessica

LB           14544   Drowning            Newman, T.J. (Novelist)

LB           14545   Gun-boss Reynolds          Martin, Chuck

LB           14546   Faraway world: stories   Engel, Patricia

LB           14547   Before we were innocent              Berman, Ella

LB           14548   Same time next summer               Monaghan, Annabel

LB           14549   Next ship home: a novel of Ellis Island     Webb, Heather

LB           14551   Blackhouse: a novel         Johnstone, Carole

LB           14552   All Hallows: a novel         Golden, Christopher

LB           14553   Sam: a novel       Goodman, Allegra

LB           14555   Tapestry of grace              Sawyer, Kim Vogel

LB           14556   Mansion for murder        Brody, Frances  

LB           14559   Vanishing at Castle Moreau          Wright, Jaime Jo              

LB           14561   Identity    Roberts, Nora

LB           14564   Her only wish                     Gray, Shelley Shepard

LB           14567   Every good gift   Irvin, Kelly

LB           14568   Maker of swans                O’Donnell, Paraic

LB           14570   Sinister revenge                Raybourn, Deanna

LB           14571   Bad summer people: a novel       Rosenblum, Emma

LB           14573   Must love flowers            Macomber, Debbie

LB           14575   I have some questions for you    Makkai, Rebecca

LB           14576   Someone else’s shoes: a novel    Moyes, Jojo

LB           14577   Most intriguing lady: a novel       Ferguson, Sarah

LB           14578   Central Park West: a crime novel                Comey, James B., Jr., 1960-

LB           14579   Fields of bounty       Snelling, Lauraine     

LB           14580   Spanish Cape mystery    Queen, Ellery

LB           14581   Victory city: a novel         Rushdie, Salman

LB           14582   Swamp story      Barry, Dave

LB           14583   Celebrants           Rowley, Steven, 1971-   

LB           14584   Shards  Ellis, Bret Easton              

LB           14586   Guilty guns         Patten, Lewis B.

LB           14587   Little Italian hotel             Patrick, Phaedra               

LB           14588   One more time for joy    Lillard, Amy       

LB           14589   Factory girls        Gallen, Michelle

LB           14591   Well traveled      DeLuca, Jen        

LB           14592   Robert Ludlum’s the Treadstone rendition             Hood, Joshua    

LB           14593   Second chance at Rancho Lindo                 Sol, Sabrina

LB           14594   I love it when you lie        Bird, Kristen

LB           14595   Bandit queens: a novel      Shroff, Parini

LB           14596   Only love can hurt like this            Toon, Paige

LB           14598   Axle Bust Creek                 Shirley, John, 1953-        

LB           14600   When tomorrow came   Linder, Hannah

LB           14601   Rabbit hutch      Gunty, Tess

LB           14602   Weight of air       Duffy, Kimberly 

LB           14605   Trail to Tin Town               Groves, Melody

LB           14606   Devil by his horns             Zimmer, Michael, 1955-

LB           14609   Maid of Ballymacool        Deibel, Jennifer, 1978-  

LB           14611   Stop at nothing      Ledwidge, Michael

LB           14613   Unlikely yarn of the dragon lady                 Mondragon, Sharon J., 1957-     

LB           14614   Heart full of headstones: an Inspector Rebus novel            Rankin, Ian

LB           14615   You never know                Briscoe, Connie

LB           14617   Light pirate          Brooks-Dalton, Lily

LB           14618   Things we hide from the light      Score, Lucy

LB           14619   Her Amish wedding quilt               Griggs, Winnie  

LB           14620   All the dangerous things                                Willingham, Stacy

LB           14621   In the shadow of the river             Gabhart, Ann H., 1947-

LB           14623   On the line          Michaels, Fern

LB           14624   Zora books her happy ever after: a rom-com novel             McCoy, Taj

LB           14625   End of story        Scott, Kylie

LB           14626   All stirred up      Moore, Brianne

LB           14627   Tower of rocks   Frazee, Steve     

LB           14628   Blue window      Berne, Suzanne

LB           14629   Love lettering     Clayborn, Kate

LB           14630   Sinners of Starlight City       Scott, Anika

LB           14633   Never never: a novel       Hoover, Colleen

LB           14634   Last to vanish: a novel    Miranda, Megan

LB           14636   Save what’s left                 Castellano, Elizabeth

LB           14637   Too late: a novel                Hoover, Colleen

LB           14642   Hester   Lico Albanese, Laurie, 1959-       

LB           14643   Seaside library   Novak, Brenda  

LB           14644   Where are the children now?      Clark, Mary Higgins

LB           14645   Before I let go    Ryan, Kennedy

LB           14646   Wildest ride        Bell, Marcella

LB           14647   Cobbler of Spanish Fort and other frontier stories              Boggs, Johnny D.

LB           14649   Mrs. Nash’s ashes             Adler, Sarah

LB           14652   Tempest at sea  Thomas, Sherry

LB           14657   After the Romanovs: Russian exiles in Paris from the Belle Epoque through revolution and war                Rappaport, Helen            

LB           14664   Fleecing of Fort Griffin    Lewis, Preston

LB           14666   Famous for a living           Ferguson, Melissa

LB           14672   Love off-limits    Proctor, Jenny

LB           14674   Benevolent society of ill-mannered ladies              Goodman, Alison

LB           14677   Encore in death                 Robb, J. D.

LB           14678   Three lives of Alix St. Pierre          Lester, Natasha

LB           14679   Love through the seasons             Peterson, Tracie

LB           14691   Winter wolves                   Mayo, Matthew P.           

LB           14692   Rachel incident     O’Donoghue, Caroline

LB           14693   Duchess effect   Livesay, Tracey

LB           14694   Canary girls         Chiaverini, Jennifer

LB           14700   Tread of angels      Roanhorse, Rebecca

LB           14701   Fourth enemy: a Daniel Pitt novel              Perry, Anne

LB           14703   House at the end of the world    Koontz, Dean R.

LB           14709   Only survivors: a novel   Miranda, Megan

LB           14710   All the lost places             Dykes, Amanda

LB           14719   House of cotton                 Brashears, Monica,         

LB           14720   Yesterday’s tides               White, Roseanne M.      

LB           14721   What happens next         Nelson, Christina Suzann

LB           14723   In this moment    Meyer, Gabrielle          

LB           14724   Lightning warrior              Brand, Max

LB           14725   Trail so lonesome             Williams, Lacy

LB           14726   City under one roof         Yamashita, Iris


LB           14231   Starry messenger: cosmic perspectives on civilization        Tyson, Neil deGrasse

LB           14235   Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity             O’Reilly, Bill

LB           14241   When McKinsey comes to town: the hidden influence of the world’s most powerful consulting firm                   Bogdanich, Walt

LB           14243   Confidence man: the making of Donald Trump and the breaking of America           Haberman, Maggie

LB           14246   Off the deep end: Jerry and Becki Falwell and the collapse of an evangelical dynasty                           Granda, Giancarlo

LB           14259   Dinners with Ruth: a memoir on the power of friendships              Totenberg, Nina

LB           14265   Crane wife: a memoir in essays   Hauser, CJ           

LB           14290   Year of the puppy: how dogs become themselves               Horowitz, Alexandra

LB           14297   Honey, baby, mine: a mother and daughter talk life, death, love (and banana pudding)      Dern, Laura

LB           14299   Eat to beat your diet: burn fat, heal your metabolism, and live longer        Li, William W.

LB           14308   King: the life of Charles III             Andersen, Christopher P.              

