Spotlight on Texas Books – European Texans

European Texans book cover Today we are highlighting a book recorded in our TBP sound studio in Austin at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. We primarily record books in our studio that are by Texan authors, or are about or based in Texas .


 By Allan O. Kownslar.

Narrated by Dianna Dorman. Monitored by Judy MacKenzie.

 (Texans All: A Series from the Institute of Texan Cultures) This book highlights the contributions of those who immigrated to the Lone Star State from all over Europe. Readers are introduced to the life and culture of French, English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Belgian, Swiss, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Wend, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Greek, and Slavic Texans. (See also: Indian Texans, Mexican Texans, African Texans, and Asian Texans.)
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Moonwalking with Einstein – Book Club Podcast

Cover of Moonwalking With Einstein book showing four levels of a building. First level has a dinosaur exiting a door, second level has a monkey and a nurse, third level has a sumo wrestler, and the fourth level has a woman in a bikini on it.

Listen to the Texas Talking Book Program’s first podcast here! It’s an audio recording of our September 2012 Book Club meeting, where author Joshua Foer joined us to talk about his book, Moonwalking with Einstein.  

Host: Reader’s Advisory Librarian, Shannon




The transcript for the audio file can be found here:

TBP Staff Pick – Penny

Reader Consultant, Penny, recommends State of Wonder by Anne Patchett:

I recommend STATE OF WONDER because the story moves along at a perfect pace with characters that are so well defined that I cared about what happened to them. My attention never wavered, and the visual image of the Amazon painted by Patchett is vivid to the point that I felt I could see, smell, and hear it. It is topical as well as it deals with the pharmaceutical industry, anthropology, medicine and fertility. I enjoy a good mystery, but this book could be filed under literature, medical thriller, suspense, mystery, bestseller … it wears many hats.

Author: PATCHETT, ANN                               Date: 2011

Vogel Pharmaceutical sends pharmacologist Marina Singh to Amazonian Brazil to locate elusive employee Dr. Annick Swenson, who was once Singh’s professor. While investigating the status of Swenson’s fertility-drug research, Singh also hopes to uncover the fate of colleague Anders Eckman, whom Swenson reported dead. Some strong language. Bestseller. 2011

DB 73464  

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