50th Anniversary of White Cane Day 10/15/2014

White Cane Day, also known as White Cane Safety Day, or Blind Americans Equality Day, is a national observance, commemorated every year on October 15th. The observance highlights the importance of the white cane as a mobility tool, and celebrates the achievements of individuals with visual impairments and blindness. This year will mark the fiftieth anniversary of White Cane Day.

For more information about events in various cities in Texas, visit the National Federation of the Blind of Texas web site at www.nfbtx.org/localchapters . Links to eleven local chapters are located on the left side, about halfway down the page. You can also call the main number for NFB Texas at (512) 323-5444, or send an e-mail to president@nfbtx.org .

To request a free white cane from the National Federation of the Blind, please visit http://freecane.nfb.org/