New from the TBP Recording Studio: February & March 2017

Check out these new titles fresh from the TBP Recording Studio.  They are available for loan on digital cartridge or for download via BARD. Skip to adult fiction, adult non-fiction, children’s titles, or titulos en espanol.

Adult Fiction:

The Darling Dahlias and the Silver Dollar Bush by Susan Wittig Albert (DT07328)
It’s the spring of 1933 and times are tough all over. Banks are
closing all over the country, and the small town of Darling, Alabama,
is no exception. Desperate to avoid disaster, several town leaders
hatch a plan to print Darling Dollars on the newspaper printing press
to serve as temporary currency so the town can function. But when
the first printing of the scrip disappears, the Darling Dahlias set
out to discover who made an unauthorized withdrawal. Some strong
language. 2014. Available for download as DBC07277.

A Match Made In Texas by Ginger Chambers (DT06161)
For years and years, Parker sons and daughters have ranched the
Parker land, and eighty-one-year-old Mae Parker intends to keep
it that way. But her great-nephew Rafe has no plans to buckle
under her pressure for him to marry. But his iron will is tested
when Mae invites Shannon Bradley to the ranch. 1996.
Available for download as DBC11864.

I Promise by Joan Johnston (DT06294)
The New York press calls Delia Carson the Hanging Judge which makes
her an oddity on the Brooklyn Supreme Court. Concealed behind her
successful legal career is a romance that shattered twenty years earlier
and forced her to flee her family’s Texas ranch. Now her mother’s illness
brings Delia back to Uvalde and she can’t avoid Marshall North,
her former love who found his own path to fame as a journalist. Their
youthful passion, interrupted but not destroyed, can bring lifelong
happiness only if Delia and Marsh can solve the crime that drove them
apart so many years ago.  Explicit descriptions of sex.
Available for download as DBC07291.

Where Eagles Dare by Allistair MacLean (DT01756)
The harrowing exploits of double and triple agents during World War
II, and how they infiltrate Gestapo headquarters in the snowbound
Schloss Adler castle in the Alps. Assisted by Lieutenant Schaffer of
Montana, Major Smith of British Intelligence leads the expedition
to rescue an American general before he is forced to talk.
Available for download as DBC07286.

Irish Girl: Stories by Tim Johnston (DT07331)
This collection of short stories that won the Katherine Anne Porter
Prize in Short Fiction explores stories of loss, absence, and the
devastating effects of chance; of what happens when the unthinkable
bad luck of other people, of other towns becomes our bad luck, our
towns. Violence, strong language, and explicit descriptions of sex.
Available for download as DBC07276.

You Know When The Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon (DT07103)
There is an army of women waiting for their men to return in Fort
Hood, Texas. Through a series of loosely interconnected stories,
Fallon takes the readers onto the base, inside the homes, into the
marriages and families not seen by the public. When the men are gone,
babies still cry, telephones ring, Saturday morning cartoons screech,
but without the men, there is a sense of muted silence, a sense of
muted life. Strong language, violence and some descriptions of sex.
2011. Available for download as DBC07274.

Adult Non-Fiction:

The Story of the Texas Rangers by Walter Prescott Webb (DT04177)
Walter Prescott Webb is one of Texas’ most distinguished historians.
After writing a definitive history of the Texas Rangers, he was
unable to resist the urge to re-tell some of the best stories
in a more relaxed form. This book is the product of that urge
and is intended for general readers rather than the professional
historian. Available for download as DBC07273.

Collective Heart: Texans in World War II by Joyce Gibson Roach (DT06082)
The idea for this anthology of non-fiction and fiction was born at
a conference, Texas Goes to War, held in commemoration of the fif-
tieth anniversary of World War II. The essays and short stories
largely represent the impact of the war on the small, out of the way
places in Texas. All of the pieces reflect the assurance that World
Available for download as DBC07289.

Black Leaders: Texans For Their Times (DT05066)
This volume examines the lives of some black Texans who, in the words
of Fredrick Douglass, helped “Devise and carry out measures for their
own social advancement, and for the general improvement of their
condition.”  This collection of eight essays is an effort to discuss
not the most well-known state leaders, but rather to select a
representative group that deserves more attention.
Available for download as DBC11870.

Simple Steps…Costly Choices: A Guide to Inner Peace (DT06133)
Austin author and pastoral counselor Bob Lively translates the 12-step
program developed originally by Alcoholics Anonymous into
“biblical, spiritual and psychological language for the modern
mind,” and describes how the 12-step process can be applied to any
and all “addictions” one encounters in life.
Available for download as DBC11876.

Unflinching Courage: Pioneering Women Who Shaped Texas by Kay Bailey Hutchison (DT07256)
The first woman to represent Texas in the United State Senate
introduces some of the extraordinary women who have shaped the state
of Texas and the nation. Some violence. 2013.
Available for download as DBC11877.

The Story of Big Bend National Park by John Jameson (DT06258)
Located in the great bend of the Rio Grande that separates Texas and
Mexico, the park is larger in area than the state of Rhode Island, and
attracts over 300,000 visitors per year. Its rugged mountains and
spectacular river canyons make it one of Texas’ most popular tourist
attractions. This history begins before the actual founding of the
park in 1944 by describing the efforts to persuade local landowners
and the federal government that such a park was needed, and to raise
the money for land acquisition. The author makes an eloquent plea for
the preservation of this starkly beautiful park in the face of
budgetary problems that trouble the entire national park system.
Available for download as DBC07292.