LB           14318   Boldly go              Shatner, William               

LB           14319   War magician: based on an extraordinary true story          Fisher, David

LB           14321   Happier hour: how to beat distraction, expand your time, and focus on what matters most                Holmes, Cassie 

LB           14322   Swedish art of aging exuberantly: life wisdom from someone who will (probably) die before you                Magnusson, Margareta

LB           14325   Last campaign: Sherman, Geronimo, and the war for America       Brands, H. W.,   

LB           14333   On animals          Orlean, Susan                   

LB           14336   Easy beauty: a memoir   Cooper Jones, Chloe

LB           14340   Waxing on: the Karate Kid and me             Macchio, Ralph 

LB           14341   Chasing icebergs: how frozen freshwater can save the planet        Birkhold, Matthew H.

LB           14342   You are my sunshine: a story of love, promises, and a really long bike ride                Dietrich, Sean, 1982-               

LB           14347   My travels with Mrs. Kennedy     Hill, Clint

LB           14356   Trials of Harry S. Truman               Frank, Jeffrey

LB           14360   Pirate’s wife: The remarkable true story of Sarah Kidd      Geanacopoulos, Daphne Palmer

LB           14367   Everything I never dreamed         Glenn, Ruth M. 

LB           14368   If you want something done: leadership lessons from bold women             Haley, Nikki

LB           14372   Funny farm: my unexpected life with 600 rescue animals                Zaleski, Laurie   

LB           14392   Spare     Harry    

LB           14399   Wager: a tale of shipwreck, mutiny and murder   Grann, David

LB           14400   Puppeteers: the people who control the people who control America        Chaffetz, Jason

LB           14402   Quantum supremacy: how the quantum computer revolution will change everything         Kaku, Michio

LB           14404   Road to surrender            Thomas, Evan, 1951-     

LB           14415   Poverty, by America         Desmond, Matthew

LB           14423   Life in five senses: how exploring the senses got me out of my head and into the world       Rubin, Gretchen

LB           14427   Knowing what we know   Winchester, Simon        

LB           14432   Flying blind: the 737 MAX tragedy and the fall of Boeing    Robison, Peter

LB           14439   Brutal reckoning: Andrew Jackson, the Creek Indians, and the epic war for the American South                Cozzens, Peter

LB           14443   Never give up: a prairie family’s story      Brokaw, Tom      

LB           14464   Truth worth telling: a reporter’s search for meaning in the stories of our times      Pelley, Scott, 1957-               

LB           14477   Pests: how humans create animal villains               Brookshire, Bethany

LB           14480   Diary keepers: World War II in the Netherlands, as written by the people who lived through it                Siegal, Nina

LB           14481   Fen, bog and swamp: a short history of peatland destruction and its role in the climate crisis                Proulx, Annie

LB           14483   Follow me to hell: McNelly’s Texas Rangers and the Rise of Frontier Justice              Clavin, Tom

LB           14489   Waging a good war: a military history of the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968                   Ricks, Thomas E.

LB           14493   Wise gals: the spies who built the CIA and changed the future of espionage            Holt, Nathalia

LB           14501   Exceptions: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the fight for women in science          Zernike, Kate

LB           14502   Breathe in, breathe out: restore your health, reset your mind and find happiness through breathwork                Sandeman, Stuart

LB           14504   My first popsicle: an anthology of food and feelings                          

LB           14518   Art thief               Finkel, Michael

LB           14539   Jeffersonians: The Visionary Presidencies of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe        Gutzman, Kevin R. C.               

