Discount on Laptop Computers

During the month of September, Computers for the Blind (CFTB) are selling refurbished laptop computers with assistive technology for $150, which is $35 less than their standard fee of $185.

The laptop computers include one year of free JAWS screen reader and ZoomText magnifier software.

For more information, contact Computers for the Blind at 214-340-6328, or visit

Large Print Service through the Talking Book Program

Did you know that the Talking Book Program has a growing large print collection? We have 5650 titles available in large print and in the month of July we added 28 large print titles to our collection. We are a free service and the books travel for free through the mail to your home–you don’t have to pay postage to receive or return TBP materials!

Some newish titles I have read recently include the “Eternity Springs” series by Texas writer Emily March, and “Doc” by Mary Doria Russell. We also have the popular title “Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America” by Bill O’Reilly.

Our large print collection contains titles for readers of all ages. To qualify for the Talking Book Program (including large print service) one only needs to have difficulty reading standard print, difficulty holding a book or turning pages or an organic reading disability. According to the NLS website the minimum size for large-print materials is 14-point type. Large-print materials are most commonly available in 16- to 18-point type.

A person joining the Talking Book Program has the option to read audiobooks only, Braille books only, large print only, or any combination of the three. Members of the Talking Book Program can also download audiobooks and magazines, as well as Web Braille materials.

We encourage patrons to use all services that are available—so, use your local public, school, or other library, and also take advantage of the Talking Book Program collections to expand your reading choices. Libraries and librarians can help by referring library patrons who have read through many of their local large print or audio titles to the Talking Book Program. Librarians on staff at libraries can also certify TBP applications for applicants with visual or physical disabilities!

Here is a link to bibliographies of titles in our large print collection:

To become a patron of the Talking Book Program, print and complete this application: