New from the TBP Recording Studio

Check out the most recently recorded titles from the TBP Recording Studio.  They are available for loan on digital cartridge or for download via BARD.

Zandy’s Bride by Lillian Bos Ross (DT 7233)
A rough pioneer from the primitive mountain country sends east for a mail order bride. She shares his harsh existence and teaches him how to love. Originally published in 1942 as “The Stranger.” Contains some strong language and some violence.  Subjects: Western Stories; Romance. Available for download as DBC07213.

Hot Iron by Elmer Kelton (DT 7304)
In the early days of the Texas Panhandle, starting a new life is hard but keeping it is even harder. Espy Norwood is a troubleshooter who’s got troubles of his own – and more troubles find him when he lands a job on a ranch on the Texas plains. Bitter landowners plot against him, determined cattle thieves sneak right under his nose, and his own son refuses to trust or even know him. Can he catch the thieves, save the ranch, and win his son’s love? 1956. Subjects: Family; Western Stories. Available for download as DBC07216.

The Girl from Charnell by K.L. Cook (DT 7218)
It’s 1960 in the Panhandle town of Charnelle, Texas – a year and a half since sixteen-year-old Laura Tate’s mother boarded a bus and mysteriously disappeared. Assuming responsibility for the Tate household, Laura cares for her father and three brothers and outwardly maintains a sense of calm. But her balance is upset and the repercussions of her family’s struggles are revealed when a chance encounter with a married man leads Laura into a complicated relationship for which she is unprepared. Contains explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and violence. Subjects: Growing Up; Historical Fiction; Family. Available for download as DBC07217.

The Darling Dahlias and the Cucumber Tree by Susan Wittig Albert (DT 7080)
The country may be struggling through the Great Depression, but the good ladies of Darling, Alabama are determined to keep their chins up and their town beautiful. Their garden club, the Darling Dahlias, has just inherited a new clubhouse and garden, complete with two beautiful cucumber trees. When local blond bombshell Bunny Scott is found in a suspicious car wreck, garden club members Lizzy, Ophelia, and Verna decide to follow up on leads the sheriff is ignoring. Plus the town is all abuzz with news of an escaped convict from the prison farm, rumors of trouble at the bank, and tales of a ghost heard digging around the cucumber trees. If anyone can get to the root of these mysteries, it’s the Darling Dahlias. Contains some strong language and some violence. Subjects: Mystery and Detective Stories. Available for download as DBC07221.

A Deadly Affair at Bobtail Ridge by Terry Shames (DT 7292)
Sheriff Samuel Craddock has accepted that his neighbor and friend Jenny Sandstone’s personal life is strictly secret. But when Jenny’s dying mother discloses that Jenny is in danger, Craddock is faced with a dilemma. He wants to respect Jenny’s privacy, but he is haunted by the urgency in the old woman’s voice. When Jenny is injured in a suspicious car accident, Craddock has no choice but to get involved. Contains some descriptions of sex, some violence, and strong language. Subjects: Mystery and Detective Stories; Family. Available for download as DBC07222.

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