NLS Minibibliography: Changemakers

The National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS) produces minibibliographies to assist staff at cooperating libraries with finding books for local patrons. These minibiographies are bibliographies based on subjects that are narrow in scope. They cover such topics as: prize winners, hobbies, and famous people, to name a few.

Here is a link to a full listing of NLS minibiographies:

Recently, NLS has produced a minibibliography on changemakers. Changemakers are those people who by their words and actions have made the world a more accessible place for those with disabilities. Some changemakers have fought to make services available to all people regardless of disability. Others have excelled at a sport, an occupation, or an artistic endeavor previously denied to or under-represented by those alternatively abled.

The Changemakers minibibliography is organized alphabetically by subject or area in which the changemaker excelled or made their mark. Some subjects include: Academia, Science, and Service to Blind Individuals.

A couple of Changemakers listed in the minibibliography are Texans: Christine Ha, located under the heading “Food” and Larry Johnson, located under the heading “Media” are both examples of changemakers from the Lone Star State.

To learn more here is a link to NLS’ minibibliography on Changemakers:

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