Some helpful and award-winning apps

Here’s an article about the winners and runners-up of the 2012 Vodaphone Foundation Smart Accessiblity Awards:

This is a European contest, and predominantly for Android apps, although some of them are also available for iOS. Here are the winners and runner-ups that are currently available in the United States:

A communication app. Winner in the Wellbeing category.

An accessible news-reader. Winner in the Independent Living category.

Hearing Aid – Cochlear
An app that amplifies human speech while filtering out background noise. Runner-up in the Independent Living category

IDEAL Group Reader
An easy e-book reader. Runner-up in the Independent Living category

Starting Blocks
An app that teaches individuals, especially those who are elderly, how to use a touchscreen mobile device. Winner in the Social Participation category.

Speech Assistant
A communication app. Runner-up in the Social Participation category.

Hopefully the other apps will be available in the United States soon.

Disability Information and Referral Staff maintain a growing list of Android and iOS apps. Please call 800-252-9605, or email for more information.