LB           14574   It’s ok to be angry about capitalism           Sanders, Bernard

LB           14585   Betty White’s pearls of wisdom: life lessons from a beloved American treasure                      Sullivan, Patty

LB           14599   Uncultured: a memoir    Young, Daniella Mestyanek

LB           14607   Other family doctor: a veterinarian explores what animals can teach us about love, life, and mortality                Fine, Karen

LB           14610   Extraordinary life of an ordinary man: a memoir   Newman, Paul

LB           14612   Fatty fatty boom boom: a memoir of food, fat, and family               Chaudry, Rabia

LB           14622   Nazi conspiracy: the secret plot to kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill                        Meltzer, Brad

LB           14635   Junk science and the American criminal justice system     Fabricant, M. Chris

LB           14648   Wonderdog: The science of dogs and their unique friendship with humans                             Howard, Jules

LB           14650   Car: the rise and fall of the machine that made the modern world              Appleyard, Bryan

LB           14658   B.F.F.: a memoir of friendship lost and found        Tate, Christie

LB           14665   Attention span: the new science of finding focus and fighting distraction in the digital age                                Mark, Gloria

LB           14670   Gentleman bandit: the true story of Black Bart, the Old West’s Most Infamous Stagecoach Robber                Boessenecker, John

LB           14675   Life on the Mississippi: an epic American adventure          Buck, Rinker

LB           14676   To the uttermost ends of the earth: the epic hunt for the South’s most feared ship–and the greatest sea battle of the Civil War             Keith, Phil, 1946-

LB           14689   Dark queens: the bloody rivalry that forged the medieval world   Puhak, Shelley  

LB           14690   Hometown victory: A coach’s story of football, fate, and coming home     Lowe, Keanon


LB           14228   Donde las maravillas crecen         González, Xelena

LB           14229   Where wonder grows     González, Xelena

LB           14260   Pigeon has to go to school!          Willems, Mo

LB           14261   Pigeon will ride the roller coaster!             Willems, Mo

LB           14262   Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus!           Willems, Mo

LB           14291   Dragons love tacos                           Rubin, Adam

LB           14324   Leaf thief             Hemming, Alice

LB           14348   Milo imagines the world                de la Peña, Matt  

LB           14375   City spies: book 1             Ponti, James      

LB           14376   Golden gate: City Spies, book 2     Ponti, James    

LB           14377   Forbidden city    Ponti, James      

LB           14379   City of the dead                Ponti, James

LB           14380   Lolo’s light           Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton            

LB           14381   Summer of June                Sumner, Jamie

LB           14467   Alone    Freeman, Megan E.         

LB           14525   Berry song          Goade, Michaela

LB           14526   Hello lighthouse                Blackall, Sophie

LB           14527   Have you ever seen a flower?      Harris, Shawn (Artist)

LB           14528   Chicka chicka boom boom            Martin, Bill

LB           14529   Hot dog                Salati, Doug

LB           14530   Knight Owl          Denise, Christopher

LB           14531   Wolf in the snow              Cordell, Matthew

LB           14532   Day the crayons quit       Daywalt, Drew

LB           14533   Stinky cheese man and other fairly stupid tales      Scieszka, Jon

LB           14534   Alma and how she got her name                Martinez-Neal, Juana

LB           14535   Bear came along               Morris, Richard T., 1969-

LB           14536   We are water protectors               Lindstrom, Carole, 1964-             

LB           14538   Watercress          Wang, Andrea   

LB           14590   Zachary Ying and the Dragon Emperor     Zhao, Xiran Jay

LB           14597   Falling short        Cisneros, Ernesto

LB           14603   Last chance for Logan County      Giles, Lamar

LB           14604   Rover’s story      Warga, Jasmine

LB           14608   Diary of a wimpy kid: Diper överlöde        Kinney, Jeff

LB           14616   Charlie Thorne and the curse of Cleopatra             Gibbs, Stuart

LB           14631   True story of the three little pigs                Scieszka, Jon      

LB           14632   Day the crayons came home        Daywalt, Drew

LB           14638   Growing up with tamales = Los tamales de Ana    Zepeda, Gwendolyn

LB           14639   Divina Catrina = Oh, divine Catrina            De Alvarado, Aracely

LB           14640   Chupacabras      Rubin, Adam

LB           14641   My space aliens love to eat tamales          Uranga, José N.

