G’Day, Mates: Read Your Way to Australia!

The Light Between Oceans (DB 751921) offers an intriguing snapshot of Australia.  The Land Down Under fascinates me.  The Kangaroos.  The Outback.  The Accent.  It’s a mysterious and exotic continent.

Despite this fascination, I have a love-hate relationship with Australia: I’d love to visit—but I’d hate to spend 22 hours on a plane getting there.  So, instead of flying to Australia, I “book it” and read my way there.

If you’d like to experience the people, places, and critters of Australia, save yourself a wicked case of jet lag.  Read your way to the Land Down Under!


Broken Shore.  Temple, Peter.  DB 67414, LB 05305

Chain Lightning.  Lowell, Elizabeth.  DB 76573

Far Country.  Shute, Nevil.  BR 03046, DB 59136 (BARD ONLY), DX 59136

Just Kate.  Miller, Linda Lael.  DB 76540

Outlaw.  Dekker, Ted.  DB 77481

Secret River.  Grenville, Kate.  DB 64041 (BARD ONLY), DX 64041

Thorn Birds.  McCullough, Colleen.  BR 04284, DX 51148, LB 02198

True History Of The Kelly Gang.  Carey, Peter.  DB 53638 (BARD ONLY), DX 53638

Wilderness Trek.  Grey, Zane.  RC 64235, DB 10978 (BARD ONLY), DB 64235, DX 10978


Chasing Kangaroos: A Continent, a Scientist, and a Search for the World’s Most Extraordinary Creature.  Flannery, Tim.  DX 66755

Steve And Me.  Irwin, Terri.  DB 66251

Reef: A Passionate History.  McCalman, Iain.  DB 79477


In Too Deep: The 39 Clues.  Watson, Jude.  (For grades 4-7 and older readers.)  DB 78503

Toad Rage.  Gleitzman, Morris.  (For grades 3-6.)  BR 18117, DB 67488


How To Scratch A Wombat.  French, Jackie.  (For grades 3-6.)  DB 69072

Pocket Babies: And Other Amazing Marsupials.  Collard, Sneed B.  (For grades 4-7.)  DB 66148 (BARD ONLY), DX 66418

Stories From The Billabong.  Marshall, James Vance.  (For grades 3-6.)  DB 71773