Important Information for Texas Voters with Disabilities

Here is important information about voting in Texas if you have a disability:

In every federal election each polling place will offer at least one type of accessible voting equipment.

Accessible voting systems can accommodate no vision, low vision, no hearing, low hearing, limited manual dexterity, limited reach, limited strength, no mobility, low mobility, or any combination of the foregoing except the combination of no hearing and no vision.

Each polling place is required to meet strict accessibility standards, such as ground floor access, curb cuts to the entrance, wide doors, and other barrier free elements.

Voters with disabilities may receive assistance in voting from either election officials or a person of their choosing. A voter may not receive assistance from his/her employer or someone from a union. The voter does not have to provide proof of disability.

If a person asks for assistance from an election official, a poll watcher or election inspector is allowed to observe the process.

A voter who does not understand English, or communicates using sign language, may bring an interpreter to assist him/her with voting. If the voter cannot bring someone, he/she should contact a local election official and request that an interpreter be available at the polling location. Be sure to specify what type of interpreter is needed (for an oral language other than English or for sign language).

Curbside voting is allowed during early voting or on Election Day. It is advisable to call an election official ahead of time if curbside voting will be needed.

If you are over the age of 65, have a disability, or will be out of town on Election Day, you may vote by mail. Click here for instructions on voting by mail:

In some counties, the Democratic Party staffs volunteers who will provide transportation to voters who are elderly or disabled on Election Day. These volunteers will not ask for money, and will not ask who you are voting for or what your party affiliation is. It is advisable to contact the office ahead of time as there may be a waiting list or transportation schedule. For a list of the Democratic Party offices in Texas, click here:

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