The Legislative appropriation that funds the TexQuest program requires that the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) collect program membership fees from school districts participating in the TexQuest program each State Fiscal Year. The State Fiscal Year (SFY) runs from September 1 through August 31. Therefore, access to TexQuest electronic resources is available on a State Fiscal Year basis.

TexQuest program participation dates are governed by the Legislative appropriation requirements, which means all TexQuest participation dates are for the State Fiscal Year timeframe of September 1 through August 31.

Under the TexQuest program, the membership fee school districts pay each year allows access to all electronic resources provided through the TexQuest program for the corresponding State Fiscal Year.  To avoid confusion in the future, TSLAC requests that school districts clarify with their district's administration that they are not paying for direct subscription fees for the TexQuest electronic resources when paying membership fees in the TexQuest program.

The K-12 advisory group set the initial annual TexQuest program membership fee for each district at 29 cents per student, based upon district enrollment, with no minimum or maximum. This figure was decided upon in order to reach the $1M target set by the Legislative appropriation that created the program in the 83rd session, based on anticipated participation.

The target for program membership fees was raised to $1.4M, which accompanied with funding from the Legislature will allow us to maintain the current resources. The SFY 2025 program membership fee will be 29 cents per student – the number required to reach that goal based upon program participation in the spring of 2024.

State Fiscal Year 2025 Invoicing Timeline

May/June - Spring TPS report sent to primary district and librarian contacts with the SFY2025 Membership Fee Estimate.

September, 2024 - SFY2025 Invoices sent to primary district contacts, librarian contacts, and accounts payable contacts, due in 60 days.

November, 2024 - Payment reminder emails sent to those districts that have not paid for SFY 2025.

January, 2025 - Second payment reminder emails sent to those districts that have not paid for SFY 2025.

February, 2025 - Districts that have not paid their membership fee for SFY 2025 will have access to TexQuest turned off.

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Page last modified: June 12, 2024