LB           14683   Code talker: a novel about the Navajo Marines of World War Two               Bruchac, Joseph

LB           14695   Charlie Thorne and the lost city                  Gibbs, Stuart

LB           14696   Loyalty                  Avi

LB           14697   Dead Wednesday             Spinelli, Jerry

LB           14698   How to train your dad    Paulsen, Gary

LB           14699   My own lightning             Wolk, Lauren, 1956-

LB           14702   Tiger honor         Lee, Yoon Ha, 1979-       

LB           14704   First rule of Climate Club               Firestone, Carrie               

LB           14705   Solimar: the sword of the Monarchs        Ryan, Pam Muñoz           

LB           14706   Odder   Applegate, Katherine,    

LB           14708   Tumble                 Pérez, Celia C.

LB           14711   Sea in winter      Day, Christine, 1993-     

LB           14712   Jennifer Chan is not alone             Keller, Tae           

LB           14713   Kaleidoscope      Selznick, Brian, 

LB           14714   Yusuf Azeem is not a hero             Faruqi, Saadia,  

LB           14715   Omar rising         Saeed, Aisha      

LB           14716   Charlie Thorne and the last equation       Gibbs, Stuart

LB           14717   How to find what you’re not looking for                  Hiranandani, Veera         

LB           14718   Haven Jacobs saves the planet    Dee, Barbara     

LB           14722   Lupe Wong won’t dance                 Higuera, Donna Barba


LB           14334   Hope wins: a collection of inspiring stories for young readers        Angleberger, Tom            

LB           14537   Undefeated        Alexander, Kwame

LB           14671   Summer of bitter and sweet        Ferguson, Jenny


LB           14234   All my rage: a novel         Tahir, Sabaa

LB           14274   Anatomy: a love story     Schwartz, Dana

LB           14382   Retro     Lapuente, Sofía

LB           14385   How you grow wings       Onoseta, Rimma

LB           14449   West side story: a novelization   Shulman, Irving

LB           14541   Scatter of light                   Lo, Malinda

LB           14550   Snow & poison                  De la Cruz, Melissa

LB           14557   Chain of thorns                 Clare, Cassandra

LB           14558   Bloodmarked                     Deonn, Tracy

LB           14560   Immortality: a love story               Schwartz, Dana

LB           14562   Gilded                   Meyer, Marissa, Young

LB           14563   Lucha of the night forest               Mejia, Tehlor Kay

LB           14565   Gallant                  Schwab, Victoria

LB           14566   First to die at the end     Silvera, Adam

LB           14653   This place is still beautiful             Tian, XiXi

LB           14654   Stars and smoke                Lu, Marie

LB           14656   Snake falls to Earth          Little Badger, Darcie, 1987-         

LB           14659   Nothing more to tell        McManus, Karen M.

LB           14660   Within these wicked walls: a novel            Blackwood, Lauren

LB           14661   Family of liars     Lockhart, E.

LB           14662   Me (Moth)          McBride, Amber

LB           14663   Serendipity: ten romantic tropes, transformed    Meyer, Marissa

LB           14667   They both die at the end               Silvera, Adam

LB           14668   Blade breaker     Aveyard, Victoria

LB           14669   Whiteout             Clayton, Dhonielle

LB           14673   Lost dreamer      Huerta, Lizz

LB           14680   Our crooked hearts          Albert, Melissa

LB           14681   We are not free                 Chee, Traci

LB           14682   Realm breaker    Aveyard, Victoria

LB           14684   Chaos theory                      Stone, Nic

LB           14685   Legendborn        Deonn, Tracy

LB           14686   Wildblood: a novel           Blackwood, Lauren

LB           14687   Lightlark               Aster, Alex

LB           14688   Gleanings             Shusterman, Neal


LB           14383   Inaugural ballers: the true story of the first US women’s Olympic basketball team                 Maraniss, Andrew

LB           14554   How Moon Fuentez fell in love with the universe                 Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel

LB           14655   How to be a (young) antiracist     Kendi, Ibram X.