Beyond Death’s Door by Maurice Rawlings (DT03364)
The author recounts the experiences of individuals who have survived
clinical death and returned to life to tell about it. All interviews
lead to the statement that death does not represent “finality or
oblivion, but instead a graduation from one life into another–an
existence sometimes gratifying and in other instances terrifying.”
Available for download as DBC07275.

Children’s Titles:

Hank the Cowdog 38: The Fling by John R. Erickson (DT06654)
When Hank the Cowdog accidentally hitches a ride into town on a cattle
truck, he meets up with his old pal, Dogpound Ralph. Ralph convinces
Hank to join him on a fling – dodging traffic, stealing meat from
backyard barbecues, and hiding from the dogcatcher. It sounds like
fun, but after a day of running from the law, Hank starts to long for
the humble comforts of home. Can Hank survive his fling and make it
back to the ranch in one piece? For grades 4-7.
Available for download as DBC07287.

Hank the Cowdog 39: The Secret Laundry Monster Files by John R. Erickson (DT06653)
When Hank the Cowdog hears suspicious sounds coming from near Sally
May’s clothesline, it leads to a midnight investigation of the ranch.
Before he knows it, Hank finds himself caught up with his old friend
Eddy the Rac – and face-to-face with one of a dog’s greatest enemies:
the dreaded Laundry Monster. Could this mean the end of everyone’s
favorite Head of Ranch Security? Or is it just Eddy the Rac up to his
old tricks? For grades 4-7. Available for download as DBC07288.

Hank the Cowdog 40: The Case of the Missing Bird Dog by John R. Erickson (DT06693)
It’s the first day of quail season, and Plato the Bird Dog is missing.
At first, Hank is willing to let him stay lost. But when Beulah pleads
for help, Hank caves in and takes off in search of Plato. Before he
can catch a scent of spotted bird-dog, he finds himself face-to-face
with an angry mother hog and her litter. Can Hank’s quick wits help
him out of this fix? For grades 4-7. Available for download as DBC07290.

The Cowboy’s Christmas by Joan Walsh Anglund (DT03451)
Relates the young cowboy’s activities as he prepares for Christmas
For grades K-3. Available for download as DBC07285.

Titulos en espanol:

El Joven Rey y Otros Cuentos by Oscar Wilde (DT05053)
En esta coleccion de siete historias, el autor da una vision critica
de la hipocresia de la sociedad creando unos inolvidables personajes
que responden con generosidad al dolor y la miseria que los rodea.
Available for download as DBC07281.

Una Entrega Especial by Danielle Steel (DT06696)
At fifty-nine, entrepreneur and confirmed playboy Jack Watson becomes
attracted to his son’s widowed mother-in-law. A romance blossoms
overcoming family resistance and yielding an unexpected blessing.
Bestseller. La conmovedora y divertida historia de dos personas que
descubren el amor donde y cuando menos se lo esperan. La relacion
escandalizara a ambas familias y de pronto todo seran obstaculos e
incomprension. Sin embargo, un hecho excepcional dara un vuelco
inesperado a la dificil encrucijada. 1997.
Available for download as DBC07295.

Una Amante Maravillosa by Lori Foster (DT07207)
El bombero Zack Grange estaba buscando esposa, pero no le valia
cualquiera; queria la mujer perfecta que pudiera ademas cudar a su
pequena. Cuando Wynn Lane se mudo a la casa de al lado, el penso que
era exactamente lo que no queria. El puesto no estabe disponible para
mujeres tan desenvueltas como ella. Pero eso era lo que opinaba el
padre que habia en el, porque el hombre decia algo muy diferente.
2001. Available for download as DBC11872.

Milagros de la Oracion by Quin Sherrer (DT06698)
Milagros de la oracionnos ensena que Dios todavia hace milagros y cambia
vidas. El ha contestado las oraciones de muches y quiere contestar las suyas
tambien. Quin Sherrer nos ofrece historias inspradoras de gente comun
y corriente que ha ordo y recibido respuestas extraordiarias. Aqui
encontrara historias increibles de sanidad, proteccion y rescate,
junto a sabiduria que le servira de guia en sus propias oraciones.
Available for download as DBC11875.

Cuentos de Perrault by Charles Perrault (DT04369)
A collection of classic Spanish children’s stories. Included are: La
Bella Drumiente del Bosque, Caperucita Roja, Barba Azul, El Gato con
Botas, Las Hadas, La Cenicienta, Riquete, El de Copete, Pulgarcito,
Griseldis, Los deseos ridiculos and Piel de Asno. For grades 6-9.
Spanish language. Available for download as DBC07279.

Descendientes del Sol y Otras Leyendas de America (DT04941)
Una coleccion de exoticas e interesantes leyendas de las Americas.
(A collection of exotic and interesting legends of the Americas.
Spanish language.) Available for download as DBC07280.

The Adventures of Connie and Diego = Las Aventuras de Connie y Diego by Maria Garcia (DT05167)
People make fun of Connie and Diego because their skin is multi-
colored. They run away to ask the animals where they really belong.
This bilingual edition is ideal for those studying Spanish or English.
For readers in grades 2-4. Available for download as DBC07282.

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