Newly Digitized by the TBP Recording Studio: Salute to Sandy by Dale Evans Rogers

The following book is one of the thousands of titles the Texas Talking Book Program’s Studio staff are converting from analog to digital. It is now available on cartridge.

We expect this title available for download from BARD in the future.

Salute to Sandy by Dale Evans Rogers

Salute to Sandy by Dale Evans Rogers

DT 3148 – Salute to Sandy by Dale Evans Rogers.

Narrated by Ann Morrison. Monitored by Vic Rogers and Jack Gazzale.

Sandy was a battered child before being adopted by Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. He fought an uphill battle and while serving with the Army in Germany, he made a mistake and paid for it with his life. This is his story, but also the story of all the younger generation whose bravery and idealism in the face of handicaps, danger, and death are the strength and hope of the future.

. . .

This recording was digitized from an analog master and contains some slight distortion in the opening announcements.