New from the TBP Recording Studio: Texas Guns by Leslie Ernenwein

The following book is available on cartridge from the Texas Talking Book Program.

We hope to make this title available for download on the BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) website in the near future.

Texas Guns by Leslie Ernenwein

Texas Guns by Leslie Ernenwein

DT 6986  Texas Guns by Leslie Ernenwein.

Narrated by: Paul Klemperer.  Monitored by: Lionel Jacobs, Janice Jones, and Brit Jones.

“You can call me killer, gents… But don’t forget the ’Mister’!” That was Jim Rimbow’s challenge as he rode into the helltown he’d sworn to tame–a border-jumping, man-killing starbuster with a dying lawman on his backtrail. But Rimbow was gunning for more than glory. Rawhide tough and lawless, he meant to brace the range bawd whose kiss had killed his best friend.