Seven Science Fiction and Fantasy Books and One Series Coming to the Big Screen

Some bestselling science fiction and fantasy novels have recently been picked up by film production companies to be made into movies. Now, adaptations are always tricky. Will the screenwriters and actors do the stories justice? Will they leave out parts of the books you find important? You can’t compare the film with the books unless you read the books. So here is a list of several books (and one trilogy) that have been optioned to be made into films. Which of these are you most excited to watch?

LORE by Alexandra Bracken (DB 102852)
PARABLE OF THE SOWER by Octavia Butler (DB 39777, BR 21257)
EXIT WEST by Mohsin Hamid (DB 87691, BR 22136, LB 09082)
KLARA AND THE SUN by Kazuo Ishiguro (DB 102764, BR 24107, LB 13405)
NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern (DB 73783, BR 21370)
INVISIBLE LIFE OF ADDIE LARUE by Victoria Schwab (DB 100901, BR 23467)
PROJECT HAIL MARY by Andy Weir (DB 103718, BR 24103, LB 13423)

Broken Earth Trilogy

Start with the first book:

FIFTH SEASON: THE BROKEN EARTH, BOOK 1 by N. K. Jemisin (DB 82240, BR 23399; en español DBG 17462)