Staff Picks – Laura – Warm Bodies, DB 76132

From the popular AMC television series, The Walking Dead, to Brad Pitt’s latest blockbuster movie, World War Z, it seems like zombies are everywhere!  Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion presents a refreshing twist on the zombie genre.  Unlike most zombie novels, this one is told from the zombie’s perspective.  R, our protagonist, is a zombie with more than just eating brains on his mind.  He stumbles through his post-apocalyptic world until he eats a teenage boy and absorbs the boy’s memories and love for his girlfriend Julie.  That’s when R’s transformation begins.  He and Julie start an adventure to save themselves and the world and manage to fall in love along the way.  Warm Bodies is a darkly-comedic love story that poses some big questions (like what it really means to be human).  It gets a little grim at times, but is ultimately a very funny and touching book.

From the NLS annotation:

Warm Bodies: A Novel by Isaac Marion – DB 76132

After the zombie apocalypse, R lives in an airport with his fellow undead.  During a search for fresh meat, R snacks on the brains of a teenage boy–and takes on his victim’s memories and feelings, including his love for his girlfriend Julie. Violence and some strong language. Bestseller. Commercial audiobook. 2011.