Staff Pick – Laura Jean – NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS by Marie Brennan, DB 78261

A delightful blend of traditional fantasy with historical fiction, A Natural History of Dragons (DB   78261) relates the memoirs of Isabella Camherst, Lady Trent, a woman dedicated to the scientific study of dragons in a time and place where such pursuits are not considered acceptable for a well-bred young lady.  Isabella ignores convention and with a group of dragon enthusiasts, she travels to study dragons in their natural element.

Fast paced and action-filled, Isabella Brennan deftly creates a world oddly reminiscent of Victorian England, yet full of mythical creatures such as wyverns and dragons. Isabella is a strong-willed, passionate guide to this world and through her memoirs the reader learns not only about the anatomy and behavior of dragons, but about the boundaries of class and gender that permeate her world.

NLS Annotation: The Natural History of Dragons (DB   78261): Fictional memoir of dragon naturalist Isabella, Lady Trent. She reflects on her early fascination with dragons and her efforts to study and learn more about the creatures. Describes her eventual trip into the field for first-hand observations. Some violence. 2013.

The Natural History of Dragons is the first book in Marie Brennan’s Memoirs by Lady Trent series. It is followed by Tropic of Serpents (DB   80128) with hopefully many more sequels to come.

For another dragon fantasy novel set in an alternative Victorian Era England, try His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik, the first book in the Temeraire Adventures Series (DX   64445 and Available on BARD).