New Braille Books Added in March 2023-August 2023

BT           13551   Leap of faith       Steel, Danielle   

BT           13552   Still Alice              Genova, Lisa      

BT           13553   Crossing               Connelly, Michael

BT           13554   Horse soldiers: the extraordinary story of a band of U.S. soldiers who rode to victory in Afghanistan                Stanton, Doug  

BT           13555   Hidden fires        Brown, Sandra

BT           13556   Message in a bottle         Sparks, Nicholas

BT           13557   1st to die              Patterson, James

BT           13558   Five days in Paris               Steel, Danielle

BT           13560   Bittersweet         Steel, Danielle

BT           13561   All the light we cannot see            Doerr, Anthony

BT           13563   Little fires everywhere    Ng, Celeste

BT           13564   Fall from grace   Steel, Danielle

BT           13567   Heartbeat            Steel, Danielle

BT           13568   Mirror image      Steel, Danielle

BT           13569   Jaws      Benchley, Peter

BT           13573   One flew over the cuckoo’s nest English    Kesey, Ken        

BT           13576   Force awakens: Star Wars             Foster, Alan Dean

BT           13578   Lone eagle           Steel, Danielle


BT           13562   Betty Crocker’s best-loved recipes             Crocker, Betty   

BT           13565   Death in White Bear Lake              Siegel, Barry      

BT           13574   Purpose driven life: what am I here for? Warren, Rick

BT           13577   Chicken soup for the soul              Canfield, Jack, 1944-


BT           13502   Midnight on the moon: Magic Tree House, Book 8    Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13503   Dinosaurs before dark: Magic treehouse, Book 1     Osborne, Mary Pope  

BT           13504   Dolphins at daybreak: Magic tree house, Book 9     Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13505   Pirates past noon: Magic tree house, Book 4         Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13506   Mummies in the morning: Magic tree house, Book 3         Osborne, Mary Pope      

BT           13507   Forest of secrets: Warriors, Book 3            Hunter, Erin

BT           13508   Knight at dawn: Magic tree house, book 2             Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13509   Vacation under the volcano: Magic Tree House, Book 13    Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13510   Civil War on Sunday: Magic tree house, Book 21   Osborne, Mary Pope    

BT           13511   Revolutionary War on Wednesday: Magic Tree House, Book 22    Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13512   Fourteenth goldfish         Holm, Jennifer L.

BT           13513   Blind outlaw       Rounds, Glen, 1906-2002            

BT           13514   Wishtree              Applegate, Katherine

BT           13515   Field guide: the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1     Diterlizzi, Tony

BT           13516   Lucinda’s secret: the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 3    Diterlizzi, Tony         

BT           13517   Wild robot          Brown, Peter, 1979-       

BT           13518   Wish      O’Connor, Barbara          

BT           13519   Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane      DiCamillo, Kate

BT           13520   Wayside school is falling down   Sachar, Louis

BT           13521   Seeing stone: the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 2 Diterlizzi, Tony

BT           13522   Egypt game         Snyder, Zilpha Keatley    

BT           13523   Bridge home      Venkatraman, Padma    

BT           13524   Boy in the striped pajamas: a fable            Boyne, John

BT           13525   War that saved my life    Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker         

BT           13526   War I finally won              Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker         

BT           13528   Tiger rising          DiCamillo, Kate

BT           13529   Remarkable journey of Coyote Sunrise    Gemeinhart, Dan             

BT           13530   There’s an owl in the shower       George, Jean Craighead, 1919-2012        

BT           13531   Ironwood tree: the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 4              Diterlizzi, Tony  

BT           13532   Mockingjay         Collins, Suzanne

BT           13533   Warriors: The New Prophecy: Moonrise English  Hunter, Erin        

BT           13534   Warriors: Power of Three: Long Shadows               Hunter, Erin        

BT           13535   Warriors: The New Prophecy: Dawn                         Hunter, Erin        

BT           13536   Warriors: The New Prophecy: Sunset                       Hunter, Erin        

BT           13537   Warriors: Power of Three: Dark River                       Hunter, Erin        

BT           13538   Warriors: Power of Three: Outcast                            Hunter, Erin

BT           13539   Curious George    Rey, H. A.         

BT           13540   Amelia Bedelia and the surprise shower  Parish, Peggy

BT           13541   Warriors: Power of Three: Eclipse              Hunter, Erin

BT           13542   Darkest hour: Warriors, Book 6   Hunter, Erin

BT           13543   Warriors: The New Prophecy: Midnight  Hunter, Erin

BT           13544   Warriors: The New Prophecy: Twilight     Hunter, Erin

BT           13545   Dangerous path                Hunter, Erin

BT           13546   Warriors: Power of Three: Sunrise             Hunter, Erin

BT           13547   Warriors: Power of Three: The Sight         Hunter, Erin

BT           13548   Rising storm       Hunter, Erin

BT           13549   Good morning, gorillas   Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13550   High tide in Hawaii           Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13559   Stage fright on a summer night                   Osborne, Mary Pope

BT           13566   Warriors: The New Prophecy: Starlight                    Hunter, Erin

BT           13570   Into the wild: Warriors, book 1   Hunter, Erin

BT           13571   Anne’s house of dreams    Montgomery, L. M.      

BT           13572   Anne of Windy Poplars   Montgomery, L. M.         

BT           13575   Fire and ice: Warriors, book 2      Hunter, Erin

BT           13579   Elk hunt                Dahlstrom, S. J.


BT           13527   Catching fire       Collins, Suzanne